Accent Chairs

[Review] Lexicon Fabric Accent Chair

Product Highlights

  • This accent chair features upholstered cushions and an elegant wooden frame.
  • The pocket spring cushions and wooden frame ensure durability and longevity.
  • The deep and wide seat promises comfort without compromising style.
  • The polyester upholstery comes in 5 colors: grey, dark gray, brown, blue, and orange.

First Impression

What I immediately noticed after opening the box is the sheer amount of styrofoam pieces protecting the pieces. This is a good thing as you don’t want to get any scratches on the pieces. The downside is that you have to remove all the styrofoam before you can start assembling.

The assembly process is pretty simple. It takes approximately 30 minutes or a little less to put this together. You can do it all yourself, but having an extra hand to help would make the job much easier. All parts and hardware are inside one box. Note that it doesn’t contain the tool that you need for the assembly.

I do wish that it came with wooden caps to conceal the bolts. Without the caps, the bolts are easily noticeable. They do not stick out like a sore thumb, but I prefer not seeing the bolts.

The upholstery comes in 5 colors. If you like to stick with the neutrals then grey, dark gray and brown would work. Dark gray looks a little like black. This is the color that requires the least maintenance. Blue and orange are for people who want a pop of color in their space. The blue and orange aren’t too bright if you’re worried about that.


This upholstered chair is a beautiful addition to living rooms and any indoor seating areas. This is not designed for outdoor use. The wooden frame won’t be able to withstand the elements. As long as you have a roof over the chair and it doesn’t get direct sunlight then it should be fine. You can have the chair on the porch or a covered balcony.

The accent chair has an impressive depth. It is deep enough to add a pillow at the back. You can sit all the way through. You won’t feel wanting for more space. With the seat’s width, you can have a child sit beside you. 

The seat and back cushions start off as firm. Some people can find it too hard but the cushions will get softer in time. A pillow would also help. As with any type of cushions, they get softer and softer with use.

The chair features pocket spring cushions. They hold their shape over time and provide better support than ordinary foam cushions do. The springs make the chair much more durable. Spring cushions are typically a smarter option due to their longevity. They are generally more durable than foam cushions.

The fabric is polyester. It is perfectly tight around the cushions. It doesn’t have wrinkles or folds on it. It has a texture to it but it’s not rough.

The upholstery is vacuum-friendly. Using a vacuum is the most convenient way to keep the accent chair clean. It requires no drying time. For stains, spot-cleaning is the way to go.

Comfort and Construction

The seat cushion is plush with a little firmness to it. It provides just the right support. It does sink a little when you sit on it but it gets back up to its original shape.

This is a low-profile chair. It sits low so it gives you a lounging feeling. I understand that tall people dislike low chairs, so this is something to consider.

The construction of the wooden frame is impressive. The armrests have a beautiful curve to them. They are a good height. The wood has a very smooth finish too. All sides of the wood are smooth even at the back of the chair. I have seen many chairs that have poorly finished backs. While it is true that the back is the last thing you’d notice, this is not entirely true if you have the chair in the middle of the living room.

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Over Popular Reviews

“I bought two, and these were easy to assemble by myself. They were a perfect fit for a laid back vibe I was going for in the office for a little reading spot. We’ve used these several times so far, and they’re fairly comfy. I got the dark gray, and the color is pretty true to the picture advertised.” – Amosina

“Really not one to write reviews, but these chairs are really worth the money. Very reasonable for the price and quality. The wood pieces are real wood and come pre-assembled. Assembly is easy and took me about 10 mins per chair. The chairs came well-padded with styrofoam and without any damage. Deep enough to add a pillow as well. Comfortable and wear well; I’m very pleased.” – Spencer Vogel

“So easy to put together! Honestly, I needed no help. The chair came in 5 pieces with hardware and was together in less than 20 minutes. The back isn’t very plush, but it’s very comfortable otherwise. I truly am pleased with the quality of this chair.” – Kari Muir

“Took the longest time to decide between the gray, orange or tan. Finally decided on the tan (they call it brown). It’s a pretty dark tan. The wood is solid and heavy. Took me 90 minutes to put 2 chairs together by myself. Probably would have taken half that time if I had help. Expecting years of use out of my chairs.” – Stephanie

“Had the chair together in about ten minutes. Getting everything out of the box took longer than installation. The chair is super comfy and quite solid. I love the color too!” – SB

“Love this chair! Easy to assemble and comfortable. I’m getting another one so we have two matching ones in our bedroom sitting area. Great value.” – BB

“I love these chairs, super easy to put together and they go really well with my couches.” – Laura

“This cute little chair brightened up my living room perfectly. Very easy to assemble and amazingly sturdy. I love it!” – Teresa D Brown

“Great chair for the price! The wood is real and the cushion is very thick. The fabric is a little wrinkled but overall it’s a nice chair and I’m happy with my purchase.” – Marina

“I Love this chair!!! It was very easy to assemble and is the perfect pop of color that I was looking for.” – J. Tyson

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