[Review] Zinus Green Tea Foam Mattress

First Things First

I knew I took a huge risk getting this Zinus Green Tea mattress without seeing it in person and testing it out. I have no idea how you could possibly ship the mattress back to the seller once it’s out of the box and starts to expand. Anyway, I decided to take the risk after seeing thousands of 5-star reviews. The price is also too good to be true. While many memory foam mattresses can cost up to a grand, you can consider this one a steal. I figured that if this mattress doesn’t last as long as I had hoped, we won’t feel that bad. We didn’t spend that much for it anyway. If it does last long, then that makes it a worthwhile purchase.


The mattress was shipped to us in a box. Inside the box is a black bag. The challenge is in taking the compressed mattress out of the bag. The bag is very tight, so it took a bit of muscle to get the mattress out. Once it’s out, you’ll see that the mattress is rolled. You just have to straighten it out. At this point, a clear plastic packaging is still covering the mattress. You have to cut the plastic open to allow the mattress to expand. The moment you get rid of the plastic, things happen quickly from there. My tip is to place the mattress on top of your bed frame before you remove the plastic. It’s much easier to carry the mattress while it’s decompressed than when it’s already expanded to its actual form.

The time it takes for the mattress to fully decompress varies. Mine took a full 24 hours to expand to 10 inches. Do try your best to keep yourself from sitting or lying on the bed while it is still expanding. I used a ruler just to make sure before we tested the mattress out. In our case, testing meant lying on the bed and eventually falling into a one-hour nap. It’s that comfortable! The other thing that I love about the mattress is that it doesn’t have any plastic smell to it. I believe the green tea component of the mattress helped with that. That means you can use the mattress straight out of the box. Just wait for it to fully expand. There is no need to air it out. It would have been way better if the mattress actually smelled like green tea, though.

Comfort – A

As a person whose pastime is sleeping, I understand how my sleep affects my disposition when I’m awake. That’s why it’s important for me to get a good night sleep. In fact, ever since the day my husband and I started living together, we have only been using memory foam mattresses. We believe that you get what you pay for as far as mattresses are concerned. That’s why we tend to go for those from high-end brands. There was only one instance when we got a cheaper bed but that only led to disappointment. Shortly after, we bought a bed from Tempur-Pedic. If you’re well familiar with that brand, you would know that Zinus’ mattresses are way cheaper. However, in terms of comfort, it is on the same level as others. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that it’s like sleeping on clouds. What I can say is that I can barely tell the difference between the overpriced beds I’ve slept in and this one. The quality of our sleep tells so much about how great this mattress is.

The mattress is soft and firm at the same time. Just like any memory foam, it molds to your body. It gives you that nice cradled feeling. It also provides support to the body. This support is important to help relieve and prevent back pains and other forms of bodily discomfort. I love that I don’t feel as if I’m sinking down into the bed. Instead, it supports my hips and shoulders while it relieves pressure in all the right places. It doesn’t matter if you sleep on your back, side, or stomach. It gives just the right amount of support, ideal for heavy guys like my husband.

Comfort – B

Non-memory foam users should find it easy to adjust to their new bed. At first, you will either find it too firm or too soft. Wait until you get to sleep for one whole night. You’ll wake up more refreshed in the morning. I understand how people have their own preferences when it comes to how firm or soft their mattress is. Well, this mattress is the perfect combination of firm and soft. If you and your partner have different preferences, this mattress can solve the problem for you. No more fighting over on who gets the final say on what kind of mattress to get.

We have just bought the same bed for my mother-in-law. She’s always complained of back and joint pains but the bed has been a real game changer. It has reduced her pains considerably. Before, she found it difficult to fall to sleep. With her new bed, she’s been sleeping longer than usual. She tells us that she has never slept better in years. She loves it so much that she asked us for the product’s link on Amazon. That’s so she can recommend it to her circle of senior citizen friends.

If you’ve never used memory foam, it’s worth knowing that it doesn’t bounce as much as spring mattresses do. My husband can get in and out of bed without waking me up. Rolling over also won’t cause too much movement on the bed. If you tend to toss and turn during the night and your partner hates you for it, this mattress is the way to go. You can also leave a bowl of food on the bed without worrying about making a mess. I don’t recommend leaving a glass of wine on it, though.

Comfort – C

This 10-inch mattress isn’t as heavy as it looks. That’s good if you plan to rotate the bed every month or so. It is also light enough so you won’t have a hard time replacing your bed sheet. Since the mattress is already tall, you could do away without your box springs. You can put it straight on top of the base. The 10-inch mattress is already tall enough in my opinion. If you want your bed to sit higher, you should get yourself a taller base.

I can’t comment much on how the mattress handles the heat. We always use a sheet over the mattress, so we don’t feel much as far as heat goes. None of us wakes up in the middle of the night hot and sweaty, so I don’t see any problem with it. The mattress does come with a cover that feels good to the skin. However, I won’t recommend lying down without any sheet on it. You wouldn’t want all your sweat to accumulate on the mattress, right?


I’ve had this mattress for more than a year. In terms of durability, the mattress doesn’t seem to wear easily. I don’t see any visible dip on the parts where we have been laying down on. It retains its shape well, so it still looks the same as the day we got it.

So far, I see no molds on the mattress. Again, I believe it’s the green tea’s doing. We didn’t get the mattress for the green tea, but it sure works well for us. As far as fighting off odor and bacteria is considered, I think this mattress does the job. It is also advisable to get a slatted bed frame to allow your mattress to breathe from the bottom. This can help prevent molds from forming on your mattress.

The mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty just in case something comes up. That’s another thing that I’m happy about. Other high-end brands also have the same kind of warranty. Getting the same thing for less is too good of a deal!

I can’t say for sure if it would last us 5 years or more. But for the price of the mattress, I would be more than pleased if it lasts at least 2 years.

In My Opinion

As someone who’s tried out a couple of memory foam mattresses, including the famous T&N Adaptive Foam Mattress, I would say that this is one of the better beds we’ve purchased. It has the quality of much more expensive beds at a fraction of the price. It is perfect for those working on a budget but want the full comfort of memory foam. I love how Zinus has made sleeping on memory foam a luxury many can afford. If you can get a comfortable mattress for a lower price then there’s no reason for you to spend big just for the brand.

If you’re already thinking about getting this Zinus Green Tea then go ahead and buy it. You’ll love it as much as we do! – Sarah P

Brand: Zinus

Product: Memory Foam 10 Inch Green Tea Mattress

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