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[Review] Tilly Lin Marble Top End Table

First Impression

The entire setup was of this marble top end table was a total breeze. It took me less than 10 minutes to complete. None of the hardware was missing, and all parts came in good condition. The metal bars feel strong and solid. The wood top is decently thick, but I know more expensive end tables would have thicker ones.

The faux marble looks like real marble. It has the black and gray swirls that marbles typically have. The finish is beautiful. You can easily fool your guests. They won’t be able to tell that it’s fake unless they try to touch it.


The marble top gives the side table a very expensive look. I know that it has a faux marble top, so we take good care of it. We don’t really put glasses on it. When we do, we make sure to use coasters. We have had no scratches on it yet, so that’s good. The marble veneer isn’t peeling off yet, and I hope it stays that way. For your reference, I’ve had the end table with me for 4 months.

The black frame finishes off the look. I like how the manufacturer used straight, clean lines for the frame. Other tables I saw on Amazon had some sort of a crisscross style. I wanted a simple yet sophisticated end table, and this one met my expectations to a T.

With the table beside it, our couch actually looks classier than before. I’ve just ordered the matching coffee table. I’m certain it would make all the difference!


The table is lightweight, so you can carry and move it around the house. While it is light, the table doesn’t wobble on the floor. The metal frame gives stability to the entire table. The frame is designed to resemble a box, which I believe provides better support. Having bought this at under $70, I found the quality quite impressive. I was honestly expecting flimsy legs and an easily worn top. If you notice any wobbling, you can put a rug underneath or felt pads under the legs. You can use them too if you’re worried about the bottom scratching the floor. Anyway, I have this on a carpet so I don’t have any problem.


The top is a good size. It has a decent amount of space for small accents as well as drinks if you have guests over. The height works well with regular sofas. I don’t have this in my bedroom, but I can imagine it would work well at the bedside to hold a lamp.

My Two Cents

This marble top end table goes well with any furniture because of its minimalist look. With its marble top, it will also add elegance to any space. It’s expensive-looking, but you won’t have to break the bank for it. You won’t regret buying this for your living room or bedroom! – jinny C

Brand: Tilly Lin

Product: Modern Accent Faux Marble Top End Table

Tilly Lin Modern Accent Faux Marble Top End Table

Tilly Lin Modern Accent Faux Marble Top End Table

Tilly Lin Modern Accent Faux Marble Top End Table

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