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50 Relaxing Bedroom Paint Colour Ideas with Dark Furnitures

Choosing bedroom paint colors need a lot of care and discernment to find the right paint. Even though color preferences are personal, there are several factors you need to put into consideration including how the bedroom was decorated, and the quality of light the room should receive will come into play. If your room has dark furniture and wood trim, consider the color and type of wood used to identify the underlying tones, thus choosing a paint shade which blends well. Below is a list of some paint color combinations that bring out the unmatched beauty of dark wood.


Gray paint will not only make your room look elegant when integrated with dark furniture or wood. This paint color blends perfectly with dark furniture to create serene and low-contrast effects. It enhances woods such as maple and cherry, revealing their maroon tones. Use bluish grays to stress the depth of mahogany, whereas greenish grays to improve a walnut trim. Pale dove grays will work well with any dark furniture.

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Dark Reds

If you need the Victorian feel in your bedroom with dark furniture, use dark reds. Depending on your intended outcome, you can work with wine reds, deep reds and Cranberry or blood-red tones. Wine reds blend well with mahogany, ebony, maple and walnut to produce amazing effects. For dark woods with reddish tones, ensure you use deep reds for your woodwork to fade mildly to the background. Cranberry tones will be ideal for lighter woods.

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Blue paint brings the much-coveted tranquillity and serenity into your bedroom. It comes in a wide range of choices that can complement dark wood furniture. For instance, peacock blues will blend well with mahoganies, whereas navy hue combines well with walnut. If you like flat blues, make sure you syndicate it with cherry.

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White is frequently regarded as a versatile neutral color. For that reason, it is widely used by interior decorators to lighten interiors with dark furniture. A low-lustre white paint will be ideal for a room with strongly varnished wood. This is because high sheen white paint does not blend well with shiny dark wood.

Pure whites produce dramatic divergences with dark furniture, whereas duller whites illuminate dark wood. In case your dark furniture has yellow or reddish undertones, use creamy whites with a mildly yellow base. Bluish ivories will complement walnut whereas pinkish whites will blend well with maple.

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Dark yellows, especially those with brown or gray undertones, can be used with dark woods, unlike bright yellows which may have too much flashy visual impact. For black-stained walnut, use flat ochre paint.

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Cool greens not only balance with cherry wood but also harmonize with bluish woods. Greens with gray sages will create an amazing breezy look with walnut while mint green complements with admirable ebony trim. For mahogany, it creates a strong and masculine appearance with warm basil tones.

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Purple paints have increasingly become a regular pick for designers when working on chic interiors. Pale lavenders and silvery purples are being used to make wood pops with cooler tones. Luscious eggplants and dark plums harmonize warm-toned dark woods. If you are working with mahogany, use blackish-purple paint and milky, misty purple paint to complement unvarnished oak. Lapis lazuli blends well with cherry just like dull wine purples with ebony.

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