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[Review] Amolife Metal Platform Bed with Headboard and Footboard

First Things First

The bed plaform arrived in one box. It takes 30 minutes for 2 persons to assemble this thing. Ideally, 2 persons should put this together. Otherwise, it would take much longer and a little more effort to complete the assembly. The directions are clear and easy to follow. They come with diagrams too. The pieces all come with labels that I matched easily with the diagram. If you’re not the type who’s had a lot of experience assembling furniture then you won’t have a hard time. One tip that I could offer is to have everything in place first before tightening the screws all the way. This will eliminate issues with aligning the pieces.

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This is a low-profile bed. This bed frame sits a bit low to the ground. This is perfect if you have a thick mattress and you don’t want your bed to be too high off the floor. Having a high-profile bed can have a few disadvantages. If you have a child who likes getting in bed with you, he or she will find it difficult to get into the bed. Same goes with your pet. A tall bed is also not advisable for restless sleepers. If you tend to roll off your bed, falling off the bed can be painful.

Since this is a low-profile bed frame, it does not provide under-the-bed storage space. It sits approximately 8 inches above the floor so sweeping the floor underneath the bed should not be a problem. The vacuum can fit underneath too.

Mattress Support

This bed platform features a metal slat support system. The slats eliminate the need for a box spring. The slats lay across the bed frame to prevent the mattress from sagging. They also distribute the weight throughout the bed. Slats also prolong the lifespan of your mattress.

Good mattress support does not only offer benefits in terms of longevity but also comfort. There are foam-padded tape on the surface of the slats to keep the mattress in place. The slats are connected to the bed frame rather than just installed on top of it. This means that the slats are much sturdier and do not move around at all. If you can’t let go of your box spring just yet, I am happy to report that you can use it with this bed frame. A box spring is great for adding extra height to the bed if you prefer a higher bed.

There is a metal rail that runs in the middle of the bed. This gives the bed an additional 3 legs in the middle. This provides the slat support and the entire bed the durability it needs. It doesn’t creak as you move around the bed. Eventually, you may notice some noise coming from the bed. This is usually a sign that you need to tighten the screws as they are loosening up with use. This is perfectly normal with a bed that you use daily.

The steel frame is very solid. It can very well support the weight of a heavy mattress. There is a total of 9 legs distributed throughout the bed frame. This provides support for the entire bed platform.

Headboard and Footboard

This bed platform comes with a wooden headboard and footboard. Keep in mind that a higher mattress would cover the headboard more than a shorter mattress. A regular mattress should leave you a headboard to lean your back on. The height of your mattress should be something that you consider before buying any bed frame. This way, you will have an idea on how tall of a headboard you need to go with your mattress.

The footboard is short. It serves its purpose of keeping the bed from sliding off the frame. Aside from that, the footboard is there for aesthetics.

Both the headboard and footboard are made of the same wood panel. They both have a natural-looking wood grain and smooth finish. The black steel frame complements the wood panel very well. It gives the frame an industrial-modern look. If you are not keen on having traditional-looking furniture then this is the right fit for you.

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