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8 Best Affordable Sectional Sofas for Small Spaces, According to Thousands of Amazon Reviews

Getting an affordable sofa to keep you and your family cozy as you rest can be challenging, especially when you have limited space. Sectional sofas options in the past were overstuffed and poorly scaled and thus unsuitable choices for modern living rooms. Also, bulky sofas are expensive and dominate your space which leaves little room for other items.

Luckily, sectional sofas for small spaces have emerged on the scene and are widely available. Additionally, they are very stylish, comfortable, and affordable. In this article, there are eight top recommendations for sectional sofas based on Amazon ratings and budget-friendly reviews.

#8: Poundex Bobkona Galiana Sectional Sofa

It is still new in the market, but interestingly, it is gaining popularity at a significant rate. This sofa has been widely reviewed on Amazon, with 70% being positive reviews. Besides, it has got an Amazon’s Choice badge. Poundex Bobkona Galiana Sectional Sofa seat cushions contain foam and spring, making the sofa comfortable and durable. Also, the interlocking insert helps in keeping its pieces together. It is recommendable due to its guaranteed quality, affordability, easy to assemble, and comfort. Therefore, if you are looking for a unique design with a midcentury modern vibe, this is an excellent option.

Below are popular reviews we found quite promising & informative:

“This couch is fabulous. We were looking for something very specific – we wanted a sectional with the right kind of material (fabric, not leather), right kind of look (modern), right color (blackish/blueish/gray), the right size/shape (longer on the left, shorter on the right), and the right price (under $1,000) and this checked all those boxes. Originally it was going to take a month to get to us, but the delivery date got moved up by two weeks and we were thrilled! And it is COMFORTABLE. I was worried about ordering such an important piece of furniture online because we wouldn’t get to try it out, but this was worth the risk. The cushions are firm but not too firm, and they’re nice and wide. Totally wouldn’t feel embarrassed to offer this couch to overnight guests. The only negative thing: we have cats, and they’ve already taken to it – on the positive side, it looks like it may actually hold up to their scratching fairly well due to the thickness of the fabric (we’ll see with time, though). Haven’t noticed much of an issue with it picking up lint or pet fur though, as other customers have reported. Because of the price, I was so worried that this couch would be a POS, but it’s absolutely not. Highly recommended!” – Ashley C

“I hesitated to purchase furniture online for a long time but because I couldn’t find the style I liked locally I decided to risk it and I’m glad I did. This one is pretty well made for an $800 sectional. Fabric is of good quality, cushions are firm but comfortable (exactly what I was hoping for). I understand people’s frustration about the color, it is nothing like the photo but I already knew it reading many reviews on other vendor websites. It is more seafoam green than teal, lighter, really pretty if you ask me. Simple lines, mid century modern inspired, good fit in my living room. I’m very happy with the purchase.” – Kasia M

“So far this couch has met expectations. The ash grey color was pretty accurate and I’m really impressed with the size of the sectional. It easily fits 3 large adults who are lounging. Everyone sitting upright it’d fit a whole group! It’s firm, which I prefer as I don’t like to sink into a couch, but it’s still cozy and comfortable. I like that the cushions are attached to the couch which makes for a cleaner appearance. It came in two large boxes and was very easy to assemble with two people. With one person it might be pretty difficult to get the two pieces to connect properly. The shipping guys with XPO (a company Amazon uses for shipment) were great and called me when they were within 20-30 mins of my building and they were even nice enough to help bring it up the lift into my unit as well. Only downside so far is that the fabric collects a lot of lint so I wouldn’t recommend this if you have pets. Time will tell how well this sofa will hold up over time, but so far it’s great and seems pretty sturdy, especially considering the price.” – KGH10

“So happy I swallowed my nerves and bought this sofa! I spent a lot of time reading reviews and went back and forth as to making such a key element purchase online without seeing it in person! I’m glad I did! It took awhile to arrive, but that’s the sign of the times I think. The color is definitely NOT the dark Teal that’s shown in the Product Description – it’s a lovely light Aqua color. WHY oh why did they include the ugly Navy Blue and White throw pillows I will never understand! They do not match at all (but look great on my outdoor settee!). Assembly was not difficult, but the corner piece that came pre-assembled doesn’t exactly line up with the other back pieces – not a big deal to me because it’s against a wall and makes it feel a bit more Mid Century authentic. The woven fabric is nice, I recommend spraying it down with Scotch Guard immediately. Seems to hold up to my 70lb dog pretty well. The cushions are firm and supportive, so if you’re looking for a sofa to sink into – this is not the one. Overall, love it and so happy I made the purchase.” – Sandy Epps

