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[Review] Suncrown Outdoor 3-Piece Bistro Rocking Wicker Set

The box of our rocking wicker set turned out to be smaller than I expected. This made me concerned about the size of the bistro set. I worried that the dimensions indicated on Amazon are not the actual ones. Anyway, I got on with the assembly as soon as I got the box. I have always liked putting furniture together. I know most people don’t think assembling furniture is fun, but, well, I’m different. The timing was perfect, as my husband and kids were at the mall. This meant zero distraction for me.


The box came with a ratchet wrench. It is small but still useful. If you have a larger one, you can use that and save time. It would have taken me longer if I didn’t use my own wrench. Nevertheless, I still appreciate the company’s attempt to make the assembly easier for customers. If you don’t have your own wrench at home, the ratchet wrench would surely come in handy.

The instructions are simple and straightforward. They are pretty much self-explanatory. I had no issues putting the chairs and table together by myself. All of the parts are lightweight, so even girls won’t have trouble with the assembly. One thing the company can change is to provide extra washers and screws. They provide you with the exact number of pieces needed to put the set together. If you’re not careful, you can lose one or two. Nevertheless, the washers and screws are the standard ones. You can easily find them in hardware stores.


The bistro set is a good size. It stays true to the dimensions written on the Amazon listing. It is just the right size for our small porch, leaving us plenty of room to move around the set. I should point out that the table is small. The space is exactly what two persons would need. It’s not something you could place a lot of plates with, but it could fit drinks for two and some snacks. It is just what I and my husband need. We usually like drinking wine or beer with a bowl of chips on the side after a long day at work.

Materials – Part 1

The chairs and table have tough iron frames. For rockers, the frame’s durability is very important. The frame needs to support weight and at the same time, maintain balance. With the use of iron frames, all pieces are made to last. The iron frame should ease your worries about the sturdiness of the set. The table has three extra bars at the bottom to keep it more stable. So far, I haven’t seen any rust on the frame too. I have had the bistro set on an open porch for 6 months. That is pretty impressive if you ask me.

I love the matte finish of the iron frame. It feels great against the skin. My only issue is that the armrest can get hot to the touch on hotter days. It’s best if you touch the armrest with the tip of your finger first, just to see if it’s safe to put your arms on them.

The back and seat portions of the chairs are made with well-weaved resin wicker. They seem tightly woven and don’t look like they will tear apart easily. Wicker can withstand weather elements well, so the sun and rain should not worry you.

Materials – Part 2

Everything is weather-resistant – well almost. The only thing you need to watch out for is the wind. The cushions are not attached or tied to the chairs, so the wind can blow them away. Other than that, the sun and rain don’t seem to have an effect on the bistro set. I did bring the whole set inside the house when it started to snow late last year. There’s no way we would sit out on a cold winter day.

On top of the table is a thick tempered glass. The glass is tinted black, which gives the table a high-end look. I got the set in black, and the tinted glass keeps the look together. The glass top stays securely on top of the table. The table isn’t wobbly at all. If yours is, you may have to check if it is assembled correctly. It is also worth checking if your floor is uneven.

Materials – Part 3

My favorite thing about the set is the cushions. The set includes both seat and back cushions. What’s so great about them is that they are plush and soft. It is seldom that you get seats with nice cushions. The included cushions would always be the type that I have to replace down the road. They are already thin to begin with, so they get even thinner and thinner when they are sat on. Take it from someone who has ordered furniture from Amazon for nearly a decade. It’s different with this set’s case. The cushions are plush and not a pain to sit on. I may have to replace them next time but not in the near future. When that time comes, I won’t have trouble looking for new cushions. I heard Suncrown sells the cushions separately too. I would love it if they also sold the chairs separately, but I guess that’s asking too much.

You can ditch the cushions and sit directly on the rockers, but I won’t advise that. Sitting on the rockers without the cushions would more likely cause sagging on the wicker. Plus, it’s way more comfortable if you use the cushions.

The cushions are a beautiful cream color. I would have loved them more if they were black. The cream color makes the cushions more difficult to keep clean, but it’s not really a deal breaker. Thankfully, the covers are removable and machine-washable. A quick wash can make them look good as new.

Keeping the cushions aside, everything in the set is easy to clean. You can easily wipe off the dust from the iron frame, wicker, and glass top. There is zero maintenance required, perfect for couch potatoes and lazybones like me.

There is no information about the weight limit. If I were you, though, I wouldn’t worry. My dad is nearly 300lbs., and he rocks his way to sleep whenever he comes visit. The set is his favorite thing in our house. Once he arrives, he would usually go straight to our porch and sit on one of the rockers.


The chairs are low-profile ones. They sit quite low to the ground, which makes them much more relaxing. Tall people can enjoy sitting on them too. My husband is 6’1, and he has nothing bad to say about the rockers. Anyway, you are meant to lean back in the chair, so the height of the chairs shouldn’t pose a problem. I couldn’t say the same for old people with weak knees, though. If they have trouble getting up from a regular chair by themselves, I won’t recommend getting this set for them.

The back of the chairs are reclined, just what you would expect from rockers. This allows for instant comfort once you are seated. Even when I haven’t rocked the chair yet, it feels so good to lean back on the chair.

