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6 Reasons Novogratz Bushwick Metal Platform Bed is The Best on The Market

What are you planning to do with your stimulus money? Maybe you’re receiving the added bonus money for unemployment, or you know that you will qualify for the EIC monthly payments that the IRS is expected to dole out come July. However you are coming by extra money right now, why not purchase some new furniture with it?

You can pay all the bills you want, but in truth, what sounds like a treat is a new bed. Whether you opt for a full bed frame, or a queen bed frame with headboard, Amazon has you covered. One of the best bed products sold on Amazon is the Novogratz furniture line, and its Bushwick metal platform bed is the best. Here’s why.

The Ratings on This Bed Frame Are off the Charts!

Rarely, if ever, does a product sold on Amazon get more than a few hundred reviews. This bed has over 8,000! That’s a lot of reviews for just one product, and even more surprising is that 70% of those reviews are five stars. It’s the highest scored and rated bed frame on Amazon. Below are some popular ones we found quite promising:

“Great value on this bed; simple, modern, straightforward instructions. I had it assembled by myself in about an hour (I’m a middle-aged mom). No squeaking, shifting, wobbling – sturdy and solid. The finish is a smooth satin gloss. I’ve got it set on the higher supports and am using it without a box spring. Lots of storage and room for vacuuming underneath as a result.” – Cynthia M

“Easy to assemble. My husband and I put it together in approximately an hour or less. We’ve had it a couple weeks. It’s holding up pretty well! Love that it has space underneath to store things. I put a bed skirt on it. It looks nice & you can’t beat the price! We got the king size.” – Amber

“Good design and very easy to assemble!” – Tricia

“Really love this for my little girls room. I bought the gold and it is the perfect height fir her to get in and out, and so pretty. The hold is a beautiful muted warm tone. Not squeaky at all or wobbly. It is sturdy.” – Rob M

“Very sturdy. Took me an hour to put together (I am very handy). You can install at a lower or higher height. I opted for the lower but I may reconfigure the bed to the higher position. Super great value. I’m really confused as to how they’re making money off of this lol!” – PB

“Took my friend and I 30 mins to put together and we only got a little frustrated when we went to do the interlocking slats, once we realized that was kind of a two person job it was easy. Not wiggly at all, well constructed. Sent lots of extra screws and pieces just in case. Worth the money spent.” – Liz

“This frame is easy to assemble and very sturdy. Upon arrival the box is quite heavy however after opening I was able to easily carry each piece down the stairs with ease. The included directions are very easy to follow and while I could have assembled this frame solo my 7 year old offered assistance. After assembly I suggest placing a slider under each foot just in case it needs to be moved it can be done easily.” – Sadie’s Babies

“We all know why you’re here, you want the good, the bad, and the ugly on this inexpensive and pretty stylish bed. Let’s get into it! First off, assembling it was easy, barely broke a sweat or cursed once and I get frustrated with even the most simple assembly instructions. Second, it is sturdy buuuut if you are doing the deed (wink wink) it can be kinda squeaky so I suggest getting those things you put between the headboard and wall to avoid any… wall dents. Aside from that, it is a GREAT sturdy bed. We love how it looks and it is the perfect size.” – Hannah

“Just love this bed and it looks amazing with the decor style I was trying to go for. It was easy to assemble, took the two of us about 45 min to get it stood up. Build and finish is beautiful and love the matte black color. This is in our guest bedroom and we’ve had family staying there for about 3 months now and no complaints! Would definitely get this again! I wish this came in more design options so I could buy it for other rooms too. Love it!” – Amaz

Multiple Sizes, Colors and Options

A product is usually successful because it offers consumers a ton of options. That is quite true of this bed. A metal bed frame full of choices that not a lot of beds offer is something that tends to draw a lot of attention. This bed lets you choose twin to king size, including a queen platform bed frame, and five color options including antique blue, white, black, gold, and slate grey. If you need some extra space in a room but you also need to house added guests, try the daybed, bunk bed, or trundle bed configurations.

It’s Metal, So It Stands up to Just About Anything

Wood beds attract termites and other bed pests. Metal exposes the presence of bed bugs, which aids in their eradication sooner. Termites aren’t interested either because metal doesn’t taste good to them.

Metal supports heavier people too. It is so strong and durable that it would be very hard to bend or brake under most conditions. The durability and longevity of these beds are partly the reason why they are such a good value and so wildly popular with consumers.

Super Fast Shipping and Excellent Customer Service

Amazon Prime members can get any of these Bushwick metal beds in two days or less. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you may have to pay a little extra for shipping, but you can still get it in a few days. Order on Wednesday and you could be assembling and sleeping in a new bed on Friday.

Additionally, only a few other companies even come close to the level of customer service provided by Amazon. You will never get an Amazon rep arguing with you about taking a product back or charging you to ship it back. It doesn’t matter the condition or the length of time you have had the bed; they will take it back no questions asked.

Got a Question? It’s Likely Already Been Asked and Answered in the FAQ Section

Over three hundred (300+!) people had questions about this bed. All asked, and all were answered either by Amazon or by Novogratz, depending on the question. If you have a question about the bed or anything related to it, check the very long list of FAQs where it has more than likely been asked already and already answered. If you actually come up with an original question, ask away. You should get an answer within 48 hours of posting your question.

Home Decor Influencers on Social Media Are Crazy for This Bed

Given the multiple colors, sizes, and styles of Bushwick metal beds, home decor influencers are going crazy over it. Dozens of posts already appear in several influencers’ pages, driving up the demand and need for more of these beds.

On Instagram alone you can see several different ways to incorporate this bed. One popular Instagrammer (Nicole Bracher) posted pictures of the black framed Bushwick bed incorporated into a sort of Boho Southwest themed bedroom. The black metal bed looks at home among the reds, yellows and turquoise hues in the rest of the decor.

Another influencer (Candice Spradling) posts the same black bed surrounded by black, white, gray and brown decor. Its modern neutrals make this bed stand out while still being part of the color scheme.

A third influencer (Haley Dennis) took a different approach. The only black items in a very brown and cream-colored bedroom are the bed frame, a nightstand and the curtain rods. The rest is relaxed in a very warm neutral palette.

Black stands out even more in a room decorated in rich browns and deep ruddy earth tones by Six Vintage Rugs. The black patterning in the rug draws your eye into the black metal bed in this influencer’s decorating style. It juxtaposes different materials and textiles against each other in a very aesthetically pleasing way.

The gold metal Bushwick bed is featured in a teenager’s new bedroom from Ashlee Keane. The gold bed offsets the pink blankets, white comforter, and cream colored walls very nicely, as done in this Instagrammer’s posts.

The country chic bedroom seen in this next influencer’s photos show how you can use the brown Bushwick bed (Hillside House at Shenandoah). The bedding is white with a brown grid pattern, and the rug on the floor has dark brown patterning in the bright red rug. The warm glowing yellow-hued natural wood floor has dark brown knots, which also works well with the brown bed in the room.

Another influencer (Laeticia Kass) opted for a strict black and white theme. The only pop of color seen here is the muted olive green nightstand with the succulent sitting on top of it.

Finally, the white bed is featured in the bedroom of an Instagram influencer (Whitney). It’s warm, cozy, inviting and very feminine. Soft pops of color show up in the throw pillows, throw rug, dresser, and the clothes hanging on a set of wooden hooks nearby.