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[Review] mDesign Vertical Dresser Storage Tower

First Things First

You only need one tool to put this together, and it is supplied in the box. As expected, the assembly is very minimal. It should take you less than 20 minutes to assemble.

There are different types of storage available, most of them plastic. I prefer cloth storage over plastic ones because of the style. Cloth storage, at least for me, looks much better than a plastic one. It has an elegance that plastic storage drawers lack. I think plastic ones work better for your basement or garage. However, I was looking for one to use in my bedroom, so I narrowed down my search to cloth storage drawers.

I use my drawers to store my underwear, socks, and other clothes that I can fold and won’t get wrinkled at all, and I don’t have that much space in my closet, so the extra storage comes in handy. It has freed up considerable space in my closet. This gives me more space for my clothes.

You may wonder how a soft box could hold its shape. Each box comes with hard inserts at the bottom. This also allows the box to hold reasonable weight. So far, the drawers are holding their shape well. I don’t think they would get deformed unless you fill them up with too many stuff inside.


It’s bigger than I expected. They are pretty deep and wide. The drawers can accommodate a lot of things. In terms of space, this one fits the bill.

Another thing that I like about this set of drawers is the hard wood top. The surface provides an extra storage. Each drawer has a front handle. They are easy to grab onto to pull the drawers out.

The tower is on the lighter side, so balance may be an issue. I’d recommend you put the heavier things at the bottom drawers and the lighter ones on top.

This is a very versatile product. You can have it in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, or playroom. It is helpful in keeping clutter at bay. Organizing my stuff has never been this easy.


The metal frame is stable. It won’t collapse or fall over. There is no wobbling to it too.

The storage tower is lightweight, making it easy to move around the house. It is also not difficult to take apart in case you’re moving.

I also worried about the cloth drawers getting dirty or stains not coming off. I am pleased to say that that’s not the case at all. It is a breeze to wipe clean. A damp cloth should work fine. For stubborn stains, you should spot-clean the affected area.


You can find cheaper options in Amazon, but I bought this instead because it looks prettier. The reviews were better too. This mDesign storage tower is well worth the money. We’re so happy with it that we are about to order two more. We are getting one for our living room and another for our bathroom. These areas of the house are almost always cluttered. We figured the storage tower could help us change that. – Jennifer P

Brand: mDesign

Product: Vertical Dresser Storage Tower

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