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10 Best Selling Swivel Bar Stools with Back, According to Thousands of Amazon Reviews

Bar Stools and Counter Stools

Counter stools and bar stools offer ideal comfortable seating space for dining rooms, pub tables, and kitchen counter areas. They are available in various styles, for instance, traditional, modern among many more. Visit amazon to assess the wide selection of counter stools and buy that which meets your specifications.

The Right Stool Heights For Counters and Bars  

Most people tend to think that counter stools and bar stools are one and the same thing. The two types of seats have distinctive features that separate them from one another. In regards to height, bar tools have 28 inches high seat heights to fit perfectly under tabletops that have a height ranging from 40-42 inches. On the other hand, counter stools have a standard height that ranges from 24 -27 inches, specifically for tables with a height of 36 inches. You can also pair counter stools with high tables whose height is 35 -39 inches. To buy the right counter height or bar height stool models, we recommend you first get accurate measurements of the distance between your floor and your counter’s underside. After that, you can place your order.

Reasons to opt for adjustable Stools

It is not a guarantee that you will get a counter or bar stool that fits perfectly under your high table. Your table or counter might either be lower or higher than usual. In that instance, you will need an adjustable counter or barstool that will fit well under your table. That kind of stool has been explicitly designed to be modified easily to fit well under your high table. The Adjustable counter and bar stools have their seats attached to hydraulic columns. You can use the lever to alter the seat height to accommodate people with different heights.

Note: You can still get the right counter or bar stool without purchasing one that is adjustable. All you need to do is ensure there is a 9-12 inches height space deficit between the underside of your counter and the seat top.

What is the right number of bar stools to have?

There is no specific number of barstools that you will need. The number will depend solely on the size of your counter space and the number of people you intend to host. Below is a formula you can use to establish how many barstools you need:

Create 6” of pace between stools that are 16” and 18” wide.
Create 8”- 10” between seats that are at least 18” wide and above.

For swivel stools, ensure you leave some extra distance from one seat to another to allow free movement.

What are the Barstool options?

Here are other features and options you can consider before buying a bar or counter stool.

If you do not fancy, barstools with arms, armless barstools will serve you just right. The armless barstools take up less space and allow more effortless movement than those stools with arms. For easy access, you can buy swivel bar stools that come with a rotating seat. Backless barstools can also be an ideal option for you. They come with a streamlined look just like armless stools. 

Furthermore, they save on space since you can easily slide them under your counter when not in use. For enhanced comfort or traditional bar setting, a counter stool with both arms and a back will be appropriate.

You can also consider various materials like leather, wood, or metal to get barstools that blend well with the décor in your home. There are a lot of options when it comes to shopping for a counter stool or bar stool. This means you can easily find a stool that fits well in your kitchen counter and blends well with your kitchen design.

We will also recommend to you some of the best barstools you can buy from Amazon.

CHITA Counter Height Swivel Barstools, Upholstered Fabric Bar Stools Set of 2, Metal Base, 27.2″ Seat Height

Promising review: “A set of 3 was perfect for the island and found that the price was very fair for the quality, style and size of the chair. Husband likes that they offer a wide seat, strong legs and swivel with no problems.Very happy with the purchase and the chairs were shipped quickly with no trouble unpacking and putting them together.” – Denise (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “Material is really nice, seems very sturdy, and a little wider than I expected. Love them and just ordered the matching dining chairs!” – Amy (Source: Amazon)

Armen Living Vienna 26″ Counter Height Barstool in Grey Faux Leather and Walnut Wood Finish

Promising review: “Great counter height chairs (26” seat height). Excellent price. Good quality and easy to put together. They are comfortable too, as we sit at the counter almost every evening for dinner. Love the gray color. While not real wood, they still look really nice.” – Loving the Little Things