#7: HONBAY Faux Leather Sectional Sofa Couch

This is one of the most budget-friendly sectional-sofas for small spaces. In addition, it has an appealing design for a classic living room. More than 1k individuals have reviewed this option on Amazon, and 80% of the totals are positive reviews. Currently, it is the most positively reviewed faux leather sectional sofa on Amazon. HONBAY Faux Leather Sectional Sofa Couch is comfortable, firm, easy to assemble has a movable ottoman that enables you to fresh up your living room effortlessly. Thus, it is a perfect solution if you live in a small space and primarily prefer a stylish leather look.

Below are popular reviews we found quite promising & informative:

“Great buy! Very comfortable and perfect for small apartments. Received the package within 2days , packing was very neat. The only thing is instructions were not very clear. Numbers were written on the pieces, but we couldn’t find them on the instructions sheet.” – Madhura

“his couch is a steal for the price and the comfort! I stumbled upon this couch because it was the right size and the perfect price and all of the reviews totally sold me! It’s also a good size! Yes, it’s smaller than most but it can easily hold 3-4 adults at once. Part of me thought maybe it was too good to be true.. a comfortable couch, in my budget, and easy to set up on my own (single Mom here). Yeah, right! But I decided to give it a shot and I can’t even express enough how much I love this couch! It took me about 40 minutes to set up on my own 15 minutes was really just reading the instructions and making sure I understood them. But once I actually started putting the couch together it took me about 25 minutes tops. And it is so comfortable!! It’s not stiff at all or too soft, it’s literally perfect! Also easy to clean because my 4 year old spilled milk on it yesterday.. which would have seeped into the cushions on most couches. But I literally wiped it up with a paper towel and it came right off. Seriously if your on the fence about this couch, give it a shot, you won’t regret it!” – Sarah Hodges

“This couch arrived in two boxes which made it easy to get up the steep staircase and through the narrow doorways. It is a marvelous addition to our living room. It was easy to assemble though we did begin to put the back in reverse and had to undo a step. We opened it on Christmas Day and had it together in about twenty minutes, but had to wait 48 hours for the cushions to inflate. The two day wait before testing it was well worth it. This affordable couch is comfortable, looks nice, and fits perfectly in the apartment. We’ve had it only a month, but expect it to wear well. So far, so good.” – Bruce

#6: HONBAY Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch

It is ranked 11th on the sofas and couches category on Amazon. Also, it has more than 2k reviews, and almost 80% of those reviews are positive. Currently, it is the second most positively reviewed sectional sofa. HONBAY Reversible Sectional Sofa Couch is popularly preferred for its fashionable outlook, comfort, and relatively easy to assemble. Also, it has attached pockets on the side where you can put a book or remote for easy access. This couch has a simple set-up and is quite outstanding compared to similar models. Therefore, if you need a small space sectional that is fashionable and affordable, then this HONBAY model is your best option.

Below are popular reviews we found quite promising & informative:

“I live in a apt home condo. This Reversible L sectional gives a clean look environment. I’m extremely happy with my purchase and investment. Customer service 5 stars. They called to follow up on the purchase. To make sure I’m 100% satisfied. I can definitely recommend this sofa to others. I bought 2 reversible L sectional as you see in the pictures.” – Lais

“I was nervous to order a couch online, buy after receiving, I think made a good decision. I chose the dark gray, because I was worried the blue/ gray would be too blue, but was worried the dark gray would be really dark, but went with it anyway. The dark gray isn’t too dark at all, but it still has a bluish tint so I’m glad I didn’t go with the Blue/gray because I think it would have been very blue. I’m very happy with my purchase. Everything came as shown in 3 boxes, and was pretty easy to put together. It seems a little small, but I had a large couch and loveseat before so it may be I just need time to adjust, but I definitely wouldn’t worry that’d it be too large.” – Alden