The rocking motion makes sitting on the chairs very relaxing. The chairs rock smoothly and gently. They do so quietly. You can rock yourself to sleep without any squeaking or creaking bothering you. It is a must that you have the chairs on a level floor, so you can rock back and forth without any issues. The rockers are excellent for us adults and safe enough for kids. You need not worry about having your child sit on the rocker. So far, the rockers have never lost their balance. The chairs do not rock too far back. I think this is one safety feature that the chairs have. As advertised, the bottom of the legs come with rubber strips. The rubber protects your floor from scratches. This also protects the bottom of the frame.

The seats are wide and deep too. The rockers won’t be as comfortable as they are if not for the spacious seats. With the space, people of all sizes could enjoy lounging on the chairs.

Final Thoughts

The set is beautiful, no doubt about that. What you see is what you get, leaving you no room for disappointment. You’re likely to see an equally good-looking set somewhere else but not with a price as reasonable as this one. This looks like an expensive bistro set but with a small price tag. For those who are apprehensive about buying anything China-made, you’ll be happy to know that this bistro set is made in the USA.

The chairs and table are lightweight, so they are easy to move around your deck. Although they are not foldable, at least you can carry them without much effort.

I would recommend this product without any reservations. It is worth every penny. The set fits nicely in our porch, and it would do too in your balcony, deck or garden. It is quite compact, so it would work in small spaces as well. Just make sure to check the dimensions before you decide to order.

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“This set is a steal, the price definitely doesn’t reflect the product. It’s so durable that it holds our friend who is 6’3″ and 300lbs. The chairs are super comfortable, they are pretty low to the ground but that friend and my husband and myself love to sit on the porch in them. They are also beautiful, sleek and didn’t take very long to assemble. A def buy :)” – MMH FAMILY

“Very happy with this set. The chairs do sit a little lower than I expected, but they are very comfortable and they rock. Great set for our little deck. Quickly shipped as well!” – Mjosh99

“I love this furniture nice black wicker finished. The cushions are comfortable I just wish there was a strap or velcro to hold them in place because its windy where I live. The chairs are very comfortable with the perfect rock and they are roomy. That table was nicer than expected and the perfect size for my balcony” – Shelly

“Long time Prime shopper, first time reviewing a product. We searched a long time for something for our front porch and after reading all the reviews of this set we figured we would buy it, and for the price – it was another plus! Shipped fast, no damage to the box, my husband said it was somewhat easy to assemble – he said the screws weren’t the best.
The table and chairs are very sturdy and good quality. The chairs are comfortable and the seats are wide which is nice, it does sit lower than normal chairs but it’s actually nice so my little one can easily sit in them. I was worried about the light color cushions, but the type of fabric is easy clean up and they unzip if needed to wash!” – Alvin Davenport

“My husband assembled for me and said it was very simple – even came with a nice little ratchet to do the job! These look and feel much more expensive than they were and my neighbor had already asked about where she can order a set. Ample seating (I’ve got a booty) and while the cushions they come with are nice and well made, you could even use them without cushions or buy cushions from the store and personalize.” – Melissa Fairchild

“Really beautiful set. I’ve had them for a few months now and they’re amazingly comfortable and really very good looking in person. I was worried that the cushions would either get unbearably dirty or be uncomfortable to sit on, but they’re neither. They’re soft and very comfortable and yet they wipe clean easily. Definitely an amazing buy. Haven’t seen anything that compares for the price.” – mmallia

“This is a wide seated low rocking chair set with tempered glass small table. It fits well on a small porch and is quite comfortable. The ability to rock is not quite the same as a large standard rocking chair but the motion is comfortable and the rock is gentle.” – Heather D-L

“I love my furniture set. I assembled it myself, and appreciated the ratchet they included (which speeds everything up a lot). So far they’ve survived on my porch, rain and all. Thank you!” – Daisy Miller

“Love how they look on our front porch! They do sit a little low so if you are tall then they might seem too low. I am only 5 ft 1 inch so they are a perfect for me! Took about an hour to assemble by myself. If you have someone to help you I feel like it would only take 30 minutes to assemble. Easy instructions. Took me a second to figure out where to start, but once I started it was easy.” – Susan Jaime

“Love it! Very nice seating set! Looks just like the pictures! Wish the bottom seat cushion was thicker but it’s no big deal, ESP for the price. Perfect for a front porch or a small balcony.” – thetammy389

“Fantastic product. Easy to assemble. The hardest part was having to take the Allen wrench out of the screw each time. Coulda used power tools for a faster assemble. Otherwise it’s super comfortable and cushy!” – Deanna Jazdzewski

“Chairs were lower to the ground than I expected but my tall family members can sit in it comfortably. Easy to assemble” – Yovanni Towne

“I’m decorating my newly covered deck and purchased this rocker chair set. The reviews were on the mark, these chairs are exactly what I was looking for– classy, comfortable, and easy to assemble.” – Cheryl Perkins

“LOVE!!!! Best Bistro set I could ever find.. went together easily, shipped faster than expected, 3 days, and super comfy!” – CnBAllan

“Really pleased with this set, easy to assemble and a great value for the price. It’s not 100% flawless but if you’re looking for perfection than you should be spending way more money. Happy with how it ended up, exactly what I needed for an affordable sitting spot on the patio.” – Cassidy

“Awesome porch chairs at a great price! Some difficulties in putting them together as the directions aren’t the best, but didn’t take too long and they really make my porch! I love that they rock.” – Katey

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