Accent Chairs

[Review] Art Leon Mid-Century Modern Swivel Accent Chair

Product Highlights

  • Suede accent chair comes in 10 different colors to match your personality and space
  • Smooth swivel design and attractive tapered legs make this a stylish yet functional chair
  • This cushioned chair offers comfortable seating for you and your guests


This stylish accent chair comes with an L wrench for assembly. You don’t need any power tools for this one. The chair smelled bad when it was out of the box for the first time. This is entirely normal for new chairs. I suggest allowing the smell to dissipate by placing the chair in a well-ventilated room. If you are sensitive to strong smells, it is best if you ask someone to open the box for you.


The upholstery is well-made. There are no creases as the suede is wrapped tightly around the seat. The fit gives the upholstered chair an expensive look.

The entire chair (save for the legs) has cushions underneath. They are firm and moreso during the first days. It gets softer after more use. I imagine that the cushion would hold its shape over time. This makes the upholstered chair beautiful for a longer time. The firmness of the cushions make this a supportive swivel chair.

This upholstered chair comes in 10 different colors. With the colors to choose from, anyone can find a color that suits their personality and interiors. It comes in a few quirky colors like red and green as well as classic ones like brown and grey. The former is great for spaces that are asking for a pop of color. The latter is for those who prefer a simple yet sophisticated piece. Prior to choosing a color for an accent chair, I recommend visualizing a color that would complement your space’s existing color scheme. If it’s full of neutrals, it may be smart to add bright colors to the mix. White walls also serve as a fantastic canvas for a bright-colored chair.

There is piping on the edges of the seat. The piping goes to show the craftsmanship that went to the making of this swivel chair. It also makes the upholstery much more durable. The piping goes very well with the curved back. It accentuates the beautiful curves on the chair. The quilting on the back and sides is even. Quilting adds subtle details to furniture.

Comfort and Support

The cushioned chair swivels a full 360 degrees. It reminds me of a regular office chair minus the wheels. What’s great with swiveling chairs is that you don’t need to push it under the table after use and pull it out when you’re going to use it. You simply need to swivel to the side to get in and out of the chair. It spins smoothly and quietly.

The legs are nice and long. This makes the chair a good high-profile chair. If you’re one of those who like raising their seat, this is the chair for you. Note that the chair is not adjustable. You would not be able to raise or lower it. If you have long legs, you will like its height. It’s a fantastic chair for tall people.

The only negative that I see is that the seat can be a bit narrow for the hips. This is something you will have to consider before purchasing.

The sides are not tall enough to be used as armrests. However, they feel soft on the thigh and give you a feeling of being supported. They would keep you from falling off the chair.

The back gives support up to your shoulder. This is a good thing if you are using the chair for many hours for work.

The legs do not come with floor protection pads. You will have to buy this separately. If you have a carpet then it would go fine without the pad. The chair is free from any wobbling.

The accent chair’s metal frame adds to the durability of the upholstered chair. This is also the reason why the chair is on the heavy side. I don’t mind that, though. It is great to find stylish upholstered chairs that would hold up well to daily use. For the price, it’s a steal.

Other Popular Reviews

“Great office chair with great support. Well made and easy to assemble.” – Kanga & Bumblebee

“I love everything about this chair – the color is great, exactly what I was looking for. Because it doesn’t have wheels, its swivel action makes it easy to get to/move away from desk. The look is simple yet elegant. Very satisfied with this purchase!” – Lucy

“I ordered this chair for work from home now that I am wfh for extended period. I find this one comfortable and suitable for my short height. Also, I am planning to reuse it in living room later as an accent chair. Although, it has no adjustments, it certainly feels solid and well built for the price.” – Sayali

“I rarely write reviews, but this chair was such a good purchase that I felt compelled to write one. It’s very easy to assemble and has just the right amount of cushion. I use it as an office chair but when people come over, it switches to a nice designer chair.” – Olivia BCarroll

“I have been working from home since the start of the pandemic and have been getting back pain due to lack of lumbar support. This chair has been a savior! Not only is it gorgeous it’s also super comfortable. I highly recommended. My only criticism is I wish it had a bit more room for me to sit cross legged.” – Frankie329

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