[Review] VASAGLE Retro 2-Tier Bookshelf

Product Highlights:

  • This 2-tier bookshelf has plenty of open storage space suitable not only for reading materials but also decorative items.
  • The box contains all pieces and hardware including a mounting kit to anchor the shelf to the wall.
  • This functional shelf has a 2-door storage cabinet at the bottom.
  • Covered with veneer to mimic the appearance of real wood, this bookshelf complements wood furniture.

First Things First

The pieces came with styrofoam. They were extremely helpful in keeping the parts protected during shipping. Wood furniture are prone to damage during shipping. They can get chips and scratches if not handled properly or the pieces are not wrapped well enough. While scratches are easier to conceal, chips do not have easy fixes.

Putting this bookshelf together may seem like a daunting task. However, with the help of the assembly manual and labels on the pieces, assembly is easier than it seems. Each piece has a letter on it. Each letter corresponds to certain parts of the instructions. As long as you read the instructions carefully, assembly would be a breeze. One person can put this thing together, but two persons can do it faster.

This is a two-tier bookshelf. There is just one wood divider which divides the shelf into two. You can decide not to install the divider so you can have just one tall shelf. In addition, the shelf is not adjustable. It comes with pre-drilled holes where you can install the shelf. You do have an option to drill holes so you can install the shelf at your desired height.


The hinges that hold the cabinet doors are of excellent quality. The doors open and close quietly. They open easily. They also stay close when you need them to. The cabinet doors do not close on their own. If you have kids around, you don’t have to worry about their fingers getting caught in the door. The cabinet is a basic one and doesn’t come with a lock. Hence, it is not recommended to keep valuables inside it.

The shelf comes with a wall mounting kit. It includes all pieces you need to secure the bookshelf to the wall. In general, shelves should be mounted to a wall for better stability. Shelves have the risk of falling over especially if weight is not distributed properly throughout the bookshelf. Anchoring it to the wall will minimize this risk. It’s not only a matter of keeping the shelf stable. It is also a matter of safety and protecting items on the shelves.


The bookshelf is deep enough to hold large books. Each shelf is tall, so you need not worry about how you would fit taller books.

Each shelf has a weight capacity of 30 pounds. This is a lot if you are simply looking to use the shelf for books. It’s important not to go over the weight limit or else you’ll face the risk of the shelf falling over.

The cabinet provides you with an enclosed storage area. It’s best for documents and other items that need a little privacy. The inside of the cabinet is more spacious than you think when you see it from the outside.


The bookshelf comes in 2 colors: brown and walnut. The brown is a light oak-like color. Walnut, on the other hand, is a rich espresso color. They are equally attractive. The walnut gives off a more sophisticated vibe while brown is on the casual side. If you have other wood pieces, it’s best to get the color that is closer to the color of your existing pieces.

The legs have the same color and finish as the rest of the shelf. This creates a cohesive look, so you can use it both at home and in an office setting. It’s a shelf you won’t mind being seen by your colleagues and clients. The legs give the shelf added height. A taller shelf gives the illusion of a bigger shelf without occupying more floor space.

This bookshelf goes perfectly with other Vasagle furniture. They also sell a TV stand and tables with matching designs. A clean cloth is all you need to keep the shelf free from dust. As the surface is smooth, it is a breeze to wipe clean.

Other Popular Reviews

“Lovely book shelf! Easy to assemble at a affordable price. I highly recommend this item if you’re looking to add more to your mid century vibes.” – Kimberly Ng

“Perfect for small apartment living. Holds together really well and is pretty cute.” – Hanah Goetz

“It took a while to put together, but worth it! Very sturdy and love the cabinets on the bottom to conceal your not-so decor-friendly items 🙂 Pleasantly surprised with how many boos it can actually hold” – Deanna

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