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[Review] Abba Patio Round Aluminum Solar LED Light Patio Umbrella

I needed a patio umbrella for our table by the pool. My old one had a big tear on it after a year, so I needed to replace it. I made sure to check out my options in stores and online as well. I found out that most solar LED light patio umbrella online are cheaper than they are in actual stores. That’s why I eventually focused my search on online sites including Amazon. It’s not my first time to come across Abba Patio, and I’ve heard many good things about the brand. That’s why when I found this umbrella and saw that there are many positive reviews, I decided to order it. That decision has proven to be very smart. This outdoor umbrella does everything that Amazon described it would. Its durability has far exceeded my expectations. I would buy this again in a heartbeat and recommend it without reservations. You’ll know why with my honest review of the product.


The umbrella comes almost fully assembled. You simply have to fit the bottom pole onto a base. Take note that the base is not included. You have to get one yourself. I got a 50lbs. base to go with our umbrella. After that, I screwed the upper part of the umbrella to the bottom pole to attach them together. Finally, the solar panel goes on on top of the umbrella. That’s it. You’re all done! The LED lights are already arranged on the underside of the umbrella. There’s no need to install them one by one. We had the lights turned on as soon as we had the umbrella set up. They literally work with a push of a button. You can conveniently switch them on and off with a power button located just beside the hand crank. The button is easily accessible. You shouldn’t have trouble looking for it.

Features – A

The umbrella top gives us great shade coverage. The round canopy works best for round patio tables, which we have. There’s no stopping you from using it with a rectangular or square table, though. The wide umbrella allows us to stay outside even if it’s sunny out. The 9-feet diameter is best for tables with around 4 up to 6 chairs. I’m relieved that the umbrella fits the area we needed it for perfectly. Even the height is perfect. It’s also the right height to block out the sun from where we sit.

A crank opens and closes the umbrella top. You just have to twist it clockwise or counter-clockwise. I love that there is an Up/Down indicator on the crank that tells you which way to twist the crank. The crank spins smoothly and is easy to reach. The umbrella stays up even if strong winds are blowing. I usually just keep the umbrella up except when a storm is coming.

Features – B

There are times when the sun doesn’t shine directly over the table but reaches you from a certain angle. This usually happens in the afternoon or evening. That’s when the tilting top comes in handy. You simply push a button near the top of the pole to tilt it to the direction of the sun. This effectively blocks out the sun. What I hate about it is that the button is so high up that I have to step on a stool to reach it. It’s either that or I ask my husband to push it for me. My husband even has to tiptoe to reach for the button.

Features – C

Small solar-powered LED lights run along the ribs of the umbrella. There are 3 pieces of lights on each rib. Don’t let their size fool you. They shine brightly, allowing us to play card games even at night. Even if we don’t switch on the lights around our pool deck, the LED lights are bright enough to illuminate the table. I wouldn’t want to read under the umbrella, though. I still prefer to read under regular light bulbs.

The lights are bluish white rather than yellow. This gives the deck a cool ambiance. The lights do not attract insects, which is fantastic. The solar panel on top of the umbrella provides power to the lights. The fact that the lights are solar-powered is a big bonus. Just wait for a sunny day, and the lights get charged up by themselves. You don’t need to do anything as the solar panel does the job for you. I love the idea of lights on the umbrella without having to deal with a power cord or look for a socket nearby. The lights are ideal for entertaining guests or staying outdoors at night. The solar panels have a surprisingly high power capacity. There was a time when I left the lights on overnight, and they were still on the next morning.

Features – D

The top is vented and does allow a bit of airflow to get in. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that the vent keeps us cool. The vent doesn’t do so much, but I guess you would appreciate it in extremely hot days.

The weirdest thing about this patio umbrella is that it doesn’t have a strap to tie it down. Although the umbrella stays down if you crank it so, I wanted something to keep it from flapping in the wind. I had to improvise with a thin rope we have at home, and that worked well. Just look for anything at home that you could use. It’s better to use something close to the umbrella’s color. That way, your umbrella would still look pretty. I hope the company could add a Velcro band to the umbrella next time.


The fabric used for the umbrella is thick, heavy, and sturdy. It fits tightly around the frame. I have the umbrella in a spot that gets sunlight almost the whole day, and the color doesn’t fade. When it rains, water would just bead and run off of it. The umbrella keeps us dry when it’s raining unless, of course, if it is raining hard.

I did put the umbrella away for the winter because we couldn’t stay outside anyway. With proper care, the umbrella would last many seasons. The material is made to last and withstand the elements. You need not worry about the canopy ripping apart.

The dark red is exactly the color I wanted. It is close to maroon but not too dark. I got this over the brown simply because I think the brown looks less elegant. The umbrella adds a pop of color to our otherwise dull pool deck. My in-laws loved it so much that they also got one for their patio. I do plan to get another one, this time, for our garden.

A lot of people usually buy covers for their patio umbrellas. I didn’t get one because I don’t think I need it. Anyway, that’s just my personal opinion. You should buy one if you want to go the extra mile to take care of the umbrella.


The umbrella’s pole comes in two parts. You screw them together, and this reinforces the strength of the pole. The umbrella won’t easily get blown away by a gust of wind. The pole has a good thickness to it, which gives me confidence in its stability. In case you don’t plan on using the umbrella for a long time, breaking it down for storage is easy too. You simply unscrew the top from the bottom pole to make it less bulky.

As I said earlier, I got a 50lbs. base for the patio umbrella. Considering the size of the umbrella, you can’t go for something lighter. You risk getting the umbrella blown away by gusts of wind. A heavier base would keep your umbrella standing and stay securely in place. If you’re well aware that it can get very windy at your place, a heavy base is a must. You may have to spend more for a heavier base, but you will spend even more if you need to purchase a new umbrella. A high-quality and heavy base is even more important if you’re getting this product to use as a self-standing umbrella.

The umbrella has aluminum pole and ribs that don’t rust. They are not a fuss to maintain. The ribs do not bend with the wind, but I do suggest closing the umbrella down to protect the ribs. Nevertheless, the umbrella has seen some strong winds and the ribs didn’t snap at all.

My Two Cents

This solar LED light patio umbrella provides us with a cool shade during the day and a bright, cozy place to stay at night. I’ve owned it for nearly two years now, and it has never disappointed me. Let my experience tell you that this product is well worth your money. The construction, as well as the material used, is superb. Pictures don’t do justice. The umbrella would look far more beautiful when it is already on top of your table. As long as you take good care of the umbrella, it will thank you and serve you for many seasons to come. – Tina Y

Brand: Abba Patio

Product: 9′ Round Aluminum Solar Powered 24 LED Light Patio Umbrella with Tilt and Crank

Abba Patio 9' Round Aluminum Solar Powered 24 LED Light Patio Umbrella with Tilt and Crank, Dark Red

Abba Patio 9' Round Aluminum Solar Powered 24 LED Light Patio Umbrella with Tilt and Crank, Dark Red

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