Platform Beds

Top 3 Most Popular Upholstered Platform Beds with Under Bed Storages on Amazon

3. Cambridge Upholstered Faux Leather Platform Bed

This is a fantastic bed for a New Yorker in a small apartment. My closet is literally one foot wide so having the extra storage for out of season clothing, extra bedding and luggage really saves my life. You could put those things under a normal bed in a normal bedroom, but this completely prevents having to lug out under bed bins and also not having tons of space on either side to do so.

The depth is about a foot. I do have one very large suitcase that won’t fit underneath, but all my carry on luggage fits below. I have four large rolling underbed storage boxes inside, two carry on sized suitcases (filled with other travel paraphernalia and duffes, tote bags etc, my laptop bag, extra towels, 3 sheets sets with pillowcases and random small items that I just don’t need to have out but cant part with..

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Ranked #6 in the bedroom furniture section
113 customer reviews in total
4.3 out of 5 stars

2. Rose Upholstered Platform Bed with Under Bed Storage

We bought the king size grey upholstered bed! There weren’t any pics on the listing of the king – only the queen so we really took a chance! We definitely don’t regret it – this bed is awesome. so sturdy, so much storage & a great deal for the low price tag we paid ~ around $550.

PROS: the bed arrived in two large boxes which were easy enough to carry upstairs. it only took my husband (by himself) about an hour to put it 100% together. the frame is rock solid and does not move (our bedroom floor is carpeted). the drawers are huge and well made – they even have a locking mechanism that our 2 year old wont figure out. the material does not feel cheap and the upholstery is perfect..

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Ranked #23 in the bedroom furniture section
848 customer reviews in total
3.8 out of 5 stars

1. Dakota Upholstered Platform Bed with Storage Drawers

Easy to assemble. I received the package and as a smallish yet strong woman, the FedEx man carried it to my door, I was able to push the box down the hall. I can’t say that I recommend that, find someone to at least help you carry it, or unload it piece by piece if you are working alone. The box has directions on which way to lay it before opening, follow them and it will be a smooth experience. Upon opening the box, I was a bit nervous at my ability to assemble the frame, as well as the quality and design. That feeling quickly passed. Everything inside the box was well packaged to ensure that there was no damage to any of the parts. The tools and supplies were vacuum sealed to a piece of cardboard and well labeled. All of the pieces were clearly labeled. If you unload a-z it makes life very easy.

I assembled the bed alone in a little over an hour, mostly because I had to keep pushing my little dog off of the pieces as I worked. He loved the fiber bags that surrounded each piece. I did save those for projects and for storing things which can get scratched, so that was a bonus..

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Ranked #5 in the bedroom furniture section
879 customer reviews in total
3.9 out of 5 stars