“This couch is very comfortable for the price and length, and the additional chaise/ottoman with storage. The cushions definitely need a day or two to re-inflate but it is still very comfortable to sit on right away. The packaging is great. I ordered the couch and it came less than 3 days later. It came in 3 easy-to-handle boxes and the couch was incredibly easy to assemble. I highly recommend this couch!!” – Christine

“Only had this couch for a week, but really like it so far. It was wicked easy to assemble, no tools required, helpful directions. 102″ long and fits perfectly along our living room wall without being too wide, so there’s enough room to walk past it. I really like that the cushions are interchangeable and that it comes with a separate ottoman so we can rearrange it different ways. The cushions are also comfortable. Just wish the color was a little darker. The best part is there’s room for myself, my husband and our two 45 pound dogs without being cramped on top of each other. (the side table in the photo is also from amazon and fits right over the couch)” – Aimee

#5: Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa

Rivet is yet another dear child of Amazon. The Rivet Brand is precisely engineered to offer high-quality products that are very affordable to lure high-end furniture buyers away from other platforms. Thus, you would definitely get to bargain for a discount on the product. Rivet Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa has more than 1k reviews on Amazon, and nearly 90% of them are above 4-star ratings. Thus, this is an excellent choice since it has a higher satisfaction rate evident in the buyers’ reviews. Arguably, a 90% positivity rating is an excellent performance in the sofa category. Additionally, it is an easy to assemble, durable, and easy to maintain sofa option for small spaces.

Below are popular reviews we found quite promising & informative:

“We are very happy with this couch. The material and color are beautiful. The cushions are comfortable and so far are holding up well. Good size for our apartment and fits 3 people comfortably. Delivery men delivered to our 2nd floor apartment with no problem. Just had to screw the legs in and now we have the perfect couch for our new apartment.” – Louie

“I absolutely love this couch. Its simple style is perfect for my room. And who doesn’t love denim? So far I’m finding it easy to vacuum off my dog’s hair, paw prints and chew toy mess. I can rest on it for hours while watching TV or working on my laptop. Ridiculously easy assembly (just screw the legs on), and in fact Amazon’s delivery people did that for me. And the chaise is a breeze to put on either end (or even the middle), and back again. Win.” – AnneEM

“I SCOURED the internet and half of my city trying to find the perfect couch for my space in my budget. I kept coming back to this one and I am so glad I followed my gut. It’s so cute, the fabric isn’t itchy at all but has a bit of a tweed look, dog hair sweeps off easy enough, it’s sturdy, firm-but-not-too-firm. I read some reviews that mention that the chaise sits a smidge higher than the seat and its true – it’s not so much that it sits any higher but more so about the fact that when you sit on one end of the cushion, the other end see-saws up a bit. This does mean, however, that my feet go numb after having them propped up too long. But if I’ve sat on the couch with my feet propped up long enough that they fell asleep, it’s probably time to go do something else so I don’t mind. I’m thrilled with my purchase!” – Maggie

“I have had this couch about a month now. It is exactly what I was looking for! It fits two people laying down or three comfortably sitting. The chaise is my favorite part! I am 5’6″ and it fits me no problem. My 5″8″ son’s feet hang off a little when laying down, but fit when sitting up. The fabric is very soft and comfortable and I love the grey color. The cushions are not the soft cushy, sink into the couch kind, but still comfortable, which is what I wanted. I’ve added a bunch of couch pillows to make it comfy. Other reviewers have mentioned the end of the chaise popping up when you sit on the couch, but I haven’t had that problem, besides my feet are always at the end of the chaise anyway. I suppose if this is a problem, you could use velcro dots or some other way to tack it down. For the price, this couch can’t be beat! It is comfortable, good sized and modern looking, it’s the whole package!! In fact, I am going to order the loveseat to match.” – alryan

#4: Lilola Home Lucca Linen Reversible Sleeper Sofa

This sleeper sofa is the bestselling sleeper sectional sofa on Amazon. Currently, the sofa is ranked 16th in the sofa & coaches category. It is made from fabric material which makes it comfortable and durable. This sofa also has almost 800 reviews on Amazon, and 80% of the reviews are above 4-star ratings. With such a high positivity rate, it is certain why this sleeper sectional sofa is currently a best seller. Thus, it the best option of an affordable sleeper sectional sofa for people who prefer comfort without compromising quality and style.

