10 Best Selling Foam Mattresses on Amazon in 2019

10. Modway Aveline Gel Infused Memory Foam

Promising review: “We’ve been sleeping on our double twin “KING” for three months now so I’m ready to review. My husband and I have very different needs when it comes to mattresses and this works beautifully for both of us! I’m absolutely in love with this bed! It comes in a conveniently small box and expands quickly. You can sleep on it before it’s fully expanded and it will not create an issue. The foam come covered with a very soft fabric. It is not waterproof, we have a toddler so we opted to buy a liner. The mattress is very supportive but not too firm, my husband is a back sleeper and I’m a stomach sleeper. As I’ve said it’s perfect for both of us! The thickness is great for me, and I am plus sized. You will not be disappointed if you buy this! Very good quality for a wonderful price!!” – Jesse

9. Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress

Promising review: “I read dozens of reviews before I purchase anything on Amazon, the good ones, and the negative ones. I’ve never seen or sat on a foam mattress before, just wanted it as thick as a regular mattress and to be comfortable for a guest room. I had some reservations based on reviews of a bad chemical smell, and some with mold. But I knew by other reviews the customer service was good if there were any issues. I ordered the 10″ Queen size, and the separate black frame. The mattress came perfectly packaged in a roll, and I was able to get it upstairs by myself while it was still rolled up. I followed the instructions, it had ZERO smell. I took the cover off and examined it and it’s perfect. I put the frame together very easily, took the mattress out of the plastic wrap and laid it on the bed frame. I left it alone for 3 days to expand. It is perfectly 10″. It’s so comfortable I’m blown away. We bought this for our guest room, but decided it’s so comfortable, we want one in King for our bedroom. It’s cheap enough that if it wears out in a few years, we can buy another one. If you’re in the fence about this mattress, just get it. You’ll be glad you did.” – A. Duncan

8. Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Gel Memory Foam

Promising review: “For the first time in many months, I did not wake up with screaming sciatica pain! First of all, this mattress is solid, it is not a fluffy piece of junk. The top layer is a medium firmness and there is enough of it to cradle my curves. Underneath that, I feel a firmness that holds my spine straight without torturing my hips. The impressions pop up immediately when you turn. No stuck in the mattress feeling. The edges are soft, but if I sit farther back, I’m fine. I am a heavy side sleeper. I woke up only once last night. I had been waking up every 1-2 hours prior to getting this mattress. This mattress replaced a $1200, 4 month old, well advertised dreamy mattress “great for all types of sleepers”. Do not even bother with all of the mattress reviews. They are paid for referrals to the companies they rave about. Secondly, they are young and healthy…they’d probably sleep great on the floor. I’m 62, have had 3 back surgeries in the last year and am needing a hip replacement. So, I understand pain and the need for a comfortable, yet supportive, mattress.” – MammaT

7. Olee Sleep Gel Infused Layer Top Memory Foam Mattress

Promising review: “If you are like me, you are looking at this mattress (as well as several others) trying to find the best deal for the money. This is my third memory foam mattress. My first was 12 inches and was a pricier mattress. I loved it, and my ex still uses it 6 or 7 years later. My next one was an Olee 8 inch. It was ok, but really too firm for my taste. I replaced it with this one and I must say it is the most comfortable one I have ever laid on. It feels as good as or even better than the really expensive ones in furniture stores. It gives you a nice plush top and firm support underneath. Honestly, it is the perfect balance of softness with support. I tend to have back problems, but not with this bed. I can actually sleep all night again!” – BCB

6. Tuft & Needle Adoptive Foam Mattress

Promising review: “This bed is wonderful. I’m 6’2” and 270 pounds. When I wake up I feel drunk because I sleep so darn hard on this thing. lol
It kinda feels like memory foam but it’s way more supportive. It’s not hot either. Memory foam beds used to burn me up but I’m perfectly cool in this bed. You’ll also notice that it feels like it’ll never wear out. Whatever it’s made out of will last for a very long time. The quality that I got with this bed for the money that I spent is simply remarkable. It’s the best bed I’ve ever purchased and oddly also the least expensive.” – Robert D

5. LINENSPA Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Promising review: “I have had this for a few weeks so far and bought it for my mother who is about 65 years old. She has been complaining about back ache and knee problems for a while now and so I thought I would try switching out her $1,000+ memory foam mattress to this one as she had tried a similar mattress at my cousins house. Since we have had this, she has said her pains are much less than before and she seems a lot happier with it. She uses a box spring with it and it’s perfect for her. It was well-packaged, didn’t smell much at all like some memory foam mattresses do for the first few days and isn’t all that heavy. Would definitely recommend and I even tell my friends and relatives about this.” – Aman S

