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[Review] VASAGLE Mid-Century Modern Retro TV Stand


Assembling this TV stand is a straightforward process. The directions are well-written and the pieces labelled with numbers. The labels make the assembly extremely simple. Read the instructions carefully and the rest should follow through.


This TV stand works best for 49-inch TVs. If you don’t mind the screen extending past the top then you can use this with a wider TV. The surface has ample of room and can work as additional storage. Depending on the size of your TV, the top can still accommodate display trinkets and other items that may not fit in the shelves and cabinet.

This TV stand has two types of storage. The first is an open shelf with two levels. It is wide and has plenty of room for consoles and media players. The shelf is not adjustable. Having that option would have been great.

Taller items would have to go inside the cabinet. It comes with a door that opens with just a push. That works with magnets screwed onto the door. Note that the door doesn’t come with a handle. Despite this, it is easy to open and shut close. The absence of a door handle maintains the sleek look of the stand. The inside of the cabinet is large and spacious. Many items can fit without making the stand look messy. The cabinet is also the perfect place to keep things that are seldomly used.


The TV stand has a beautiful distressed look. The painting was done tastefully. It has a vintage flair to it without appearing cheap and worn down. The slanted legs, painted the same color as the rest of the stand, gives it a bit of an eccentric feel. My only complaint is that the screws are easily noticeable at the front. The contrast between the brown and the screws make the latter stand out. It is advisable to apply paint on the screws to conceal them.


It is surprisingly heavy. The weight is indicative of the quality of materials used for the stand. While it is not real wood, the top is thick. Same goes for the shelves and cabinet too. They can hold a lot of weight without forming a dip or snapping.

The stand sits low to the ground. If you were to watch TV while sitting on the floor, that would be perfectly fine.

There are cut-outs at the back of the shelves. They are large enough to fit multiple cables in each hole. You can drill out more holes at the back to make way for more wires.

This stylish TV stand would make a great addition to any living space. It is made of quality materials and while solid wood wasn’t used, the price more than compensates for this. You will have a hard time to look for a stand as inexpensive as this one in stores. Vasagle also offers matching furniture, which would look great with the TV stand. Designing your space won’t be as hard anymore.

Popular Reviews

“Love!!! Great value and fits well in my living room. I had to purchase the coffee table after assembling this stand. Many compliments on the style and how simple but how cool it fits in any room. I’m” – BC

“It’s great! I’m not a fan of particle board but this isn’t too bad. I really like it. If you need something easy to put together for a great price then you should get this. I also bought the coffee table and the bookshelf. Great space saver in a one bedroom apartment” – Brandon C

“This was simple to put together and just a lovely and simple piece. It matches my mid-century modern style. It shipped and arrived with no damage.” – Julia Stormy Meadows

“Loved the way it looks. Simple to put together. I was worried it would look cheap but it turned out pretty well. All parts were in the box and unscratched. I turned the back wall to have the hole in the cabinet portion and that works better for me. Very very happy I bought this. I was indecisive a very long time. By the time I decided the bookshelf was gone. So boo, I had to purchase a different one. Either way, extremely happy I purchased this.” – Sage

“You’d be hard pressed to find anything this modern in this price range. I’ve been browsing Wayfair for MONTHS (unfortunately missed their wayday sale) this pricing cannot be best for the quality of the product. Yes it’s not REAL wood it’s like a veneer / Formica type thing but the materials are sturdy and REALLY good quality. I was especially pleased with the back panel. Although still wobbly and not entirely solid it is definitely more sturdy than most others I’ve worked with (looking at you target bookshelf)” – Ren Elizabeth

“It’s the first time that I ordered furniture from the internet and my new tv stand is perfect! It’s exactly as described and shown on the pictures. I can’t wait to order more products to match the tv stand.” – Barni123

“I purchased the shelf and the TV stand and I’m so in love with my living room. The quality of both items are way better than I even imagined. For two years I had ugly Walmart furniture, so I’m very impressed and happy with my decision. I will definitely be buying more furniture from this company in the future. Good job, guys.” – Jazmin

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