Below are popular reviews we found quite promising & informative:

“I absolutely LOVE this couch! It’s an amazing alternative to a similar IKEA couch. I suck at putting things together, but this was actually very very easy to do. Really great for small places, especially apartments. The seats are hard as a rock and very firm, but I personally like a harder surface because I have the body of a 90 year old. But if you’re looking for a super soft couch, then this ain’t it. I love this thing so much!” – Kelsey Weaver

“I received this couch yesterday, April 11, 2021. I will say it is stiff, but I read that all new couched have a 6 week “break in” period so I’ll update then. I love that this couch can pull up so easily a small child could do it. I didn’t realize the storage chaise was spring lift and is much nicer than I though. I have a rug right in-front of the couch, I thought the wheels would get caught on it but it’s so smooth with no issues. I read reviews of people saying that it was “too small” but it’s actually bigger than my last couch at 7 foot wide! I will say the actual seat length is a little shorter than my last couch and the arms aren’t as tall, combined with the stiff cushions it feels like your sitting too proper on the couch unless it’s pulled out, but hopefully that gets better once the foam softens.” – Tabby

“I absolutely LOVE this sofa! It comes in 3 boxes, I received 2 of the 3 early and then the last box came in about 3 days later. I was able to get the sofa out of the box all by myself and my husband put it together in under an hour all by himself without even looking at the directions. In case you are wondering what comes in each box: one box had the sofa, one had the arm rests, and one had the lounge part and inside the lounge was the cushion backs, wheels and screws. This sofa is a lot more comfortable then I thought it would be, it is so easy to use and turn into a bed. The storage space is HUGE! Definitely works super well in our very tiny house and even though it looks small it definitely doesn’t feel like it when you sit on it, it is very comfortable! Oh and I love that the storage seat top (whatever you want to call it) stays open while you organize and only closes when you pull it back down so you don’t have to hold it.” – Rachel Rehrauer

#3: Shintenchi Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

It is a top recommendation for affordable sectional sofas. Shintenchi Convertible is one of the smallest sectional sofas available in the market with a length of 77.5”. The sofa is easy to assemble and comfortable. This model is crafted for more manageable shipments and, therefore, a flexible option if you often shift from place to place. It is versatile for various interior designs since it has low-key color choices and a clean & minimalist design. Shintenchi Convertible Sectional Sofa couch is an excellent solution for people living in tight spaces such as apartments or studios.

Below are popular reviews we found quite promising & informative:

“I ordered this couch for a small space in my bedroom. It is perfect! Easy to assemble by yourself… The ones who say otherwise must be challenged in some way. Comfort is O.K+. But add some throw pillows and you’re good. Seems very durable and fabric is easy to clean. The price point is on point too! I’m very happy with this purchase.. Might get another one! Shooo!” – Timothy a dias

“My husband and I love this couch! It was so easy to put together. The price for what you get is fantastic! It’s so comfortable. The only thing for me is that the color has a base of blue, not totally grey, but for us it works great anyway because our room colors are blue. The color is dark, keep in mind. We love it. I even changed its setup since the picture, to have the ottoman separate, and we like it even more lol.” – MelissaHT

“Overall the couch is very cute and good for small spaces. I needed something for our temporary small space in our apartment. This was the perfect size. At first trying to assemble the couch without reading directions was a little tricky so we ended up reading them which made the process a lot faster and a lot easier if we had just started there first. If you’re looking for comfort, This is not your couch. I spend little time on the couch so for me, a dorm size couch that isn’t necessarily comfy works. This does give off more of a navy hue more so than dark grey but I really do like it and think it goes well with a variety of things like the taupe and grey accent pillows paired in the picture. Overall I would buy it again based on its size, and overall durability for the price.” – Dianne Hickman

#2: Casa Andrea Milano IIc Modern Large Velvet Fabric Sectional Sofa

Like Poundex, this sectional sofa is a new model in the market, gaining popularity at a very high rate. Currently, it is ranking 7th in the sofa and couches category on Amazon. Almost 80% of the total reviews are above 4-star rating, a high but rare rating in the sofa category. This sofa is available in various colors, which increases the options of colors to select from to perfectly suit your interior design. Besides affordability, this sofa is durable, comfortable, and easy to assemble. It is the best option for family living rooms.

