5. Coaster Home Furnishings Avalon Full Workstation Loft Bed

Promising review: “We recently move to our newly built home from a rental home. My teenagers are adjusting from a large bedroom to a slightly smaller bedrooms, I had to figure out how they can have more space. I was extremely happy that I found this loft bed with a desk on Amazon. I bought two, one for my daughter and the other for my son. Because of the loft bed their bedrooms looks and feels like they are a larger bedroom then it actually is. This was wise, practical and a feeling of being secure that it will not break or fall apart as they are sleeping and going up and down because it is made with sturdy steel. The only negative thing (which is not really that bad) I can say about this loft bed are the ladder at both ends. It is made with flat step, rather than having the step rounded which would hurt less when climbing up and down. There is a solution to prevent you from hurting your feet. Go and buy the noodle foam that you would us for swimming, cut it down to the length of each steps and tie it down with a zip tie or something softer but equivalent a zip tie. Yes, they help alleviate the soreness of your feet. I highly recommend you buy this if you are looking for a loft bed with a desk. You will not regret purchasing this like I did for my teenagers and the cherry on top is the fact that they both love their full size loft bed.” – Evelyn U

4. DHP Abode Black Twin Size Metal Loft Bed

Promising review: “This frame has suited perfectly the needs of two twenty-somethings living in a downtown studio. Like many studios, ours featured a walk-in closet that we turned into our “master bedroom”. This frame fits so perfectly in the space that it almost seems custom built. Also, since it’s impossible for us to fall off the bed, we’ve used a 12″ memory foam mattress. The bed is a tank. The 300lb weight limit is probably a liability thing. Sleeps myself, an Army veteran at 6’1 and 200 lbs, and my girlfriend at 5’11 and 150 lbs, and it really doesn’t move at all unless you’re climbing up or down. Which brings me to the only con: it’s quite uncomfortable to walk up and down the ladder with bare feet. There are sweet spots and gentle ways you’ll try out to get down this thing but it can be a little unforgiving. I wanged my knee, hard, the first night while getting down in a half-awake state. The solution we came up with is a craft foam cushion that we got in black from a local foam rubber plant. Cut and hot glued on the ladder steps, it’s much more comfortable on your toesies. We also found that an IKEA KNOPPARP loveseat fits perfectly in the loft space and even leaves room for a lamp, which we control via a remote switch. The box it came in was very small for something so large. It did fit in my car, sort of, and I know that because it arrived in town 4 days before the delivery date and I, impatient, went to pick it up. I’ve attached a picture of that for reference too. Overall, very satisfied. Price is great, product is great, packaging was efficient. A+ item.” – Bryan B

3. DHP Miles Black Full Metal Loft Bed with Desk

Promising review: “We needed a replacement frame for our futon relatively quickly. By reading others reviews on this, it appeared to be a solid choice. It came quickly and was pretty much what we were looking for… not too inexpensive, solid enough… but nothing over the top fancy.” – Jodeci218

2. DHP Studio Black Loft Frame Twin Bunk Bed Over Desk and Bookcase with Metal

Promising review: “My daughter’s are sharing a room again with our new house and I wanted to save as much space as possible…they each have one of these beds, and their room turned out beautiful. They are in love with individualizing their own spaces with in the same room. The beds themselves are sturdy, safe, and spacious…their mattresses are overstuffed with a pillow top and they are still well below the safety rail. The only thing they complain of is the thin ladder steps hurting their feet but, they also aren’t used to climbing up ladders every day, and just end up putting their feet side-ways/long-ways as they walk up. It’s perfectly fine, I would recommend these to anyone.” – misti w

1. Walker Edison Furniture Premium Black Metal Twin Loft Bed with Detachable Wood Workstation

Promising review: “I needed a twin over queen bunk in a modern style, and I believe it does not exist. So I paired this with a low profile queen bed underneath and it works great. I have it in a rental that gets a lot of abuse. After 2 years of adults climbing up and down, it still looks almost new and it is holding up great. I highly recommend!” – Paul W