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San Francisco Kitchen Remodel Contractors Present 24 Most Current Mid-Century Modern Design Ideas

San Francisco is re-emerging with the mid-century modern style of design. There’s a good chance that you are too young to remember this design aesthetic when it first came on the scene, well, mid-century of last century. History repeats itself, and so does fashion and design. Thankfully, fashion and design repeats itself with slight new twists to make the old just new enough to be pleasing again. Here are 24 mid-century design ideas for your kitchen remodel in your San Francisco home, and the contractors that can help.

Klopf Architecture Presents the Long Central Island Bar

Dump the family table and chairs. Instead, construct a very simple but elegant and classically understated island in the kitchen. Create a bar on one side with high stools and a counter at which people can eat or drink. Large counter spaces on the island lend themselves well to food prep or banquet style presentation of party foods.

Sogno Design‘s L-Shaped 1950’s Eat-in Kitchen for Smaller Kitchen Spaces

The introduction of the “eat-in kitchen” in the 1950’s was all the rage. Smaller homes could still have places for family members to dine together without a formal dining room. This particular design includes the classic island plus a nook of drawers and open shelving you can use for either decorative purposes or storage.

Eisenmann Architecture‘s U-Shaped Kitchen Design in a Tri-Color Look

A box-letter capital U creates the basis of this mid-century kitchen. The typical island creates the center division of the longer boxy space. For added interest, the cabinetry is finished in two paint colors and one wood veneer look. Quartzite counters complete the traditional details of this kitchen.

Fully Open and Well-Lit Cabinet/Shelving Space Above the Kitchen Sink Designed by David Henig

Imagine if you took a curio cabinet and removed the glass but kept the lighting on each shelf level. That’s what you get with this fully open and well-lit cabinet and shelving design mounted over the sink. Every shelf is an opportunity to display something or store something, and most the cubicles have their own separate overhead lighting. It’s the perfect solution for kitchens that lack adequate lighting.

JPM Construction‘s Awkward Kitchen Space Redone in 1960’s Mid-Century Style With Pops of Color

Some kitchens were squeezed into tight places when houses were built in San Francisco decades ago. That is obvious when the slant of the roof over one kitchen presents some design challenges for a kitchen remodel. Very tall shaker cabinetry in white helps, as does a little pop of color with burnt orange lamp lights over the central island and burnt orange 60’s style bar stools.

Gabriel Conen‘s Cabinet Design Look Like Flooring and Flooring Looks Like 60’s Wall Paneling

This very unique approach has flat-faced cabinetry that looks like floor paneling was used to create the cabinets and floor paneling that looks like wall paneling from the era was used to make the floor. Yellow floor paneling with dark cabinets is very striking indeed. A very 60’s style pattern in yellow and white creates an eye-catching backsplash you have to see for yourself.

Cocoon Home Design‘s Dark Cabinet and Large Stone Floor Tile Kitchen

Dark-colored and almost utilitarian style cabinetry looks right at home sitting on top of immense stone floor tiles. The blue-green cabinetry is reflected in the swirled colors of the stone tiles. Two very period and very different lighting chandeliers hang over the island in the center.

Klopf Architecture and Flegels Construction Remodel an Eichler Home

Eichler home designs were all the rage mid-century. They were thought to be the epitome of the future with their smooth, simple lines and ease of open design. In this case, the design aesthetic is almost a dressed up warehouse room sort of look, with pops of bright yellow and robust orange. The chairs at the island and the table are truly mid-century with their heavy plastic seats and metal chrome legs. The many high polished surfaces, including the concrete floor, help reflect light around the kitchen.

Knock Architecture‘s Black and White Approach

Moving into the 60’s meant that you either had lots of color or you opted for classic black and white. Here the wall of kitchen cabinets are black, while the island is made of black and white marble. The floor is a galley style dark gray tile floor that ties it all together. Black-legged white plastic bucket chairs complete the look.

Innovo Builders‘ Warm and Inviting With Classic Lines, Colors, and Furniture

Longer kitchens lend themselves well to the mid-century design because the islands help break up space. Warm toned cabinetry creates an inviting atmosphere, and the classic mid-century furniture takes you back in time. The white tones of the quartzite counters and some walls mingles with deep blue backsplashes and bits of the blue mixed in here and there.