Below are popular reviews we found quite promising & informative:

“This couch is EVERYTHING. It’s easy to assemble (I did it myself and it took about 80 mins), comfy to sit on, and the emerald green color is stunning.” – Erin A Kelly

“LOVE this couch. It took me and another person about 1.5 hours to put together. Stiff at first like the other reviewers said, but it truly broke in after a week or two. I nap on it often. I’ve also spilled lots on it and it cleans off easy. My only small complaint is the lack of support on the arms. See photo. They flip off a lot which is a little annoying. But considering most couches that are slightly more upscale and don’t have this issue are more than $2000, this flaw is 100% okay IMO. Anyone complaining of size didn’t read the measurements. This is as advertised. Buy it.” – LJW

“I like it. It’s a good couch for a small space. Like an NYC apt. The color is bright and beautiful. Regal. I paid a task rabbit to put it together but it looked pretty easy. Only downfall is that I live on a 3rd floor walk up and UPS left it downstairs and it’s rather heavy in two boxes so I had to pay some one to bring it up. No big thing. Just be prepared for that.” – Jennifer Shoemaker

#1: HONBAY Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch

This is absolutely the king when it comes to reviews. HONBAY Convertible has received almost 6k reviews, and of those reviews, more than 70% are above 4-star ratings. Additionally, it has been, and still is, the bestseller in the sofa and & couches category on Amazon for several years. It is probably the most transparent sectional sofa on the internet, with almost 600 questions answered in the Q&A section. This is a durable and comfortable excellent option for small spaces. Its price ranges between $300-400, which is simply unbeatable in the current markets.

Below are popular reviews we found quite promising & informative:

“I live in a small apartment, and I wanted an affordable couch with chaise that could fit through the 32″ doorway to the living room. This couch appeared to fit the bill and with only a few left in stock, I decided to go for it. The seller, FirstSelection Direct, shipped the couch via FedEx in 2 large boxes. It only took a week to ship across the country, and the boxes arrived in great condition. The seat and back cushions took a couple of hours to fully expand (all except for the long chaise cushion came vacuum-sealed), but the couch took less than 30 minutes to put together by myself. No tools needed!” – Karen

“I am SO happy with this purchase so far. At less than $300, you really can’t beat the price, especially because most couches start at $600+. Disclaimer before I get into the meat of my review: I live in a studio apartment in Chicago, so I was looking for an affordable, good-looking yet small couch for my space.” – Madeline K

“This couch was easy to assemble. Took about 15-20 mins. The cushions are vacuumed sealed so they did take an hour or so to puff up. As a result the material was very wrinkled. However a small steamer was useful and had the couch looking great after about 20 mins of steaming total. The material is soft and doesn’t look cheap. It exceeded my expectations for the price. So far so good and very happy with this purchase!” – Amber & Dave

“This couch is perfect for a studio or small apartment. It’s not a HUGE couch but it’s not miniature either. You can snuggle two people if it’s getting cozy on friday night 😉 The material looks durable and well made. Not cheaply made like many other couches I have seen/felt for this same price range. I got the tan color and it’s a true tan. It is pretty easy to assemble. It took me about an hour by self. I will say that the package comes in two boxes and one of the boxes, it’s really heavy so beware of that. The instructions are pretty easy to follow, except step 1 took me a few minutes to figure out part B slides into A, not the other war around like the instructions advise.” – Paula

Although affordability is vital when shopping for a sectional sofa, interior design, floor plan, comfort, ease of assembly are some other factors you will need to consider before purchasing a particular product. You can select a suitable sectional sofa from the ones listed above, even for an upgrade if you value quality and style. Fortunately, they are not all expensive, and thus, the price will not hinder you from investing in a sofa to enhance your experience.