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[Review] Zinus Omkaram Upholstered Navy Platform Bed

First Impression

The platform bed comes neatly packed in a surprisingly flat box. While the box is heavy, you won’t have any problem getting it inside the house by yourself. You can get it through narrow hallways and fit it into tight spaces.

As advertised, all parts are tucked inside the headboard. The headboard has a zippered compartment which holds everything you need to put the bed together. This includes a ratchet tool. The tool is made for setting up the bed and makes assembly a breeze. I would discourage using any other tool as the ratchet is the perfect size for the job. The frame, legs and slats all fit inside the headboard.

I imagine disassembling the bed won’t be a difficult task as well. Simply return the parts into the headboard and you’re all set for a move.

All holes are pre-drilled. The slats already come with Velcro to keep them in place. The only thing you need to purchase separately is a mattress. Zinus offers a wide range of mattresses so there won’t be a shortage of options.


The headboard does not have sufficient padding to make it soft and plush. In fact, it is hollow due to the space left after removing the bed’s parts from its compartment. That’s easily addressed by putting a pillow. You can then rest your back on it. As long as you get the right size, you won’t see any gap between the headboard and the mattress. You can easily put a pillow against the headboard or even rest your back directly on it. While the headboard can’t be described as soft, it’s not as hard as wood. Resting your head as you sit up on bed won’t hurt.

The headboard features a classic tufting detail with buttons. The blue is a beautiful navy color that comes close to denim. The shade is actually a close match with 2020 Pantone color of the year, Classic Blue. The fabric has a texture to it but doesn’t feel itchy to the skin. The sides of the bed are upholstered using the same fabric. This gives the bed a refined look.

The headboard is not made with real wood. It may feel flimsy at first but once you have it against the wall, it would feel sturdier.

As the photos suggest, the mattress doesn’t come with a footrest. The mattress stays in place even without one. You will need to move the mattress from time to time but it won’t slide off the frame.

Slats and Legs

The wood slats support the mattress. The slats eliminate the need for a box spring. You may still choose to use a box spring for that added height but it’s completely fine without. The slats do not move around thanks to the pre-attached Velcro strips. Wood slats may snap or break in the future but replacements are available in hardware stores.

The bed frame sits high enough off the floor to leave space for storage underneath. The clearance is not that tall to fit luggages but short boxes should fit right in. The height makes it comfortable to get in and out of the bed. People who prefer higher beds can use a box spring.

Aside from the legs on the sides, there are also a set of legs in the middle for better support. Not all bed frames offer middle support, and Zinus did right to include this. The feet are plastic but they are not the flimsy kind. They are solid and can support weight. They are visible under the bed. You can choose to hide them from sight with a bedskirt or long bedsheets.

I need to point out that the feet do not come with protection pads. If you have sensitive floors like hardwood, you should get furniture pads to prevent scratches.

The bed platform does not squeak or creak. Stability isn’t an issue unless you fail to tighten the screws during assembly. Any creaking sound is a sign that a screw has loosened from its place.

Given the bed’s stability and sleek design, it is well worth the price. Zinus’ Omkaram bed frame would make a smart choice for buyers with a budget of under $250 for an upholstered bed frame.

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