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[Review] Coavas Chad Wooden Kitchen Dining Table

First Things First

The assembly instructions of this dining table sure have a lot of room for improvement. I had to read some of the instructions repeatedly before I figured them out. The effort surely paid off. The end product was stunning and far more beautiful than in the pictures.

Due to its modern and simple look, the desk can be used just about anywhere. It’s perfect for the office, living room, kitchen, and balcony. It can even be used as a side table for the bedroom. I can even imagine it as a vanity table. We use ours as a coffee table on our porch.

Things I Like

It may look really small in the pictures but it really is not. Four adults can sit around the table. However, if you don’t like any elbows touching, have only two or three people sit around it. I have four chairs around the table, and it doesn’t feel crowded at all. The best thing about the space is that I can use my laptop out on the porch with a cup of brewed coffee beside me. If I don’t feel like sitting out on the porch, I can carry the table around the house. The desk is pretty light so I can carry it without sweating at all.

While the top is white, it is relatively easy to keep clean. Colored drinks like coffee do not stain the top. That’s a big plus. There’s no need to use a coaster under your drinks too.
It’s not wobbly at all. As advertised, the legs have footpads underneath. They protect floors from scratches.

This is not a table where you would have family dinners in. It’s best, however, for coffee or tea sessions. I and my mother-in-law have those every other week. She would visit us and we would chat the whole afternoon. She loves the table too. I recently ordered another table which I intend to give to her as a birthday gift. I’m sure she’s going to be happy.

Another thing worth gushing about is the criss-cross bars underneath. While they are there mainly for support, they add elegance to the whole piece. The brown legs look great with the white top. It looks much more expensive than it really is. That, I believe, is a sure indication of a great buy.

The Bad

Let me tell you that this isn’t pure white. If you’re looking for that then look somewhere else. But if you’re fine with a light cream color, then this should be good. I have nothing against the color, but I do understand that some people can get very particular with the colors of their furniture. That’s not me, though.

The top does have a wood-like texture to it, so it isn’t as smooth as I have expected. You must have a book underneath your paper to be able to write well.

My Verdict

Although this desk has a few negatives, the positives far exceed them. I highly recommend this to anyone searching for a pretty coffee table with a price tag that won’t put a hole in your wallet. – Sarah P

Brand: Coavas

Product: Chad Kitchen Dining White Round Coffee Modern Leisure Wooden Tea Table Office Conference Pedestal Desk

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