[Review] O&K Furniture 5 Tier Industrial Vintage Bookshelf

First Things First

The box of our O&K vintage bookshelf arrived quite beaten up with a couple of dings here and there. Luckily, there was no visible damage to the parts. The pieces came wrapped with lots of foam so that’s not surprising. The shelf is easy to put together. I had no trouble lining up the holes with the pieces. The manufacturer even added a couple of extra bolts and nuts, just in case.

What I Like

The sleek metal frame is minimalist at its finest. It uses thin metal tubes that won’t obstruct your view of the items on the shelves. Don’t get me wrong though. The manufacturer made use of slender tubes without compromising the shelf’s stability. The shelf stands solidly. It does not wobble. The feet have a leveling mechanism that you can adjust if your shelf does wobble. This neat feature also allows you to set the bookshelf on uneven floors.

The cross at the back is stunning. It gives this shelf an unmistakable industrial charm. It also gives additional support to the frame.

The listing did say that the shelves are not real wood. I reminded myself to set the bar low, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the shelves. The wood grain is very convincing and the finish outstanding. The shelves actually look like the real thing. You have to get up close to know that it’s MDF. They even have a wooden texture, which can easily fool you. While the shelves are not wood, you don’t need to worry about how they would hold up. Mine doesn’t sag under the weight of my books.

I also like how wide the shelves are. That, together with the open design, gives me ample of room for storage. I have a small room, and adding the bookshelf didn’t make it look cramped up. I imagine the shelf would work great in small apartments. Traditional bookshelves tend to occupy a lot of space. Plus, they can be an eyesore too. I’m happy I went ahead with this modern shelf.

Other Things

As this is an open shelf, you may need bookends for your books. You can also lay your books down and pile them up for that more rustic feel.

The only thing I don’t like is the bottom of the shelves. They are solid black and not the same wood color like the tops’. I don’t understand why the manufacturer didn’t bother to paint both sides in the same color. Nevertheless, you won’t really see the bottom unless you intentionally look at it.

My Two Cents

The quality of material and construction of this vintage bookshelf far exceeded my expectations. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments for it. My friend even bought the same bookshelf after seeing it in my room. If you’re looking for an open shelf that is both sturdy and beautiful, this is a great choice. – Karen L

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“Needed a tall, sturdy attractive shelf to display my whiskey collection. Didn’t want to spend the outrageous prices I’d seen for designer shelving or at local furniture stores. Rolled the dice and decided to buy something on Amazon. Couldn’t be happier. Very sturdy. Gotten many compliments. Easy to assemble. Very sharp looking.” – Jason Johnson

“Love it! Works great for our long and narrow entryway!” – Stephanie

“Heavy duty and holds a ton of weight if you opt to load it with books. Looks great as a backdrop for podcast video recordings and interviews. Also happy that this is a tall, wide shelf. Previously ordered another that was far too small and looked silly on my big blank wall. Replaced with this one and couldn’t be happier.” – Gilbert Symington

“Seriously love my bookshelf. It was a headache to build and took my folks and I several hours. However, it is sturdy and looks gorgeous! Honestly this bookshelf looks a lot more expensive than it is. Huge value and holds so much stuff! I have a huge book collection and this fits all with room to spare.” – Kristin Murison

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