[Review] Stone & Beam Sophia Modern Swivel Kitchen Bar Stool

Product Highlights

  • No assembly required
  • Fully cushioned seat that swivels smoothly as you please
  • Comes in 4 sleek colors: Hemp, Merlot, Navy, and Slate


The bar stool arrives in a box fully assembled. Zero assembly is required. You can use it right after getting it off the box.

The seat is of average size and depth. A regular adult can sit comfortably. The back is high enough to provide good back support. Many bar stools have backs that only extend up to the lower back. The lack of support can be very uncomfortable particularly for people with bad backs.

The back and seat have built-in cushions. They are soft enough for long conversations. The foam used has a firmness to it, which is good as it would allow the seat to keep its original shape for a longer time. Anyway, the cushions would get softer over time. There isn’t any hard spot on the seat. If there is any, the cushions have already taken care of those. The subtle curve of the back adds to the level of comfort provided by the chair.

The swivel allows for a smooth 90-degree turn to both directions. Any more than that, a spring mechanism would force you back to the center. The swivel is great if you like to be able to sit still and move a little only when you want to. This is ideal for dining, reading, or working on your laptop. The swivel allows just enough range of motion to easily get on and off the stool.

This is a regular stool and doesn’t come with a height-adjusting mechanism. Nevertheless, the height is just right for a regular bar. It stands 30 inches high.


The stool has a durable hardwood frame. It is ready to support the weight of an adult. It doesn’t wobble at all. The bar stool is on the lighter side but it keeps its balance well. It stays in place even as you step off the stool. As it’s lightweight, you can move it with ease. Metal stools don’t provide you that liberty and can be very tricky to move from one spot to another.

You can slide the kitchen stool out from under the table without difficulty. Although this is the case, the chair won’t slide while you’re seated. Kids would find it hard to move the chair too. Needless to say, you must keep an eye on your kids around the chair as they may try to get up on the chair on their own or pull it towards them.

The tall wood legs keep the stool stable. They come with footrests. The footrest at the front is covered with a rubber-like material to prevent slipping as you step on and off the stool. This tiny detail clearly shows the level of thought that went into designing the chair.

Maintenance and Style

The seat is covered with polyester. It is a material that is easy to keep clean. In case of stains, it’s important that you spot-clean the affected area as soon as possible. The fabric doesn’t zip off the seat so the only way to clean it is through spot-cleaning. The fabric is tightly sewn around the cushions. This gives the chair a wrinkle-free and sleek look and keeps it from appearing worn-out. As a result, the chair would look new for a longer time. A major disadvantage of an upholstered seat is that it is not water-resistant. However, polyester is known to respond well to liquids and dry quickly. Polyester also feels cool to the skin.

The kitchen stool comes in 4 generally neutral colors. The colors are easy to match with existing furniture. A bar with wooden accents would go beautifully with the stool’s wood legs. The cushioned seat and wood legs give it a classy look that you won’t see in any metal stool.

The light finish of the tall wood legs create a modern and interesting look. They do not require any form of maintenance except cleaning. Unlike steel, wood doesn’t rust. Unlike plastic, it is a stronger material. The only thing to watch out for are sharp objects that may scratch or chip the wood. Aside from that, the wood legs would hold up well to daily use.

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