[Review] PATIOROMA 3PC Patio Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set


This PATIOROMA 3-piece outdoor furniture set isn’t the easiest thing to assemble. The assembly was time-consuming, but it was worth the time and effort. The box contained all the parts as well as the instructions. The tempered glass arrived without any damage, as did everything else in the box. The steps are easy to understand, but they were harder to execute than I thought.

The guide tells you to put in all the screws without tightening them all the way down. That is a bit difficult to do when you’re worried that everything would fall apart as you screw in the other parts. Nothing fell apart, though. You just have to trust in the process and put everything into place. Setting it up this way would make it easier to align the pieces with the holes. Once you have all the screws in place, you can now screw them down as tightly as you can.

It took me a little over an hour to finish the assembly. As expected, the chairs were a bit trickier to assemble than the table. Once you’re done with the first chair, the second won’t be that hard to set up anymore. By the end of the assembly, you should feel really good about yourself – just like I did. The end product looks just as beautiful as it does on Amazon. It is the perfect size for our small patio, and it looks stunning in it.

Chairs and Cushions

The two chairs are comfortable to sit on. The seats are wide and deep. The back is a good height and has a slight curve to it. The chairs do not come with back cushions and that’s fine. They’re completely unnecessary since the back is very comfortable. The depth of the seat is great too. You can sit all the way in, lean back, and relax. The best thing about the chairs is that they do not sit low to the ground. I’ve seen so many outdoor chairs that would make any tall person want to stand up instead.

The chairs have curved sides, which provide a larger room for anybody who’s seated. The curve is just around the area where you would sit. The curved sides are something I haven’t seen in other outdoor furniture sets. This unique design allows the chairs to accommodate people of all sizes. I did read that they have a weight limit of 250lbs. My husband comes close to that, weighing around 220. Since he is still under the weight limit, I don’t mind him sitting on the chair. I would mind, however, if he sat on it without a cushion. The cushion helps distribute the weight properly. Without it, I’m afraid the wicker may sag under his weight. I’ve checked, and there is no sign of sagging on either one of the chairs.

The cushions’ covers are made of polyester, and they look quite nice. The covers come with a zipper. You can remove them for easy washing. Since they are removable, the covers can be replaced with new ones or another color. Same goes for the cushions. If you’re not satisfied with the set’s cushions, go replace them with better ones. As of now, I don’t see any point on changing the cushions. However, I would consider changing them if they get thinner with use. Right now, the cushions are still as plush as the day we got it.

The only thing that I don’t like about the set is that there is no way to tie the cushions down. You simply put them in place and pray the wind won’t blow them away. Strong winds frequently hit our patio, so I found it necessary to do something about the cushions. I used Velcro to stick the cushions onto the seats. That solved the problem.

I don’t totally hate the cushions, though. I love that when you spill water on the cushion, the water would just roll off the fabric. It won’t soak through unless it’s a lot of water we’re talking about. As Patiorama has explicitly indicated on Amazon, the cushions are not waterproof. If you leave them out in the rain, both the covers and cushions would get wet. Don’t worry. It doesn’t take too long to let them dry under the sun. It won’t take you forever before you can use the cushions again. Anyway, we keep ours inside when it’s going to rain. If no one is at home to get them in, that’s fine as well.

I got two bright-colored pillows to go with the chairs. Since the wicker is black and the cushions gray, you can choose any color for the pillows. I suggest getting pillows in bright hues or with eye-catching prints. They would make the set look more attractive than it already is.

Coffee Table

The set comes with a cute little table. If you have the set in a small area, you’ll appreciate that the table isn’t that large. I would have preferred a larger table, but that would occupy a far larger space in our humble patio.

I like the addition of the tempered glass. It provides me with a flat surface to put food and refreshments. You can do without the glass as well. The wicker is a bit flat anyway, but I can’t promise you that nothing would spill. The table is a bit wobbly but not to the point that you would spill your tea. Speaking of spills, the glass is very easy to wipe clean.

Underneath the tabletop is a small shelf. I use it sometimes to hold magazines when I feel like skimming through them. I would also place my teapot there when there is no longer any space left on the top.

The Set

This PATIOROMA outdoor furniture set is as compact as it can get. It fits perfectly in our tiny patio. With the set in the middle of the patio, it still leaves us with sufficient room to walk around. I can see that the company designed this set for small outdoor areas. If you have a spacious patio or deck, you would have gone with an outdoor sectional or a 5-piece set. Regular people with a small house like me don’t have that kind of liberty. That said, I would recommend this wicker set for people who want to have one but are struggling with limited space.

The wicker seems to hold up really well despite our weight. It has surprisingly held up well to the elements too. We leave them in our patio, rain or shine. I have seen wicker sets with wicker that is starting to crack and tear apart. Exposure to the sun and heat tends to do that. I have yet to see that happen on my set. Take note that I have had this outdoor furniture set for almost a year.


In terms of maintenance, this PATIOROMA outdoor furniture set requires close to none. I barely need to clean it. All I have to do is to wait for it to rain, and the rain would wash down the dust from the wicker. It’s a great thing that everything is in dark colors. The set hides dust and debris pretty well.

From the start, I have had no doubts about the set’s stability because of the metal frames. They are tough and won’t bend with weight or force. The heat from the sun doesn’t seem to have an effect on the frames either.

Moving the entire set is a breeze. The chairs and table are light enough to carry around. Don’t drag them across the floor as the legs may scratch the floor. When you’re carrying the table, make sure to hold it on both sides. This is to prevent the tempered glass from falling. The glass just sits above the table. No bars secure it in place. I doubt the glass would break easily from a fall, but I believe it’s better to err on the safe side.


I got the set for a cheap price, but it is far from being cheaply made. From the looks of it, the set could pass off as a $200 furniture. None of my friends or relatives have guessed the price right. I got a lot of compliments for this PATIOROMA furniture set too, so I couldn’t be happier. Yes, this isn’t the least expensive 3-piece outdoor wicker set out there. I am, however, always willing to pay a little extra for a better quality. I would like to emphasize that it pays to read the reviews on Amazon. How else will you know if something’s worth the price without seeing it?

I’ve gone as far as recommending this patio furniture set to my friends. Two of them actually listened to me and got the set for their home. This is an excellent buy as far as the value for money is concerned. I couldn’t have chosen a better set than this. – Jenny K


Product: 3PC Patio Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set Cushioned Garden Table and Chairs with Gray Cushions

PATIOROMA 3PC Patio Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set Cushioned Garden Table and Chairs with Gray Cushions, Black PE Wicker

PATIOROMA 3PC Patio Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set Cushioned Garden Table and Chairs with Gray Cushions, Black PE Wicker

PATIOROMA 3PC Patio Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set Cushioned Garden Table and Chairs with Gray Cushions, Black PE Wicker

PATIOROMA 3PC Patio Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set Cushioned Garden Table and Chairs with Gray Cushions, Black PE Wicker

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