[Review] Zinus Jackie Classic Upholstered Loveseat

I was skeptical about buying a couch without seeing it in person. This was also one of the cheaper loveseats I’ve seen, which made me even more skeptical. What sealed the deal is that it’s from Zinus. I have a mattress from the same company that I absolutely love. There were a lot of positive reviews too. They can’t all be paid reviews, right? Well, here’s what I think about this loveseat.

First Impression

I put this upholstered sofa together without any tools. I just slid the arms and back into place. Afterwards, I zipped the 2 cushions onto the back. That’s it. You can do it on your own. Do take note that the parts are stored in a hidden compartment underneath the couch.

I can imagine that it is easy to take apart. I’m happy knowing that when the time comes that I need to disassemble it, I won’t have a hard time. This is great if you move a lot. Whoever designed this thing deserves a raise!

The sofa comes in two beautiful colors, and it was difficult to choose between the two. I ended up getting the soft grey one. The color looks just like it did in the pictures. I’ve read reviews saying that the one with a hint of green looks great too. I think whichever color you choose, you won’t go wrong.


I like that the couch is quite firm since it would surely get softer in time. My boyfriend likes taking a nap on it. That tells a lot about how it fares in terms of comfort. He can lay down on it with his legs curled up a little. The back cushions are nice and soft. I no longer found the need to add throw pillows. However, the seat cushions are not as plush as I would have liked. You won’t feel the coils underneath, though.


I recommend this for small living spaces just like studio apartments. I live in one, and I know the struggle of finding furniture that would fit inside. This one is the perfect size. It is narrow enough to fit in my tiny living room, yet wide enough to comfortably seat two adults.

The height of the seat as well as the arms is perfect for me. For the price, I kind of expected a low-profile couch. It’s not. I can lean back with my back fully supported. I can also easily rest my elbow on the side.


The cushions keep their original shape quite well. They don’t sag in the middle. I have been sitting on it almost every single day for the past 6 months, so that is pretty impressive.

The fabric is great too. It requires minimal upkeep and can stay beautiful in the long run. However, I won’t suggest letting your dog or cat play on it. Their sharp nails would most likely leave scratches all over the couch.

Last Thoughts

Having received a couple of compliments for this sofa, I am very satisfied with my purchase. I can’t be happier. For this lovely couch’s price point and exceptional quality, it’s a steal. – Hanna R

Brand: Zinus

Product: Jackie Classic Upholstered 53.5 Inch Sofa Couch / Loveseat, Soft Grey

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