Promising review: “For the money these chairs look good and assemble fairly easy. One thing to know is they are petite. I’m a bigger guy and find them to be uncomfortable. Otherwise I think they look really good and will serve their purpose” – Jordon (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “We bought 5 of these stools for a new kitchen counter. The chairs look great and were very easy to assemble. After about 10 days one of the stool became wobbly as the foot rest was coming loose. We called the Customer Support who were extremely helpful and they sent the necessary replacement parts quickly. Now the stool is solid. Would highlight recommend these stools for the price.” – Kat Pay (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “Beautiful barstool!!! For the price, these stools look amazing! They fit perfectly in our mid century modern home!” – Ryan S. (Source: Amazon)

CHITA Upholstered Counter Height Swivel Barstools, Linen

Promising review: “Only thing was the screws to put the bars together at the bottom didn’t fit properly. I ended up not using them bc of that. They were completely pointless. The chairs are soft and beautiful. I sit on them some days the entire work day instead of at my desk bc they are so comfortable.” – Jackie (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “I worried these would be too tall for my counter height island, but they were perfect. They were easy to put together, no problems at all. The colors are what I expected. Off-white linen fabric that looks rich. The seats are a bit stiff as is all new furniture, but comfortable for sure. I love the little back on them. They swivel so I will be able to use them for extra people to be a part of our living area if needed.” – Robby (Source: Amazon)

COSTWAY Metal Swivel Bar Stools Set with Leather Padded Seat

Promising review: “These are beautiful, well made, swivel, and easy to put together.Follow the directions exactly and be sure to turn the plate that swivels to put the G screws in.” – Bubba52 (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “The chairs are gorgeous, were easy to put together and are sturdy. We’ve only had them a month but I’m happy with the purchase.” – A. Thomas (Source: Amazon)

Christopher Knight Home Ogden Swivel Bar Stools, Beige

Promising review: “Looks great. Very hard seat that does not “give” any when sitting, so like sitting on a hard surface. Back not comfortable, so not supportive for people with low back pain/issues. Very hard to assemble because the screws are hard to get to under the chair bottom when attaching legs. One of the predrilled metal screw receptors underneath the seat was missing, so 1 of the 8 screws in one seat could not be screwed into one of the legs. We just assembled without it and hope the one screw on that leg will hold it together. I had searched for counter-height bar chairs, so assumed that it was the right height for that I needed. It was too high for our counter high bar, so we asked a friend (who had a compound miter saw) to cut off 4.5” off the 16 legs. Because all of the slider tacks could not be removed without breaking, had to get 4 more slider tacks to add to the bottom of the 4 legs of one of the stools. Thought about shipping back when we realized it was the wrong size (too high) for our counter height bar and because one of the metal screw receptors was missing, but because we were able to successfully have the legs cut off at the correct angle, was happy with the final result. Swivels nicely.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “Nice design and quality, just higher that expected. But looks nice!” – Adriana Sanchez (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “Love these barstools! They were easy to put together. Even prettier than the pictures. The fabric is a thick linen that seems sturdy. (The only negative is the screws on footrests don’t go in all the way, but they seem tight enough.)” – MelC (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “Can’t believe the quality of these for the price compared to other stools. We have a pub height counter 43.5” high to the top. There is 12” from seat to bottom of the stool. Love them!” – vplannermom (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “Great sturdy chairs. Although after purchased them I found cheaper prices on other sites. Assembly was pretty straightforward the directions don’t tell you much. Me and my boyfriend are a bit on the heavier side and i felt like these chairs would break the first second I sat in them but they are pretty sturdy. I have it a shot. It’s doing fine. It’s just taking me some time to put trust in them. I have a larger rear-end as you can imagine and can still fit even if it’s a little uncomfortabe. It just feels it needs breaking in almost. The cushions are okay as far as comfort goes. The design is as pictured. I love the swivel feature.” – Gina (Source: Amazon)

