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[Review] Emerald Home T100-0 Coffee Table

Quick Assembly

The coffee table arrived a few days earlier than expected. When I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was the wood smell. The second was the very good packaging. In fact, I think it took me longer to remove the parts from the Styrofoam and dispose of them than to put them together. The company thought well to protect the parts from damage during shipping. As for the wood smell, it faded within the day. Don’t worry, it wasn’t that bad.

The box contains a wrench, but I suggest you use your screwdriver instead. The directions are quite poor. They don’t tell you everything, but it’s easy to figure out which thing goes where. My only tip is to set up the bottom of the table first before you attach the top. The instructions do tell you to put in everything first and keep the screws loose. Tighten the screws only when all of the pieces are in. If you follow this, you won’t have any problem aligning the holes with the parts. Anyone could do the assembly if you ask me. I finished it in under 30 minutes. After the setup, the coffee table felt very stable.

Charming Rustic and Industrial Style – A

It’s usually hard to tell from pictures online if a certain piece of furniture is sturdy or truly beautiful. It’s also difficult to know whether the colors that you see from your computer screen are accurate. Buying furniture online is a risk you should be willing to take if you want to find a gem at a steal. As for this coffee table, I think the company did very well to present the table as close as possible to the actual thing.

The coffee table really has a rustic look. I imagine anyone with OCD won’t appreciate the distressed look of the table. It’s not perfect, but it’s beautiful in its own way. I love the tiny details that give the table its rustic vibe. There was no attempt to hide several screws and holes on the table. The surface is a bit uneven too. If you’re looking for something refined, this is not for you. This one has a lot of character. It’s very unique, so it is sure to catch the attention of your guests. Because of the black steel legs with fake rivets, it has an industrial appearance to it too. This gives it a contemporary appeal. If you’re after a timeless design, you have found your match with this coffee table. The table looks great with antiques, but it won’t have any problem fitting in a modern home either. The mix of rustic and industrial details gives you the best of both worlds.

I’m going for an industrial look for our newly-renovated home. This coffee table really helped create the look I was going for, so I’m pleased. It ties the whole room together. I’m planning to get the matching end table to finally finish the look of our living space. If the company has a console table with the same design, I would order it without hesitation. It would surely look fantastic by our entryway.

Charming Rustic and Industrial Style – B

The coffee table appears more expensive than it really is. It looks just like what you would find in high-end furniture stores sans the outrageous price tag. I actually found a table that looks almost exactly like this one, but it cost a lot more. I couldn’t possibly spend more than $300 for a coffee table, so it was a relief that I came across this one.

The finish is great. They used reclaimed wood for this, so it is not as smooth as most tables are. However, that adds to the distressed look of the coffee table. If you’re writing on top of the surface, you will need a book under your paper. Nevertheless, the coffee table is still as functional as others are.

The coffee table is larger than expected. You can put food and drinks on the top. The surface is flat enough, so you won’t have to worry about spilling your drinks. There are a few nails here and there, but that shouldn’t keep you from putting your drinks. The bottom shelf is very spacious too. It has enough room for all the magazines we subscribe to. It’s an excellent place to put your knick-knacks without looking messy. You can also buy storage cubes to place on the shelf. These will better organize your stuff.

The height of the table is good too. It is tall enough to use as a table for your laptop. It’s short enough to eat your meals with as you sit on the floor. We love having our dinner in the living room, so the coffee table works great for us.

Real and Solid Wood

The table’s top and shelf are made of real wood. The wood grain makes it appear more authentic. There is no trace of MDF, particleboard or any engineered wood in any part of the table. Even if you check underneath the table, you won’t see anything other than real wood. For a table like this, the price is amazingly low. The others I’ve seen that were made out of real wood are far more expensive. I almost didn’t go ahead with this because I thought the price was too good to be true. You can’t find a better deal than this. Trust me, I did my research.

I highly doubt the top would break or sag given how solid the wood is. Just don’t step on the table, and it should be fine. For the price of the coffee table, it’s impressive that it is as sturdy as it is.

Because this is real wood, you can leave drinks on top. That won’t cause warping on the surface. Water stains don’t form as well. There is no need for coasters, but you can always use them if you want. The wood has a bit of a glossy finish. It looks shiny when you look at it from a certain angle.

Because of the imperfect look of the table, scratches are the least of your concerns. Scratches won’t make the table look less attractive. They would just blend in with the rest of the table’s imperfections. That’s a good thing if you have rowdy kids at home. The edges are not that pointy as well, so your children can play safely around the living room.

The coffee table doesn’t require much of a maintenance. You just have to wipe it clean, and that’s it. Debris and surface dirt easily wipe off with a damp cloth.

Strong Steel Legs

The steel legs are as solid as they look in the pictures. As I was assembling the table, I noticed that the legs have a good weight to them. This goes to show the quality of the legs. The legs came with no dents, and it’s easy to keep them that way. The legs are pretty strong, and they don’t bend easily. I love the crossbars too. They are attractive but aside from that, they provide stability to the coffee table. They support each end of the table.

Each leg comes with an adjustable foot. The feet have tiny pegs that you can screw up or down to adjust the height of the leg. This means you can keep the table flat on uneven floors. It should get rid of any wobbling that you may notice. The feet can scratch your floor, so make sure to get felt pads.

The coffee table does tend to move when you have it on slippery floors like hardwood. If it does move for you, you can put a rug underneath. The rug could also prevent the legs from scratching your floor. A colorful rug can also serve as a beautiful backdrop for your coffee table.

My Two Cents

For the coffee table’s durability, I feel like this is worth more than what I paid for it. I am pleased to say that I’ve had this for almost a year, and it stands as solidly as it had when it was brand new. The only time it caused a little bit of trouble was that I had to retighten two screws when the bottom shelf loosened up a bit. I think that’s perfectly normal considering that we use the coffee table daily.

This classic coffee table is a beautiful work of art. It serves as an eye-catching centerpiece in our living room, and we couldn’t be more satisfied. As a matter of fact, we have received many compliments from guests. There is nothing to dislike about this coffee table unless you can’t fathom the idea of using reclaimed wood for a table. It’s 100% guaranteed that some people would balk at the uneven surface and imperfections of the table, but I love it. I can’t stress enough how in love I am with the overall look of the table. I would buy this again if given the chance. – Jenn H

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“I’m not going to act like I’m good with interior decorating, but it has a rustic and modern feel in my opinion. Quite sturdy too. Description photos are accurate. Another plus is that it was delivered almost a week earlier than it was expected.” – Amelia

“I like this table a lot and the price here on Amazon is a very good value. It came well packaged and was quite easy to put together” – JLS

“This table definitely exceeded my expectations! I’ve been looking for a coffee table for a long time and this was the perfect size and just the style I wanted. It is darker than I expected, but based on reviewers’ photos I’m guessing there is some variation in the stain and wood. I don’t mind at all. The wood has a rich, warm rustic look. It is sturdy and was very easy for my husband and I to put together.” – NY Maddie

“Love this table! Took a week to arrive but well worth the wait! One of the metal pieces was not flush but I was able to hammer it down. It’s much bigger than I anticipated but I love it! Looks way more expensive than it was.” – Lucky Girl

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