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[Review] BCP 5 Piece Kitchen Dining Table Set

I and my husband recently moved in to our second apartment. We wanted a dining table set that could fit us both and still have seats left for guests. We also don’t have that big of a space in our dining area. I knew we couldn’t get a large dining table set that would take up so much room, so this 5-piece set came in great.

We also just started our own business. We didn’t have much money to spare for furniture. This is one of the most reasonably priced dining table sets I came across. This Best Choice Products set was an obvious choice for me. It ticked all the boxes in my list of what I wanted for our dining area.


This dining table set came in 2 boxes. There is one box for the 4 chairs and another box for the table. My husband put the set together. He didn’t need any help. In fact, he said the assembly was pretty straightforward. It took him about an hour to finish.


The chairs have a curved back, making them comfortable to sit on. The back is high up and provides ample back support. If you find the seat quite firm, you can get seat cushions.

The seats are wider than I expected. I am on the larger side and I don’t feel wanting for more space.


I go for neutral colors, so this black dining table set came in perfect. The mix of leather and metal gives it a modern look. The leather chairs look great with other leather furniture too. The set is not for you if you tend to go for wood furniture.

They say that the tiny things make the big difference, and I can say the same for the chairs. They have tufting details on the back. I think these keep the whole set from looking too plain.

The black glass top is beautiful. It looks sleek and expensive. My only complaint is that I can instantly see smudges and dust on the glass. The black paint tends to make every bit of dust and fingerprint visible. It’s good that the surface is easy to wipe clean.


The steel frame doesn’t rust. So far, the leather is still in good condition. I’m confident that this dining table set would get a lot of use in our home. With our line of business, we may have to move again next year. We might have a hard time taking the pieces apart, but I know they would hold up well for the move. I would have to pack the leather seats properly to protect them from damage.

The quality is undeniably fantastic for the price I paid for. I don’t think I could have found a better set at the same price range. If you want a more elegant-looking dining table for your home then be prepared to spend more. If you are just looking for a simple, sturdy set then your search has ended. You won’t be disappointed with it! – Sandra M

Brand: Best Choice Products

Product: 5 Piece Kitchen Dining Table Set W/Glass Top and 4 Leather Chairs Dinette

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