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20 Amazon Platform Beds With Off The Charts Ratings in 2021

20. Zinus Wen Deluxe Wood Platform Bed with Slatted Headboard

Promising review: “I cannot say enough about the bed. First, delivery was simple — the delivery company called the day before to ensure that I would be home, and they wheeled it in on a dolly. And I seldom comment about how an item was packed, but this deserves 5 stars for the packing job itself. The items were tightly packed in a flat box, with items cushioned and separated with layers of custom cut Styrofoam that was WRAPPED IN PLASTIC. Understand that broken pieces of Styrofoam that static cling to the floor and clothes is a huge pet peeve of mine, but by wrapping it, there was zero mess. Thank you to whoever thought of this! But, getting to the bed —- it was so simple to assemble that my 12 year old assembled it entirely alone. It is super sturdy and very attractive. I bought this bed for a guest room, and it looks stellar in there. Guests have used it and liked it very much.” – Krissy

19. Classic Brands Coventry Upholstered Platform Bed

Promising review: “Really nice frame, especially for the price. I just wanted something that could block the window that was behind where my bed is in the room. This headboard looks good and seems to be very solid. Nice double metal supports down the center with heavy duty hardware. This is shipped in a huge box and packaged pretty well. As you can see in the one picture the shipping company damaged the edge of the box, but because of the way it is packaged no damage was done to the frame or headboard. No complaints.” – Norm

18. DHP Modern Canopy Bed with Built-in Headboard

Promising review: “I LOVE this bed! I purchased it after I sold my cat-destroyed upholstered bed & refinished my bedroom furniture gold & grey! I purchased this particular bed because it matched the gold on my refinished furniture, it was metal and therefore cat-proof, and I have always wanted a canopy bed…oh, and this deal was AMAZING! This bed is exceptional quality for any price, but to get this quality and style for under $200 is unbelievable! I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase! The one-person assembly took about 2 hours, and a second helper was only needed to put the top canopy on top of the 4 posts. I am a healthy 159 pounds and my husband is 260 & we put a double pillowtop mattress on the (double enforced) metal slats, and we have no support issues! No squeeks or creaks, either! Just a note that the IKEA brand canopy curtains do NOT fit on this bed! AT least not without a re-sew! Bottom line: This bed is a 5 out of 5 stars in quality, design, style & price!” – Deanna Del Rio

17. DHP Maven Platform Bed with Upholstered Faux Leather

Promising review: “This bed is very sturdy and very nice looking! It is easy to assemble, too. My tween child assembled all of it herself except the drawer, without assistance from either of us, following the provided directions. The drawer is large, more than big enough to store an extra set of bedding. My child is very pleased with her new bed, and so are we!” – NessieJade

16. URODECOR Antique Bronze Brown Metal Bed Frame

Promising review: “Exactly what I was looking for, and can’t beat the price. It took around an hour to set up, and was done with one person. I noticed reviews that complained about feet slipping or bending all had the bed on a hard floor without a rug, so we placed a rug underneath and have had no issues. I love the dark copper color of the metal.” – Jimpy

15. DHP Janford Linen Upholstered Bed

Promising review: “I was looking for a king sized bed and was sketchy about purchasing this one. After pulling the trigger on buying it, I do not regret it! It’s a very nice bed, that is good faux leather quality and has great sturdiness. Easy to build in 30 mins (with personal tool preferred). It does not wobble, holds up to 500lbs and survived an earthquake it’s first night. I like the head board and the I’m storage space under neath it. If you’re looking for a King sized bed but don’t want to break the bank, I would strongly recommend this bed frame!” – Grouch Potato

14. Novogratz Bushwick Modern Design Metal Bed

Promising review: “Great value on this bed; simple, modern, straightforward instructions. I had it assembled by myself in about an hour (I’m a middle-aged mom). No squeaking, shifting, wobbling – sturdy and solid. The finish is a smooth satin gloss. I’ve got it set on the higher supports and am using it without a box spring. Lots of storage and room for vacuuming underneath as a result.” – Cynthia M

13. Classic Brands Mornington Upholstered Platform Bed

Promising review: “After 17 years having a loft bed, I found myself in needs of purchasing a real bed after moving to my new apartment. I wanted something that was modern, the color fit my color palette and I did went with this one. I was amazed of how the entire thing comes to you! I was shocked how everything was packed INSIDE THE HEADBOARD itself! And zipped up. It was very easy to assemble and I am enjoying it.” – JRivera