4. LUCID Latex Foam Mattress

Promising review: “I bought that mattress for myself & my husband I did a lot of research on the best kind to get but was still scared to purchase one online without trying it first so I mainly went with this one because of the price and a Facebook friend said she bough one of these for her and her husband and they loved it! Boy for once I’m so glad I listened to someone I knows opinion instead of going off of research studies this bed for us is fantastic!!!!!!!! I wanted to wait until we slept on it for while before I did a review well it’s been about three weeks now and we are still loving it my husband tells me very night before we fall asleep what I good job I did picking out this mattress. It’s a firm mattress yes but not in a bad way because my husband can’t stand what I would call a normal firm mattress, it’s kind of hard to describe it’s firm at first but it forms to you so you don’t notice it so much if that makes since. I would without a doubt buy another one of these and would recommend to anyone how wants a great product hope this review helped!” – Randi S.S

3. Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory Foam

Promising review: “I was very leery about purchasing a mattress online, however after seeing a couple of reviews on Amazon I purchased a 12” zinus king size mattress. A big box shows up at the door and we did not wait to dispose of the old mattress and opening the new one at 7 am on a Friday. The mattress starts to gloriously unfold and to my surprise, the mattress isn’t big enough. I panic, check my order and it says I ordered a king, check the inside of one of the boxes and nothing states the size of that thing, checked the other box and it says queen… at that point I have no bed since I throw the old mattress away, and I have a queen mattress growing on a brand new bed frame but it’s not what I ordered. I contacted Amazon (which is where I purchased it from) and they are no help at all… they guy is like “well let’s get you a full refund and I’ll give you a discount on a new one, it will only take about two weeks to complete” what does that do for me? Nothing. And how was I supposed to return this queen mattress, when it’s already unfolding? It came in a box, how do I fit it back in that box? Oh and I have no bed to sleep on! I panicked a little bit more, started sobbing and then I contacted Zinus via Facebook… Immediately received a call from a guy named Chris, he apologized for the whole thing and says “we are so sorry for this, we will send you a new king size mattress and you can keep the queen you received, we will cover the costs to make it an expedite shipping”. Next thing I know after a couple of days I have a brand new king size mattress at my door. I put it on the bed, watch it magically grow and I can honestly say I can’t be happier! Not only your product is amazing but your customer service was beyond great! Thank you Zinus for turning a crappy experience into something outstanding!” – Berta L

2. Linenspa Innerspring Hybrid Mattresses

Promising review: “I can’t understand why anyone would give this less than a 5 star review? The company is awesome, the mattress arrived 2 days after I placed the order and was in perfect condition! The product description clearly states the dimensions and also clearly states that it is medium-firm. The mattress was incredibly easy to handle and came rolled up in a box. Opening the mattress was easy and took less than 5 minutes until I had it on the bed frame. I cannot speak to longevity as I have only had it for a week, but for a King sized mattress for less than $200 dollars, there is nothing to complain about! Within a few hours the mattress was puffed up to its full 8″ advertised height, and is the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever laid on. The memory foam topper makes the mattress soft, but the springs underneath provide excellent support. The springs are unnoticeable, and cannot be felt at all. The mattress is also very quiet and has no squeaking or spring sound. Prior to this mattress, I would wake up multiple times a night and adjust position and would always wake up in the morning with a headache, back pain and neck pain. Thanks to this mattress, those issues are a thing of the passed!” – C.T

1. Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Promising review: “After I ordered this mattress, I thought I selected the wrong one, & it was already on the way. I read the reviews again, while biting my nails as I really needed a firm mattress, & this Zinus mattress description said “Plush Firm”. This mattress and the amazing price makes me wonder why I waited so long to change out my old so called firm mattress that was 11 years old, & cost me over $2500 – on sale back then. I took the Zinus mattress out of the box, followed the directions, & in two days slept on it. I awoke without the usual neck & back pain, the first time in a long time!!!! No funny smell at all & so easy to deal with & set up. I had my adult son help me as I’m over 60, don’t have the upper body strength I used to have, but if you have muscles you can take it out of the box, & pop it on the bed yourself. Follow the directions to set it all up & take the rest out to the trash. (Literally takes 15 minutes which includes reading the directions)!! I’ve slept on this mattress for over a month & can truely say, it is as comfortable and FIRM, as anyone needs. I’m thin & this mattress helps support all of my bony prominences, supports my head, neck, shoulders & lower back for which I had surgery on. I also purchased a mattress cover as I want to protect this mattress for a long time. I highly recommend this mattress if you are looking for a good affordable firm mattress. I’m hard to please & I give this one 5 STARS!!” – Terry S