[Review] POLY & BARK Trattoria Side Metal Chair

First Things First

Assembly is as simple as attaching the chairs’ back to the base. You do so with the included screws. It took me no longer than 5 minutes per chair. If you’re not careful, you can scratch the paint off while putting it together. I took my time, and everything went in without any scratches. It would have been fantastic if the company also included a touch-up pen. The chairs arrived in perfect condition and without any dents.

The rounded back gives the chairs a unique look. I got the chairs in black. The black has a matte finish with a bit of shine. I love that the set has an industrial yet timeless look to it. It does look like the ones they have in casual coffee shops, which is great. The chairs have a smooth finish, making them easy to wipe clean.


Since they are metal, they feel cool to the touch. They are also comfortable to sit on. I didn’t expect that at all. I was expecting I would have to buy some kind of cushions for the seat, but I didn’t need to. We can lean back on the chairs comfortably. The chairs are not something you would want to sit on for the whole day. That’s fine, though. We don’t spend more than 2 hours in the dining table anyway.

The chairs are a good size. They are the right height for me and my husband. We have invited my in-laws for dinner last week. They are both on the heavy side, and they sat and ate with no complaints. The chairs fit perfectly under our table too.


I love that the chairs come with a variety of colors. I was only looking at the black because I wanted the chairs to match our dark wooden table. Otherwise, I would have had a hard time choosing just one color.

The chairs easily store away as they can be stacked on top of each other. Stacking them won’t scratch the chairs as the the feet have rubber pads on them.


The chairs will most likely stand the test of time. As long as you keep them inside, rust won’t be a problem. At they are made of metal, they are durable. So far, the chairs look the same as the day I got them. There are no dents nor discoloration to report. They are lightweight too, making them easy to move.

In My Opinion

I am beyond happy with how much I got these sturdy chairs for. At less than 30 bucks each, these chairs are a steal. I would have spent way more if I got a similar set from a store.

Right now, I am thinking about getting the matching bar stools. I imagine they would look nice with the black chairs that we already have.

If you’re looking for metal chairs, look no further. Poly & Bark has exactly what you’re looking for. I highly recommend this 4-piece chair set. It is stylish, durable, and best of all, reasonably priced! – Jamie B

Brand: POLY & BARK

Product: EM-112-BLK-X4 Trattoria Side Chair in Black (Set of 4)

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