12. Zinus 12 Inch Deluxe Wood Platform Bed

Promising review: “This bed is beautiful! Nice clean look and solid design. I was really afraid to buy something like this online, but I am very happy that I did. I had two concerns that made me leery, 1) the color and look of the wood. I ordered the pine. And when it arrived I was super happy with it. Beautiful color and looks to be of real wood and has nice “wood grain”. See attached pics. 2) I was concerned it wouldn’t be sturdy enough. One reviewer said the slats were very thin and weak. I found that not to be true. I have a VERY heavy king mattress. My husband, myself, and our two kids sleep on the bed. The foundation is solid and can hold this weight! I also love how the slats hold on with the Velcro. They stay in place and give a good support for the mattress. I’m very happy with my purchase!” – JFASS

11. Zinus Tuscan Metal & Wood Platform Bed with Wood Slat Support

Promising review: “My memory foam mattress has been on the floor for 2 years. I just couldn’t find the right platform for me. Until now!! This is a high quality bed. The wood is sleek and beautiful, the slats are wide and super supportive, and it was incredibly easy to assemble. There were only 2 of these on Amazon, and none on the manufacturers website. I bought it without any reviews or info. My intuition was correct! Awesome, awesome bed!!! I am so happy to be off the floor!” – Lea Calenti

10. Zinus Korey 14 Inch Platform Metal Bed Frame with Upholstered Headboard

Promising review: “Love the frame! So easy to put together and very sturdy. Took me about 30 minutes to assemble alone. I’m 250lbs and my husband is 190lbs and We are very “active” in the bed room and have had NO issues with the frame. I was concerned about the wood breaking but it is perfect. It also has 2 sticky areas on the wood so when you put the mattress on it doesnt slide.” – Morgan

9. Home Life Premiere Classics Cloth Light Grey Silver Linen 51″ Tall Headboard Platform Bed

Promising review: “I have the queen size grey bedframe. I was hesitant to buy this but figured it really wasn’t expensive, so I took a gamble. It came in two separate shipments. One long box with footboard and side rails, one big rectangle box with the headboard. Inside the back of the headboard are all the instructions and tools. I am in love with this bed frame. It’s very nice. I was looking at pretty much the same one on targets website for over $800. I assembled it in about an hour by myself. Make sure u assemble exactly where it’s going to be. Also keep the little Allen wrench and tools for if you move and have to disassemble. I was worried the headboard would be too high as it says it is a tall headboard but it’s perfect. Very happy with the quality and style. If you are on the fence about this purchase, do it. It’s just as nice as the ones for much more money.” – Marissa_04

8. Zinus Alexis 12 Inch Deluxe Wood Platform Bed with Headboard

Promising review: “Very carefully pack. All the foams have a plastic wrap on them so you won’t get all those annoying white foam powder. The wood is definitly solid and clean. Very easy assembly with clear instruction, only takes less than half hour to finish. Excellent quality. Best furniture I ever bought on Amazon.” – SimonA

7. Zinus Essential Upholstered Platform Bed Frame

Promising review: “If your not sure you will get a quality product if you want to try and save a lot of money, think again. Hats off to the engineers who designed this amazing platform bed. No need to buy a box spring and a bed. This unit is designed so a 12 year old could put it together. The only tool you need to assemble the entire bed is an allen wrench that comes with the bed. Free shipping too! My Bob’s furniture can not even come close to the price nor quality of this bed. I highly recommend this unit if your on a budget, maybe a student, and looking for a good quality, cost effective product. Here is a pic included. Wish I could have posted a video showing how easy this bed was to put together. This company is also online and have many styles to choose from on their website. My Bobs charges $300.00 for their platform bed. Hope my review helps. Cant go wrong with this one for the fair price.” – ST

6. Crown Mark Upholstered Panel Bed in Stone Khaki

Promising review: “I was looking for a cheap frame that requires a box frame. I purchased the queen size and it was delivered 3 days earlier than the estimated delivery date which was great! Assembly was pretty simple. Having a second person to help is highly recommended. The instructions were comparable to IKEA instructions (included in the pictures). The pieces were labeled clearly for easy assembly. My mattress is 12in and a 9in box frame and both combined was thick enough so that the gap was covered between the head board and mattress. The sides of the frame are also tall enough to keep the box frame from sliding off of the bed frame. Have slept on it for a few nights and tried to shake the bed for squeaking and there was no squeaking! I am extremely happy with the quality of this product especially for $130! Will definitely buy again when necessary.” – Meem Haque

