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[Review] Adams Manufacturing Quik-Fold Cafe Bistro Set

First Impression

No assembly is required. You can use it straight out of the box. You just unfold it and it’s ready to use. I have the bistro set in our patio. Our patio isn’t big, so this compact set came in handy. The table is actually larger than I expected but the whole set still fit perfectly as intended. There is still room for guests to stand around the patio.

One of the very first things that I noticed with the set is that it’s lightweight. It is easy to move around. You don’t need to worry about winds as the set doesn’t get blown away. This is a cheap set but it is by no means flimsy. You should take it in during a storm, though. I doubt the table and chairs would stay put.

Features I Like

What really got me into buying this beautiful bistro set is its portability. Each piece can be folded flat. You can fit the entire set in your car if you need to transport it somewhere. It is also very convenient to store inside, for instance, when it’s winter and no one’s going to sit out in the patio. I highly recommend this for people who has limited space in their garden, patio, or deck. You can fold it flat and store when not in use. If need be, you can just get it out whenever you have guests.

The table can hold utensils for two people. I and my husband have breakfast on the patio every morning. We have a lot of room on the table and our elbows don’t touch. Judging from the space left, we can fit one or two more seats. I really wish they can sell extra seats separately. I would have bought two more.

The table and chairs are easy to wipe clean. I got the set in white, so as you could expect, it shows off dust quite easily. I do have to wipe dirt off the set about twice a week. If you hate cleaning, I suggest you get the set in another color. I don’t regret getting the white because it looks amazing in our patio. The whole set looks like it’s made of wood. That gives it a rustic and elegant look.

The chairs are comfortable to sit on but not made for long periods of sitting. The chairs and table do not wobble.

This is a heavy-duty outdoor furniture. It’s made of plastic. Unlike metal, plastic won’t rust. Unlike wood, plastic is waterproof. Wood is much heavier too.

Final Thoughts

The bistro set is sturdy. With the set’s durability, I know I am getting my money’s worth. It is advisable that you put the set in a place where there is shade. This is made of plastic so it may crack over time when it is always under the sun.

If you are searching for an outdoor patio set, look no more. You should get this set before they run out of stock! – Tina Y

Brand: Adams Manufacturing

Product: 8590-48-3731 Quik-Fold Cafe Bistro Set

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