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[Review] 58 Inch Wood TV Stand By WE Furniture

I got this Walker Edison TV stand six months back. I don’t feel comfortable about drilling a hole in the wall to mount my TV. It would also give me a heart attack if my TV fell off the wall if it wasn’t mounted properly. That’s why this TV stand came in perfect.

This caught my eye because of the spacious storage area underneath. I love playing the PlayStation so I needed space for it and my games. The living room is where I spend most of the time in my flat, so I also wanted to put some of my books in there. This TV stand proved to be exactly what I needed. My 55-inch flat-screen TV sits well on top of the stand. This leaves a bit of space on the sides. The shelves have room for my gaming consoles, games, Blu-ray player, and books. I’ve never seen my living room as organized as it is now. The price is amazing too!

Assembly – A

Assembling the TV stand on your own may take you one and a half hour or two hours. With two persons, you can perhaps do it in an hour. I did the assembly alone despite my boyfriend’s numerous attempts to help me. I treated this TV stand as my personal little project, and I’m glad I insisted on doing it myself. The assembly isn’t so bad. The directions are clear and easy to understand. The illustrations are detailed and on point. Everything is labeled too. Nothing is missing and all parts came damage-free.

The setup is just time-consuming, which is to be expected with something like a TV stand. I highly advise taking your time to put it together. Once you get the parts in and glue them in, it would be pretty hard to take them apart. Thankfully for me, I knew well not to rush the process. I didn’t have to redo anything. An Allen wrench came with the stand. For some parts, you would need a Phillips screwdriver. It takes a bit of muscle to get some bolts in but then again, it isn’t so bad. The finished product turned out to be more beautiful than expected, so it was all worth the sweat.

Assembly – B

I appreciate the fact the there is wood glue included in the box. However, you will need a tube of your own. It’s a good thing that my boyfriend was happy to buy one on his way home. The provided wood glue isn’t enough to cover all joints and dowels that needed gluing. I didn’t skimp on the glue, and you shouldn’t too. Make the most out of it to make the TV stand as sturdy as possible.

The stickers that came with the TV stand is a big bonus. You use them to cover up the screws. It’s amazing how well the stickers match the color of the TV stand. You can barely notice that the stickers are there. I got the one in Natural, which is a light, oakwood-like color. The stickers keep the TV stand looking clean and classy. If you’re having a hard time to keep the stickers stay in place, use the wood glue to stick them up.

Design – A

The TV stand has an air of elegance to it. It looks like an expensive piece of wood furniture. My friends even thought it cost me a fortune. One of them ended up buying the stand after finding out about the price. The TV stand goes really well with the simple and modern look I’m going for in my flat. If you have oakwood furniture in your home, this TV stand would blend in easily. The wood grain looks very realistic so it can pass off as real wood. The pictures depict the actual color very accurately.

The finish is beautiful. This is evident from the smooth surface. I couldn’t find scratches on the veneer. As long as you take good care not to scratch anything during the assembly, you’re good to go. The surface doesn’t seem to scratch and peel easily. My TV stand looks almost new, to be honest. Take note that It’s just me and my boyfriend in the flat. I can’t say if it would hold up as well if there were kids in the house.

Design – B

I’m most impressed with the fact that the back is finished as well. I’ve seen too many pieces of furniture with ugly backs. Although this isn’t a big deal if you’re going to have the back against the wall, this can’t be the same case for everyone. Other people may prefer having their TV stand in the middle of the room.

The corners are not sharp. I’ve bumped into them around a dozen times and the most I’ve gotten is a tiny scratch. If you have kids around the house, I would still recommend getting corner guards for their safety.

The legs don’t have rubber pads underneath to protect sensitive floors. You should take that into consideration if you have hardwood floor. Get furniture pads for the legs so the stand won’t end up damaging the floor. I have mine on a carpet, so I have no issues there.

The TV stand is easy to keep clean. That’s a big relief since I got the TV stand in a light brown color. If there were any stubborn stains, they would stick out like a sore thumb. The surface isn’t the type that would repel liquids. Take good care not to spill anything on it.


The TV stand can hold at most a 60-inch TV. Since mine is just 55-inch wide, there is still some space on both side of the TV. I can still fit a speaker on each side. I have yet to buy speakers, but I intend to make the purchase soon.

The depth of the shelves is just what I need. They can be quite shallow for larger A/V equipment, though. I love that there are four shelves. Having four of them makes it easier to organize my things. This isn’t the largest, most spacious TV stand out there. But if you’re looking for something that won’t occupy too much space in the living room, this is your best bet. Since the TV stand is very wide, It saves quite a lot of space for me. I don’t need to buy an end or side table to hold my electronics. I enjoy having everything I need in one place. I’m sure you will too.

Another thing about the TV stand that is worth noting is the adjustable shelves. There are three allowable heights for the shelves. This is great if you intend to put in speakers that may seem too tall for the shelves. Needless to say, the panel in the center is not adjustable. The only con about the storage area is that it is all open. There are no cabinets or drawers. However, for a TV stand this size, expecting it to have enclosed storage is too much. If you don’t like all of your things exposed, you can put storage baskets on the shelves.

Messy cords are a thing of the past. This TV stand has pre-cut holes at the back for cable management. You can run the cords through the holes. Since they are pre-cut for you, there is no need to drill holes yourself. If you need more holes, you can always drill new ones.


In case you’re wondering, this TV stand isn’t made of solid wood. It is actually made of MDF. It’s still as durable as I need it to be. I see no sagging on the part where the TV sits. The same goes for where I put my books and equipment. It is heavy so you will find it difficult to move. It’s impossible to knock over. The weight is not what you’d expect from something made of MDF.

Its durability, too, has exceeded my expectations. I see no signs of chipping. The TV stand has held up well through the months. Nothing has budged since the day I assembled it. In case you start to see something moving from its place, use a wood glue or tighten the screws. That should fix it.

The back panel is not as thick as the rest of the stand. That’s nothing to be bothered about, though. You won’t see the back anyway. However, that being said, you should be careful when you use a power drill to drill a hole through.

Final Thoughts

With all things considered, I give this TV stand 5 stars. I would recommend this without reservations. In terms of function, style, and price, this nails it all! It looks and feels like real wood without the cost of actual wood furniture. Don’t let the price fool you. It may be cheaper than many TV stands out there but it sure does not disappoint. It surely is a steal. I couldn’t possibly have found a better TV stand than this.

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“For a particle board self assembly tv stand this one doesn’t look too bad. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on something that’s going to be moved around every few years and run the risk of it getting damaged so this is a good product for a good price. It took me a little over an hour to put it together and so far has felt pretty sturdy and I have a 49’ tv on mine currently. The only thing I wish was different is the height because the shelves aren’t very tall.” – J_White

“VERY sturdy if built properly, and looks great with anything 65″ and under. Cable holes in the back of the stand are great for cable management.” – Jon

“Just got it in the mail and set it up today… And we are in love! It’s perfect and more perfect than I expected or could’ve hoped. It’s so simple but it could fit so many different styles and I think the “natural” especially fits my particular style. I’m in love. I also can’t believe the price. Yeah, putting it together was tedious but not hard. And our 40 inch TV looks perfect. I didn’t want the tv to be the same size as the stand, so it’s perfect. Anyway… I’m obviously in love and think it’s perfect. Just get it.” – Cherie

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