[Review] SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk Wood Top

The Setup

Manufacturers should learn a thing or two from SHW when it comes to creating an assembly guide. The directions were so simple that it just felt like I was completing a puzzle. Mind you, I’m not a handy person. If it’s so easy for me then most people would find it easy too. It is a three-piece corner desk, but it just took me a little over thirty minutes to assemble. One thing I’ve noticed is that there isn’t a lot of extra screws. Take care not to lose any. Anyway, they are just regular screws that you can easily find in a hardware store.

The Overall Look and Space

I was torn between getting the glass top and the wood top. I decided to get the wood, and I have zero regrets. The top is a rich, deep brown color that looks prettier in real life than in the photos. For the price, I was expecting something less beautiful. Instead, I got a corner table that looks like it costs nearly $200.

I am working as a writer and taking up my Master’s Degree at the same time. That is why it is important for me to have a large workspace. In terms of space, this desk hits the mark. It is very easy to organize my stuff with all the space that I have. I also love how much room there is on top, yet the table doesn’t take up so much space in the room. This L-shaped desk is specifically designed for small spaces. I live in a studio apartment, so that’s exactly what I need.

I use the table with my MacBook Pro, but a computer would do just as well on this desk. The finish of the wood allows me to use my mouse without a mouse pad underneath.

I use a computer chair with wheels with the desk. You should too. You can simply wheel from and to another side of the desk with it.

I believe that the highlight of this desk is the footrest. Most office tables don’t have that. I can put my feet up on it. I also like it for the open bottom. My legs tend to feel numb when I sit for too long. Being able to stretch them out from time to time definitely helps. Although there are plenty of stability bars under the table, none gets in the way.

The Construction

Once completely set up, the corner desk is stable. It doesn’t wobble even when I am typing or writing on a piece of paper. I got the desk seven months ago. It should last unless you’re using it far too roughly.

Final Thoughts

If you have a limited budget but don’t want to end up with an ugly office table, I would recommend this. It is something students can afford too. I got this corner desk at a discount and you’re lucky if you can too. Don’t miss out on this fantastic product. It can’t be an Amazon’s Choice for no reason! – Sarah P

Brand: SHW

Product: L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk


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