WUPOTO Upholstered Faux Leather Counter Height Bar Stool Set

Promising review: “These are really great for house with children because they are easy to clean!I love them.” – Judith (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “Absolutely love these stools. They are sturdy and very easy to assemble. They color couldn’t have been any more perfect for my kitchen.” – Keith (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “Love these bar stools so much!! They are beautiful and so comfortable for our kitchen island. Such a great price for these chairs they look like they would be more expensive. Also easy to put together! I highly recommend” – Lori Preciado (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “This is by bar the best bar stools I have ever bought. At first, I was a little skeptical about the quality. But once received (right on time) and put together (very easy), they are extremely comfortable and beautiful. My neighbors love them. I definitely recommend these bar stools.” – Best Bar Stools (Source: Amaozn)

SUPERJARE Swivel Leather Barstool Chairs with Back

Promising review: “It arrived super fast, it is of good quality and easy to assemble, it is beautiful” – Jehny (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “OMG… These are absolutely wonderful!! We had six of these on our wedding registry and they just arrived today! All six stool came in three separate boxes (two stool in each box) and (no joke) all six took us five minutes to assemble (tool are included). The most important part is that they are 1. Very high quality and 2. COMFORTABLE! My fiancé is 6’2 and 215lbs and he says they are quite comfortable, such a WIN! Our island is massive (10ft.) and fits six stools comfortably. The color is absolutely amazing, the width of the seat is perfect and the foam extends up the back. Out of the six stools one of the bases is a little chipped so the metal is exposed but I think maybe a little paint can rectify that issue if the seller will not replace. I will update if the seller is able to accommodate sending a replacement and if something else happens. *UPDATE* the seller AUTOMATICALLY sent us new base shortly after the review! We are still in love with them, my fiancé actually prefers to use the Island to work from home.” – Tara D. (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “Super easy to assemble. Very comfy. Adjustable height and swivels too! And the price was right. We have a 9’ island with a split top at bar and counter height and a counter height dining table so if I need extra seating at the table I can just move one or more of these barstools over. We didn’t want too bulky of barstools and these fit the bill and still provided a little back support as well as the height adjust and swivel. Very happy!” – Jeanette (Source: Amazon)

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Pinnadel Swivel Barstool

Promising review: “These barstools are wonderful and quite comfortable and sturdy. Were easy to put together.” – Cindy Baughman (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “I love these barstools. They are sturdy, good quality and look really awesome in our kitchen. Cozy! One good thing to know, is that when you put them together, keep the screws loose on and tighten only after you slide that round metal “foot” piece on. Otherwise you can’t reach the holes with the screws! Took me a second to realize that, I thought the ring was just way too big. Once I figured that out it was smooth sailing from there. I do recommend these chairs, and the price is very reasonable I think. I do have to mention that one of the boxes came a little damaged and upon opening it, it appears to have been open and assembled before. It was the first box I opened and so took pictures but went ahead and assembled it anyway. Upon closer inspection, I saw two small chips. I decided to keep the chair but will reach out to Amazon and see what they recommend. I hate to take it apart to return it so hoping for some middle ground here… we shall see what happens.” – Bekka (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “I love these chairs! The style matches perfectly with my modern farmhouse kitchen and they are sturdy and comfy. 4 chairs fit just right on my 7 foot island. The swivel makes them perfect to turn around and use as conversation chairs since my kitchen opens up to the living area.” – Sean M. (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “In the process of remodeling our kitchen to more of a farmhouse theme , and these for perfectly into my vision! Solid and comfortable and super easy to assemble !” – Whodatgirl (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “These are perfect for our small/narrow bar space. We got them because they fit our criteria: has a back, attractive, affordable.We purchased these for our grandkids to use and I am really surprised at how bottom heavy they are. Those crazy munchkins wont be knocking them over or tipping them over. I have attached photos to show how the color of the stools change depending on light. We are in the middle of a remodel and these match our new furniture beautifully.” – Shay (Source: Amazon)

BestMessage Height Adjustable Bar Chairs with Back

Promising review: “These bar stools look great even with our ugly counter top. They go high enough for a pub table and low enough for a card table almost. The assembly is ridiculously easy, I literally did it in my recliner, this is something I am a stickler for as well. It is hard to impress me with assembly, these were so easy I thought I forgot something or that they would be unsecure feeling, I assure you they are not. Great product great price I have already recommended them to friends. These are the ones you want.” – TimK