5. Zinus Dachelle Upholstered Button Tufted Premium Platform Bed

Promising review: “I was a little skeptical about purchasing a bed online without seeing it first, but I was pleasantly surprised how wonderful this bed really is. I figured I would take the chance and go for it based on others reviews and they were right. This bed is sturdy, rock solid and heavy, as well as being quality constructed with a great contemporary style. This bed makes absolutely no noise and feels just as solid as the solid wood bed it replaced. If you’re worried about how it will fare with “activities “, fear no more, it can handle it! I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this bed again.
Oh and the box is gigantic and extremely heavy, about 125lbs, so if it’s going on a second floor you better be prepared to open and unpack all the parts first and take them to your assembly area. This is one package I’m sure the delivery driver absolutely hates to deliver. So, don’t be on the ropes about this one.. Buy It!” – Grandpere

4. Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch Platform 1500H Metal Bed Frame

Promising review: “Let me start off by saying we purchased this frame specifically because it was metal. As a military family we move often and we need furniture that is going to survive frequent moves and daily use. I wanted something durable yet easy to take apart and put together. This bed frame is it! Assembly took about an hour doing it by myself. The price is amazing for something that looks this nice, this easy to put together, and as well built. You really couldn’t ask for more. I am extremely skeptical of buying furniture online as our last bedframe failed to hold up even a year but I am pleasantly surprised at how sturdy this frame is and based off some reviews I am worried about squeaking but I’ll update my review if that does start happening. The bed frame was double packaged and well protected, everything was wrapped in plastic so there are no dents or dings during the unboxing. The instructions were easy to follow pictures and multiple warnings that any mistakes in assembly would result in the center piece being too short. All parts were labeled with a number and you put it together by sections 1-8 then attach the center support and done. My mattress is 10 inches and it comes right up to the bottom bar on the headboard. There’s plenty of space underneath and only the center support so you could potentially store a lot of belongings underneath. I would purchase this again and I would recommend it to friends.” – Justine

3. Zinus Ironline Metal and Wood Platform Bed with Headboard

Promising review: “I bought this bed frame to furnish my new apartment in preparation for my wedding and this really was a wonderful product. The instructions were clear and simple, every piece was labeled with a small sticker that clearly marked how the bed frame was supposed to be put together. The construction is very sturdy, I don’t have any worries at all that this would be able to take the weight of any size person and mattress that owns it. It’s a solid dark, burnished metal frame with well-polished wood trim accents that makes a wonderful addition to our new home. There’s no creaking whenever the mattress moves, because the frame is so solid, and I haven’t had to worry about anything breaking or weak pieces or issues with the construction of the bed frame! The bottom of the frame that supports your mattress is a lining of cedar slats that velcro onto the frame, and there’s even an added rubber strip down the center line that keeps your mattress from making noise as it moves around. I’m thankful and very satisfied with this purchase, and I know that it’ll keep my bed and mattress solid for probably the next many years.” – Brian Tan

2. Zinus Modern Studio 14 Inch Platforma Bed Frame

Promising review: “probably the easiest item I’ve ever assembled in my life. Took like 20 minutes. I could have been drunk on a bottle of wine and pain pills and not messed this up. it comes in a big, long box where all parts are separated and wrapped, clear directions and screws with a hex key. follow the numbers, link everything, throw down the wood slats and you and the Miss will be testing it’s stability in no time at all (it’s stable and sturdy, we checked). Great product!” – Aaron

1. Zinus Shalini Upholstered Diamond Stitched Platform Bed

Promising review: “This is my second Zinus bed frame purchase. I purchased this bed after noticing all of the positive reviews. Shipping was quick (the website stated it may take three-five days to receive it) I received it in two. UPS had a difficult time lugging this huge box into my apartment building and I had a hell of a time getting it up 5 flights of stairs. On the other hand, the bed is nice, sturdy, and the wooden planks are held in place by the Velcro straps. The bed is quiet and it can hold some weight. My partner is 6’7 250 and I’m 5’6 159 and it holds up . Assembly was simple due to the instructions (read the whole page of instructions before you start). Not a lot of under bed space and my headboard arrived with a few stitches missing from the seam. Overall, pleased with the look, feel, and quality. I moved my bed into a small space so you can get an idea of the size. I have a full size XL mattress set (my bed sits high due to the box spring- you do not need a box spring with this bed frame). I appreciate you for taking time out to read my review. I hope you found it informative.” – Miss BookWorm