Reverse Black and White Motif by Howland Built

Here again is the black and white motif, but certain aspects have been flipped on their heads. The quartzite counters are not white, but black. The cabinets are not black, but white. It’s an equally striking look to your kitchen.

The Mid-Century Kitchen Sans Island From Mason Kirby

In most mid-century kitchens, the island is the main feature. However, that does not mean that your kitchen remodel has to include an island. This particular example shows the same color scheme common to many mid-century designs; white, deep blue, and warm wood cabinetry. It just lacks an island because the owner didn’t want one.

Wood, Wood, and More Wood

A slightly rustic version of mid-century, this design from Marc Newman has exposed beams in the ceiling, tons of wood panels in the ceiling, lots of flat-faced wood cabinetry, and a wood island to match the cabinets. Again, there’s a gray galley floor comprised of huge concrete tiles. The gray of the floor helps refocus your eyes to see the gray brick backsplash and the vintage-looking white-faced appliances.

Stainless Steel Takes Over

Whereas a previous remodel idea used a lot of wood, this one from Joanne Koch uses a lot of stainless steel. All the appliances and the cabinetry are stainless steel. The floor is a bright yellowish wood floor that is in high contrast with the steel kitchen.

A Little Bit of Everything in the U-Shaped Kitchen

Staged by Visual Jill, one San Francisco homeowner really wanted every mid-century detail that could be fit into the kitchen. The result is a lot of deep blue tile backsplash work, white eating counter with a deep blue underpainting, stainless steel appliances, warm wood cabinetry, and a wood look floor in a very neutral color. Striking exposed beams overhead are painted black.

The Island Is the Kitchen

Designed by Michael Tauber Architecture, a completely open concept kitchen and living space is broken up by a very long island that comprises most of the kitchen itself. Both an extension of the island serving as a table and dining space and the storage feature and prep counter of the island creates the focal point of the room. The flat-faced cabinets are mesh with stainless steel built-in appliances, while the exposed beams overhead are painted black.

Another Example of Multiple Mid-Century Style Defining Components

Designed by Holly & Associates, There are exposed beams overhead, but the natural wood and warm finish of the beams blends in with the ceiling paneling. the black and white components of island and chairs speaks to the style. Warm wood finish cabinets and a gray slate galley floor round out the design, with a hint of a yellow backsplash in the wall of cabinets behind the island. Again, the stainless steel appliances stand out from their surroundings.

The Island Becomes a Peninsula

In this Eichler concept kitchen created by Knocknock Design, you see that the island has attached itself to the wall to become a peninsula. White quartzite counters top white shaker cabinetry and teal blue backsplashes add a pop of color. Stainless steel appliances integrate seamlessly into the kitchen around the undermounted sink.

Colorful Strong Geometric Art Amidst an All White Kitchen

Admittedly, an all-white kitchen is probably not something you want with kids, but when you utilize Alison Damonte‘s approach of adding bold geometric prints and bright period colors, it looks exciting. If you don’t have kids, or if they have flown the nest, this is a great decorating concept.

Multiple Textures in One Space

Texture and color break up space. Hudson Street Design gives the human eye a lot to see. Here the different flooring materials of wood and tile mesh to create interest, while the different metals and woods of the island and cabinetry create unique features. The tri-colored backsplash tiling on one wall adds more color.

Back to Basics

Designed by Peninsula Modern, this is simplicity at its best. Medium-toned cabinetry and white counters mixes with stainless steel appliances. A dark gray tiled floor and black hanging lights completes the look.

Natural Cabinets Stand out From Multi-Tonal Counters and Backsplash

Styled by Design Set Match, This Oakland Hill house has the natural pine-looking cabinetry in a warm golden finish. The designer makes the island stand out by making it a darker wood finish. The countertops are multi-tonal quartzite, a slight departure from the typical white, but they highlight the multi-tonal backsplash in the background.

Medium Brown Meets Black and White Motif

Created by Alden Miller Interiors, All cabinetry is medium brown topped with the usual white counters. Matte black appliances and matte black window frames around kitchen windows round out the design.

1964 Eichler Kitchen Design by Destination Eichler

Medium finish flat-faced cabinets are accessorized with stainless steel appliances. Exposed beams and wood panel ceiling are all white to match countertops. Dark green ceramic backsplashes add a hint of color.