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[Review] Christopher Knight Home Evelyn Mid Century Modern Fabric Arm Chair

First Impression

This upholstered chair’s assembly is so simple that it doesn’t require any tool. The seat and arms arrive pre-attached. Only the legs, back, and the sides of the back require putting together. The legs screw on the base of the seat. Holes are pre-drilled and align with the legs. The back conveniently slides onto the metal rails along the frame. The last step is sliding the sides of the back in place. That’s it. One important thing to remember is that the legs and back are inside a hidden compartment underneath the seat. You would miss it if you had no idea.

The dimensions of this modern chair are exactly as advertised. It is a spacious and elegant arm chair that is well worth its price.

The fabric chair is available in classic colors. This makes it easier to choose a color that would match or complement your couch and other pieces in the living room. With clean lines and subtle colors, this accent chair is a beautiful addition in any modern space.

There is tufting on both the back and seat of this mid-century chair. While it doesn’t add much in terms of comfort, it has a big impact on the chair’s design. Quilting does an amazing job of making pieces appear a lot more expensive than they really are. This is truer if the stitching is straight and even. This is the case with this upholstered chair.

Space and Comfort

This modern chair is as wide as a lounge chair should be. There is a slight tilt to the back to give you a better lounging experience.

The seat is deep so you can sit all the way in and put your feet up on the chair. I can cross my legs too. Since the seat is spacious, you have plenty of space on the sides. If you have a bag, you can place it right beside you.

I love that the armrests are cushioned. They make sitting on this accent chair much more comfortable. They are the perfect height to rest your arm on while reading. It can also serve as a makeshift table for your laptop or tablet.

The back is high up and extends up to your shoulder. It provides excellent back support. You don’t need to add a throw pillow on the chair, but it is good for lumbar support. A throw pillow can also add a pop of color. The cushion is not the type of foam that would mold to your back but it gets softer and softer with use.


The tapered legs provide great support to the whole seat. They keep the chair balanced. The legs are on the shorter side. This means that the chair sit a bit low to the ground. If you’re tall, this shouldn’t bother you as the seat is deep and provides a lot of space for your legs.

The arm chair is as heavy as it looks. This easily translates to durability. The tapered legs and the seat frame feel very solid. The legs should be screwed tightly onto the base. Otherwise, the chair would wobble and creak. It’s normal for the legs to loosen over time so there is no reason to worry.

The textured fabric is attractive and leaves a good sensation on the skin. It requires practically no maintenance except for the occasional cleaning. You can get rid of stains by wiping it off with a damp cloth. For more stubborn stains, you may need soap to help you. With this type of material, you shouldn’t use too much force in wiping away stains. The upholstery should last a long time if it’s taken care of. This is applicable to any type of furniture.

The feet comes with plastic protectors. It slides easily on hardwood floor. However, since the chair is heavy, it’s much better to lift the chair up rather than slide it on the floor.

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Other Popular Reviews

“My husband assembled them by himself and it took him around 30 mins for both chairs. We received them well packed with all the cautions printed on the box and where to find the legs (under the seat). The color perfectly blends with our sofa and the cushion is firm and soft enough for a comfortable sitting for a long time. Right now we have them sitting on the hard wood floor and rug so you will need a stopper because it easily slides on the floor. Definitely we highly recommend these chairs!” – MC

“The chair came in one large box but was able to move it myself. Came well packaged. The legs and sides of the back rest were inside the zip compartment under the chair and plainly marked by a red tie letting you know where to find them. Instructions were easy to understand. I (mid 40’s female) was able to put it together myself in 15 minutes with no problem.
The chair itself is a bit stiff but it’s not uncomfortable. Has room to snuggle up and read a book. Color is nice. Fabric is sturdy but soft. I left the cat in the picture so you can judge the size a bit better. I only bought one in case I didn’t like it but I will now get a second one to go with it. Lovely chair. Go for it :)” – Comara17

“This is a comfortable, well built mid century armchair. Its actually even nicer than pictured in the company advertising. That is very rare in the world of advertising. 🙂 The material is soft yet will hold up over time. I am 190 lbs and 6′-1″- this chair is the perfect comfort for me. Just the right amount of cushion, but not overly soft. I purchased the mocha color. Well done GDF, this is a handsome and great buy.” – Kevin Carlson

“The ease of putting these together couldn’t have been easier! Sturdy and comfortable and look great in out office.” – Jesse Boling

“I am really digging the look of this chair, although it is slightly larger than I expected-because it was an online purchase, I was expecting it to be scaled down a bit but it’s a nice size. And it took me all of ten minutes to put together-I was prepared for an IKEA-esque experience but that so was not the case-you don’t even need an Allen wrench to put it together-just screw the legs on and snap the other pieces in place. The color and fabric are great, too. This is in my sitting area so it won’t get much daily use, but it looks good and feels sturdy to last a while.” – Gordo

“I absolutely love these chairs for my new sitting room. I don’t know if they’d be comfortable for long use, but we use this room to watch the sunset and house my home office so it’s fine for someone to come sit in the room with me for an hour or two. They are solid and beautiful with a mid-century touch.” – Amanda

“I am a commercial photographer and I needed two nice, inexpensive, functional, and aesthetically pleasing chairs for a photoshoot and picked these up. They were quick and easy to put together (around 5 mins to assemble), and are fairly comfortable. They are not especially plush, but we threw a small get-together, and several of our guests quite liked the chairs as well as Loki the cat. All around a good purchase at a great price point.” – Robert Cordero

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