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20 Houseplants That Would Love to Live in Your Bathroom

House plants in the bathroom have become trendy in recent times. Low-light, humidity loving plants give your bathroom the ultimate spa vibes. They improve the bathroom air quality and absorb excess moisture.

You may think bathrooms are the ideal environment for these plants to thrive in because of the humidity generated when showering, however, it can become cold when there is no humidity. So having a plant where the temperature varies a lot is not ideal.

Having said that, not every plant prefers high humidity. Succulent plants thrive in dry conditions. In fact, they rot when constantly kept in moist areas. Whereas the evergreens and several other plants grow powdery mildew when kept in increased humidity.

Plants such as epiphytes, that grow on tree barks, favor a humid environment.

You would be surprised to know that bathroom fluorescent bulbs can offer sufficient light for plants, they don’t need to be exposed to sunlight to grow in bathrooms.

So, when picking plants for your bathroom, consider whether a plant does well in low light, high humidity, and can cope well with low to high-temperature gradients.

Every bathroom has a unique feature. Determine the warmth and light before choosing which plant to grow. Below are several plants that can grow and develop well in your bathroom.

Aloe Vera

Having Aloe Vera around is very convenient because of its many benefits. Aloe Vera sap can act as a pain reliever for minor burns and scrapes. Unfortunately, excessive direct sunlight will burn the leaves so it will thrive in your bathroom.


Asparagus Fern

Asparagus fern thrives well in humid conditions. It will grow well if you’ve got a window or a skylight. They are so soft, but their stems are thorny.

Source: domino magazine

English Ivy

English Ivy is famous for its air purifying property, and its vines are considered romantic. A pipe or a post will work pretty well for an English Ivy if you have space.



Bamboo plants can grow large in size, even in containers. They grow well indoors with indirect sunlight.

Source: Home Stratosphere


Multiple begonias grow perfectly in containers by capitalizing on the humidity and the warmth of the bathroom. The begonia is a very colorful and attractive plant. They thrive well indoors and can handle indirect or low light.

Source: Chloe


Bromeliads give your bathroom a tropical vibe and are easy to care for. They gain moisture from the air, so don’t have them in damp soil. These plants prefer indirect bright light.

Source: costafarms

Cast Iron Plant

The cast-iron plant requires low-maintenance. This plant grows well in indirect or low light, which makes it an ideal plant for your bathroom.

Source: Apartment Therapy

Chinese Evergreen

Not all plants can adapt easily as the famous Chinese evergreen. It grows in humid areas and drafts, however, cold temperatures can slow its growth and development. This plant prefers indirect or low light.

Source: Joy US Garden

Codiaeum variegatum (Croton)

Croton plants are mostly found in a wide variety of colored vegetation. They gradually grow up to 3 ft wide and 3 ft tall. Croton plants require indirect bright light, with plenty of moisture even though they don’t prefer wet soil.

Source: Gardener’s Path


Cyclamen display green or variegated heart-shaped leaves. They require little maintenance for them to develop well. These plants require bright light during winter. Since they need moisture, water them starting from the bottom moving upwards.

Source: House of Hawthornes

Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia)

Dumb cane only needs minimal care for them to thrive. When the soil becomes dry, they must be watered, served with enough light during winter and stippled light in the summer. They need to be rotated now and again so they grow uniform on all sides.

Source: Wayne H


Most ferns are ideal houseplants. Typically, most ferns can withstand temperature fluctuations that occur in the bathroom, they also thrive in a humid environment. Ferns are suitable for bathrooms, which are not too cold. A variety of ferns prefer moderate light, while others, bright light.

Source: Gardenista


Just like a lot of tropical flowering plants, growing gardenias is not simple. These plants do not grow well under intense temperature fluctuations. They require sufficient humidity and indirect bright light for them to thrive.

Source: Brighter Blooms


Orchids are perfect houseplants for your bathroom. They grow well in humid conditions that are found in the bathroom. Being small plants, they will bloom for several weeks and you can put them in clusters to enhance the aesthetic value of your bathroom.

Source: Rana R.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum wallisii)

A Peace lily is an elegant plant that needs minimal care. This plant needs to be consistently watered and have appropriate humid conditions. Peace lilies thrive in minimal light.



Philodendron is tropical, which love bright, and humid bathroom conditions. They are straightforward to grow. However, if you over or underwater, they will start dropping leaves. Try growing it from a hanging basket to save on space.

Source: Rebecca Lynn


Pothos grow in long vines, they get slender as their length increases. They are almost indestructible. They need to be trimmed and watered sparingly. Most important, pothos should be grown in indirect bright light or low light.

Source: by Brittany Goldwyn

Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)

The snake plant is another option for hanging plants. Although snake plants do well in bright light, they can still thrive in low light. They also can survive on minimal water. They are said to filter indoor air pollution; therefore, it is ideal for your bathroom.

Source: BHG

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

Spider plants grow mostly in tight quarters. These plants create little “plant-lets” around their perimeter, which can be chopped off and planted once the roots have formed. They are very undemanding and can grow under light conditions, however, their leaves will blacken in the scorching sun.


Weeping Fig (Ficus Benjamina)

An ideal plant to grow in your bathroom in case you have space. However, cold drafts or sudden fluctuation of temperatures will make the Weeping Fig drop leaves. This plant should not be grown in wet soil or be over-watered. It needs more light when grown indoors.

Source: palmnursery


A wide range of options to pick from and finding one that suits your bathroom design is simple. Dracaenas grow best in low or medium-light. Therefore, these are ideal plants for bathrooms. These plants require high humidity and minimal maintenance when growing.