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[Review] VASAGLE Industrial Bench with Padded Seat and Metal Shelf


This vintage storage bench requires assembly. One person can set it up without any help. All the tools you need, an Allen key and screwdriver, are provided. The instructions are easy to follow. An advice that I could offer is to take your time and do everything right the first time so there would be no need to repeat any step again.

The box contains spare parts, which will come in handy if you lose a few during assembly. I recommend applying wood glue onto the dowels to secure the parts together. This will keep the bench sturdy in the long haul. Note that the glue isn’t included in the box.


This storage bench is great for entryways. Sitting would make it much easier to put on your shoes before you leave home or take them off when you arrive. You can store different kind of shoes on the steel mesh panel. It is, however, not tall enough to accommodate boots. Had it been a bit higher, it woud have fit boots and taller shoes as well. The chest can be used to keep winter coats and light jackets.

Putting the shoe bench in the living room is a good idea too. It provides an extra seat for guests. It is roomy enough to fit 2 to 3 adults. The storage would prove useful for board games and other entertainment needs. You can also keep blankets inside. There is ample of storage to keep your living room tidy and clear of clutter.

The bench is meant for short periods of sitting. It can feel a little too firm for anyone who would sit for hours. The bench does come with a cushion but it’s not plush at all. An ottoman would be a better choice if you’re searching for a comfortable seat with storage. If you are searching for a shoe bench for its storage space rather than comfort then Vasagle’s bench would meet your expectations.

The chest provides ample of storage. The wood is solid and thick, allowing the chest to hold a lot of weight. It comes with a safety hinge that keeps the chest open when you push the door all the way up. This is good if you have kids in the house. It is also a neat feature as you don’t need to push the chest open all the while your hands are full.

In addition, the steel mesh below the chest offers an open storage. The space is perfect for shoes as the holes on the mesh allow water from the shoes to drip off. Especially on rainy seasons, placing a mat under the bench is recommended. This would keep the floor beneath the chest dry. If you’re not planning to place any shoes on the steel mesh, books, magazines and towels would fit too.


The seat is covered with black faux leather. While one could easily tell it’s not real leather, the glossy finish gives the bench an expensive look. Faux also offers a variety of benefits. Faux leather is a more economical alternative to real leather. It is not prone to peeling or cracking. The smooth texture also makes it easy to clean. It is stain-resistant too, making this storage bench work for households with children and pets. Upkeep required is very minimal. All you need to do to keep it clean is to wipe it with a rag. Dampen it with water for better results.

The seat has a classic tufting design. This makes the leather upholstery stand out better.

Final Thoughts

The wood mixed with the black steel frame creates a rustic effect. As it is a mix of modern (the steel frame) and traditional (the wood), the chest can go along with different styles.

The back has the same look and finish as the front and sides. This is something you won’t normally see in foot benches. They are typically made to go against the wall, so manufacturers do not bother making the back look as good as the front. You can put this Vasagle foot bench in the middle of the room and it would look fine.

The steel frame gets rid of doubts about structural integrity. It is well-built and would hold up for years.

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