[Review] Ameriwood SystemBuild Kendall Storage Cabinet

We got the Ameriwood SystemBuild Kendall 36” storage cabinet for our kitchen. I wanted something large to store away some of my baking ingredients and tools. My husband and I bake a lot, so we have a ton of those in the kitchen. We used to store some of them in a small cupboard while most were scattered around the countertop. Well, you get the idea. We used to have a messy kitchen. At the time, I wouldn’t let any guest get to our kitchen. That’s why I set it upon myself to get a cabinet that’s pretty and spacious at the same time.

I had been searching far and wide for a big cabinet until I came across this Ameriwood cabinet. From the pictures, it looks just like any other cabinet. What got me, though, were the thoughtful features and its height. Our cabinet has been around with us for almost a year and a half, and saying that I’m pleased is an understatement. It has everything we want for a cabinet.


The box is bulky and unsurprisingly heavy. It’s a big relief that the FedEx guys were kind enough to ask me if I need any help carrying the box. As a typical housewife, I don’t have the physique to carry – or even drag – the enormous box all the way to our kitchen. I said I need the cabinet in the kitchen, and the FedEx guys left the box right in the spot where I intend to set up the cabinet. The box requires two people to carry it, and I think that’s a good thing. That gave me the impression that the materials used for the cabinet are of good quality.

I waited for my husband to come home from work so we could assemble it together. It was smart of me to wait for him because I couldn’t have managed it myself. Some steps require someone to lift up one end of a piece while someone else bolts it in. You’ll encounter this when you’re screwing in the doors. Although it took some time to assemble, I still believe the company did a great job of labeling the parts. Everything came with labels, so it’s easy to understand the instructions. The labels were a big help since the assembly guide came with more pictures than words. All parts lined up perfectly and all holes were pre-drilled. Take your time getting the doors in. Make sure that the doors sit straight and that you can open and close them without issues.

The cabinet comes with L-shaped safety wall brackets. You can use them to attach the cabinet to the wall. Installing them is only optional, but I recommend doing this step. This is for your family’s safety. Yes, the cabinet won’t tip over if you pull the doors open. However, it may fall if a kid tries to pull or climb using the door handles. That can be a serious safety hazard especially if you have the cabinet full. If you have the 36” cabinet like me, you should assemble the wall bracket. A taller cabinet is more likely to tip over than a shorter one.

It took us about two hours to assemble the cabinet. The time includes us finishing up a bottle of beer each and catching up on what happened during the day.


This cabinet has a good depth to it. It is deep enough that I could fit even my largest baking pans inside. Each shelf can hold more items that I expected. It is very spacious, giving me a ton of extra room for storage. I originally planned to move just my baking stuff into the cabinet. After transferring them, the cabinet still had a lot of unused space left. I then decided to move most of our canned goods as well. Whether you plan to get this for your kitchen, garage or bedroom, I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the impressive storage.

Another thing to love about this cabinet is the adjustable shelves. Three shelves are adjustable and only the top shelf is fixed. Move the shelves up or down depending on the height of your items.

The best thing about this storage cabinet is that it maximizes space. I wanted plenty of space to move around the kitchen and didn’t want any cabinet to stop me. That’s why this Kendall cabinet came in perfect for me. Thanks to its height, the cabinet makes the most of the space in our kitchen. What it may lack in its width, it compensates with its height. This makes it ideal for small spaces. It occupies more vertical space so it won’t be an issue if you have little space left in your kitchen or garage.


Every part of the cabinet is solid. The doors deserve a special mention. They are actually quite heavy and seem like they were built to last. The shelves are decently thick. I won’t think twice about putting in heavy items. I would, however, suggest placing heavier items on the bottom shelves. This is help keep the cabinet from tipping over if you don’t have it mounted to the wall. The back is made of a thinner and flimsier material than the rest. That is perfectly okay for me. After all, the shelves are the ones supporting the weight of the items and not the back. For the price, the cabinet’s overall quality is great.

The surface of the cabinet doesn’t scratch easily. Ours is still as white as the day we got it. The surface is also very easy to clean. Dirt and other stains come off easily with a damp cloth.

As long as the doors were assembled properly, they should open and close smoothly. The doors don’t slam shut, which is a big plus if you have kids around. They close quietly too.

I did mention that you should install the included wall brackets and mount the cabinet to the wall. That is not to say that the cabinet isn’t stable. In fact, it is stable and it won’t easily lose its balance and fall off.

The cabinet also has plastic feet which you’ll screw in during the assembly. The plastic feet would very much come in handy if you’re having the cabinet where the floor normally gets wet. Unlike wood or steel, plastic won’t break down or rust with water. The feet also keep the cabinet away from standing water. That’s not all. You can adjust the height of the feet by twisting it up or down. This feature is useful if you have uneven flooring. The leveling feet allow the cabinet to stand upright anywhere you put it. They keep the cabinet stable and eliminate wobbling.


This storage cabinet comes in three neutral colors. I chose the white to match our cupboards. You may even think we installed them at the same time. I love how the color is actually white and not off-white or cream. I have stumbled upon many cabinets that are white in pictures. But when it came to the reviews, people would claim that the color is actually off-white. For this cabinet’s case, what you see in the pictures is what you’re going to get. The white brightens up my kitchen. We are actually planning to get another cabinet for our garage, and we may get the black one. We’re hoping it’s as good-looking as the white one.

Another thing that I like about this cabinet is that it’s part of a collection. In case I would need to replace my existing cupboard soon, I can get the wall cabinet from the same line. What better way to have matching cabinets than to buy from the same collection, am I right?

If I were to improve something on the cabinet, I would choose the handles. The silver handles, at least for me, are just too plain-looking. Luckily, I can easily replace them with new handles from the hardware. I haven’t gotten around that yet, though.

The finishing of the cabinet is great. The outside looks as good as the inside. The inside has a smooth and glossy white finish that is easy on the eyes. I can’t say the same for the back, though. The company didn’t bother to paint it white like the rest of the cabinet. We have the back against the wall, so it’s not a problem for us.

The cabinet is what you get if you’re going for a classic, sophisticated look. It’s not for people who want a rugged or countryside feel. What’s great with a classic look, though, is that it looks good with any décor.

Final Thoughts

Getting this Ameriwood storage cabinet for our kitchen has proven to be a smart move. It has kept my kitchen more organized than ever before. It is durable too, so I definitely got my money’s worth. I highly recommend this beautiful cabinet to anyone who needs extra storage. It won’t disappoint with its spacious storage and stability. It’s going to be a great addition to your home – no doubt about that. – Jenny M

Brand: Ameriwood

Product: SystemBuild Kendall 36″ Storage Cabinet

Ameriwood SystemBuild Kendall 36" Storage Cabinet

Ameriwood SystemBuild Kendall 36" Storage Cabinet

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