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120 Absolute Stunning Boho Bedroom Design Ideas on Pinterest You Shouldn’t Miss This Year

Bohemian bedrooms are so relaxing and welcoming. Boho design starts with earthy tones for the base of the room. Then all you have to do is add in a few creatively selected, brightly colored accessories. The essence of boho design is an earthy feel with energizing colors.

We have compiled some of the most loved boho bedroom designs from Pinterest. All of them have more than 10k repins! These photos display the simplicity and ease of decorating a bedroom in true bohemian style. Embrace your inner bohemian as you peruse these photos. Allow your creativity to be intrigued and awakened. Design the bedroom that you have always dreamed of with these boho bedroom ideas.

Basic Shapes Reimagined

In true bohemian style, this wall décor offers the calm white and tan palette. The tan triangle shelf is inverted to capture your attention. A tan hexagon and white triangle are mounted right against each other on the wall. This unusual spacing of the shelves has an eclectic feel. Stark white deer antlers offer the perfect place to display your jewelry when you are not wearing it. Throw on a smattering of books, a pair of sunglasses, tin cans, small candle sticks, wicker, wood and ivory to complete the aesthetic look of boho shelving décor.

Indian Flair

A white bedspread and white walls give this room a refreshing feel. Only a few accessory pillows on the bed offer some color. This color draws your attention to the wall hanging. This large Indian-Style Tapestry anchors the focus of the room. The dark colors of black and orange give you a grounded feeling.

Wooden Lace

A white, carved headboard is the focal piece in this bedroom. A single plant beside the bed gives an outdoors feel. Hanging string lights on the headboard add a little depth to the headboard. The faux fur comforter in white with a dark background blend the dark walls with the white headboard. Throw pillows in gray with a white design to match the headboard complete the look of this boho bedroom.

Desert Oasis

White with a dark desert brown are the highlights of this bedroom. A base white is splashed everywhere. The occasional brown is seen in the room as a decorative pillow and a decorative blanket thrown across the bed. The dresser is adequately decorated with candles and accessories that are tan or white. Harmony can be seen in this room through the constant tan and white theme. Four green plants are well placed around the room to offer balance.

Hanging Greens

The showcase of this room is the high white shelf. Cascading dark green plants draw your eye. Bright green plants cover the shelf to let you feel the hope of growth. Just below this shelf is a metal bedframe that proves boho has many forms. A wicker chandelier cannot go unnoticed in this boho bedroom. This room has such height and fullness. Greens, tans and browns are mixed in amazing clarity to offer a garden feel.

Gray Stripes

This boho bedroom incorporates many patterns. A striped bed covering follows the color scheme of the room. A dark gray, chunky throw blanket on the bed accentuates the dark color in the comforter. Personalized and textured white throw pillows are displayed on the bed. A long, dark mirror in the corner is lightened by a string of hanging lights. Black and white art grace the wall just beside the bed. Green plants finish the look of this boho room.

Tiki Hut Teepee

Two small straw huts float above the bed with only a wooden branch connecting them to the ceiling. This light fixture is fun and aesthetically pleasing. Embracing the tropical mood, you can see a wooden carved man right beside the bed. A simple headboard is made from two wood poles positioned like a tee-pee. White string lights illuminate the sheer cloth that is draped between the tee-pee. Beautiful dark green plants offer pillars from floor to ceiling on either side of the room.

Ancient Drawings

The bold bohemian style is captured in this wall art. Bold red-orange tones paired with ancient type drawings are a classic to this style. This blanket hung on the wall offers simplicity of style and ease of decorating. However, deep meaning can be felt as you are drawn back to the roots of this earth.

Elegant Aztec

Bohemian mixes textures, earthy styles and all forms of décor. As displayed by this bedroom, fuzzy blankets and textured pillows are welcome. Beyond simple art, you can find beads, thread and decorative rope woven together. An Aztec pillow on this bed shows the diversity of bohemian style. Notable here is also the gray tones we find along with the white and green.

Modern Boho

A tan hat on the wall is displayed as art. Remarkably, a modern metal lamp can also be mixed in with the bamboo chandelier above. Live green plants give the room a fresh feel. A wood side table holds the metal basket nicely. All of these things are joined by their matching colors. Creating your own boho space is about displaying the things you like within the boho color scheme.

Green Garden

Boho style welcomes plants of all varieties. Flowers of all kinds have been splashed around amongst the greenery in this room. A garden headboard has been established here. Shelves with books, sunflowers, roses and daisies rises up amidst the garden wall. The black and white peace sign fill in a unique touch. A personalized pillow and word board give the room a character all its own.

Pinecone Paradise

Black, white and tan are the base colors of this bedroom. Hanging string lights over the bed offer a warm atmosphere. A picture of a pinecone and pine trees on the shelf offer the room a bit of cohesion. The triangular shape of the pinecone is mirrored below on the pillow cases. The tasseled wall art also displays the unique shape of an upside-down pinecone. A few sayings have been smattered here and there to offer personality to the room.

Birch Room

The white-washed brick wall in this bedroom is stunning. It almost holds the pattern of a birch tree. A simple white bed sits in the middle of the wall. Green plants border the wall around the bed. A small tan side table hold its place beside the bed. Just above the bed is the center piece of the room. A circular mirror reflects light from the windows opposite the bed.

Boho Music Corner

Boho style can handle any personality. A tan, acoustic guitar hangs on the wall as art. Vinyl records sit in a metal display shelf nearby. A dark green plant in the corner adds an earthy touch. This is a bohemian musical corner.

Asian Luxury

White simplicity shrouds this boho bedroom. An Asian theme is central amongst the boho colors. Traditional green plants hang from the ceiling and sit on the shelf. Buddha and an elephant statue adorn the bookshelf. A few colorful books catch your attention amongst all the black and white of the room. The beauty of bohemian style is that you make it your own.

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