Storage Ideas

6 Affordable Fabric Storage Bin Ideas for Your Toys

1. TheWarmHome Woven Storage Basket

Promising review: “The basket has very good quality! The different volumes can satisfy our various requirements. I use it for clothes and toys. The basket is the treasure chest of my little girl. The fabric is soft, and my little girl will not be hurt. She can get everything she likes by herself. The basket has the advantages of easy operation and convenient collection, thereby making the use convenient.” – Yufeng SI

2. StorageWorks Storage Box with Lid and Cotton Rope Handles

Promising review: “Very nice construction. Fits the custom bookcases I made… I actually like them without the rope handle, but the wife said she wants them. And for the previous reviewer complaining about having to tie the handles, it’s actually good because you can select the length you want.” – MidCitySlim

3. EZOWare Foldable Canvas Fabric Storage Cubes

Promising review: “I love these storage cubes. I don’t know what to call them–both “cube” and “basket” aren’t quite right. The framing that holds them open is decent, but they are made of fabric, so if you put anything heavy in them, the bottom will bow out. They stand upright about like the product photos show, but if you want something 100% straight and without creases, this is not the right design of cube for you. The ropes feel sturdy and the coloring is exactly what I expected. I also like them because they have some give, so they fit into my storage shelves that were supposed to have been 13″ on all dimensions and are frustratingly 12.95″. Luckily, these fit!” – Sarah

4. DECOMOMO Rugged Canvas Fabric Cube Container with Handles

Promising review: “These are really fantastic storage bins. I’ve been trying to find find storage bins to help organize my kids toys and books that keep getting displaced everywhere. I’ve used plastic bins before but those aren’t very attractive to be placed in common area. I’ve tried other fabric bins but they don’t hold it shape very well and tend to made with cheap material. These storage bins are attractive yet non-discrete and blends in my living room nicely. And right out of the box, you can feel that these bins are nicely made and substantive or “rugged” as the sellers have described. I’ve had these for a couple of months now and they’re holding up to the test that my 4 year old is putting it through. Another good things is the DIY kits and tags that come along with it. It’s a very nice touch and saves me from having to run to the arts and craft store to get. There’s 3 bins soI label them nicely as “books”, “toys” and “puzzles” and remind my kid to put things away after he’s done with it.” – CC

5. SAKUYV Square Canvas Toy Storage Bins

Promising review: “These bins are awesome. They are cheap and adorable and perfect for toy storage. They DO work with cubby storage cubes, but please know that cubby shelving comes in two sizes, 11 inch and 13 inch. These will only fit the 13 inch cubby, so check your shelving to see which size you own. I bought our 13 inch cubby shelving this month from the Target brand and they are a smidge tight but they do fit well. I love how clean and modern and gender neutral they make our playroom look.” – G.B

6. TheWarmHome Storage Basket with Rope Handles

Promising review: “I use this to store my dog toys. Took my English Bulldog a bit of time to get used to it (she kept trying to play tug of war with the handle-which just moved the container and she gave up) – but now the dogs know if they can’t find a toy to go to this bin. It is aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean (which is a huge plus).” – Cassandra