Promising review: “Great stools, super easy assembly. Best stools for the price I’ve found. Very comfortable, but most of all shocking easy to assemble. Maybe took me 5 min per stool to out them together.” – Nils (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “I was looking for a low profile stool that still had back support and a foot rest without spending a ridiculous amount of money. I originally purchased a set to try them out thinking since the price of 2 was the same or less than other bar stools. They were so fabulous and so comfy that I purchased another set and would recommend these to anyone! My nieces love spinning around and around in them. (Honestly, I do as well.)” – DecemberD (Source: Amazon)

BestOffice Modern Adjustable Synthetic Leather Swivel Bar Stools Chairs

Promising review: “Stylish, modern and comfortable. Love these stools! We get compliments all the time…they are comfy and modern. They were easy to assemble as well.” – Claudia & Pablo (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “Ordered 4 on Sunday they got here by Wednesday. Easy assembly & the chairs seem to be in perfect condition. They do not look cheap and they are comfortable but cannot hold too much weight. Love them so much.” – Shaneil Kuar (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “They look really nice. Worth the price” – Olivia (Source: Amazon)

Boraam Augusta Bar Height Swivel Stool, 29-Inch, Cappuccino

Promising review: “3 of the 4 chairs did not have the correct length screws to assemble. After multiple trips to hardware stores we got them together and they are very nice and sturdy.Now I can’t wait to paint cabinets now that my beautiful chairs are done.” – Sonya W (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “They matched our bar perfectly. They are comfortable and spin smoothly. They look great as expected!” – John K (Source: Amazon)

Homall Bar Stools Modern PU Leather Adjustable Swivel Barstools

Promising review: “They were perfect before (I had them in an old apartment) but when I moved I got a new dining set and just this small table for a small sitting area… I wanted the chairs to match better so I spray painted them with metal spray and I love them even more now.” – Jessica

Promising review: “I purchased 2 sets of these barstools (total 4) and I am very pleased with them. Each stool took about 5 minutes to assemble and surprisingly comfortable to sit on for extended periods. The price was also fantastic!” – E. Cooper (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “Despite the bad comments I wanted to get. It was very carefully and nicely packed. it took me 30 minutes to set up alone. Very confortable according to the price. As you can see in the picture is very stylish. There’s just a little scratch but for me it’s okay. You will not find this quality at this price. I advise you to get it right away :):) Thanks” – Nurdan Kavaklioglu (Source: Amazon)

CHITA Counter Height Swivel Barstool with Back Set of 2, Upholstered Fabric Bar Stool, 26.8″ H Seat Height, Fabric in Ivory

Promising review: “Was skeptical about buying furniture from Amazon, and ordered 2 counter swivel chair at first, it arrived with wrong color, originally going to send it back, but end up liking the color, it’s white with gray thread in between, easy to assemble, and solid quality, end up buying total of 6 chairs, definitely would recommend” – tsaiyuying (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “We shopped around for months and decided on these after having an inventory issue with our first choice from another company. Shipping was quick, arriving within a week. Assembly took at least 30 minutes per bar stool. All the parts were nicely packed and arrived in good condition. One leg was missing the metal piece at the very bottom for the foot leveler, which we discovered at the very end of assembly. After contacting customer support, Chita replied immediately that they sent a replacement leg. Advice on assembly; we found it easier to drill pilot holes into the cross-bar rail pieces as the long screws were a challenge and very tight to screw flush into the solid wood of the legs. There are specs of color in the fabric that blend well with our other furniture. Overall, we are happy with the purchase and find them to be comfortable, sturdy, and look nice in our kitchen.” – Sherry (Source: Amazon)

Promising review: “These bar swivel stools pleasantly surprised me. They feel sturdy and comfortable to sit in. Definitely beats spending $300+ for individual bar stools! These are great and budget friendly.” – Amazon Customer (Source: Amazon)