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24 Must-Try Japandi Living Room Design Ideas to Brighten Your Home

Kinoie Model Part 2

Okay, so it’s not *really* part 2 – it’s just another great way to work around a staircase. Long blinds turn bright sunlight into a subtle, soft glow. White and wood tones keep things simple, while unique storage options – like shelving on the back of the couch – offer a stylish upgrade. An indoor-friendly tree keeps things fresh and lively. And the TV is tucked away nicely under the stairs, keeping the feel open and fresh.

Good Room

This is the perfect idea for a small living room/dining room combo. Dark blue bench-style seating offers colorful flair amongst the tan-on-white simplicity. Storage ottomans and metal shelving provide space, while a little bonsai tree brings nature straight to your living room. The adorable dog is optional, though highly recommended!

Ample Storage

Okay, so maybe this isn’t *quite* a living room, but it sure does encapsulate the Japandi feel and offers a beautiful solution to storage space. This open kitchen connects to the living room and provides shelving, boxes, and open spaces. With a mostly cool-on-white color scheme, little bright spots of light wood offer a more natural feel.

Evolved Comfort

You don’t have to stick with just warm tones, you can punch your Japandi living room up with bright greens. This is especially easy if you choose to go with more warm, subtle tones. Pale yellows, tans, light browns, and the palest grays come together to offer a room that is as soothing as it is inviting. Part of the charm comes from the utilization of bright, lively greenery and a matching throw blanket.

White and Wood Never Bore’

‘Bright and airy’ personified. With simple, hanging storage, plenty of drawers tucked away, and small tables, you’ll have plenty of space to put all of your daily necessities. With plenty of warm tones and some black-and-white art for lively accent pieces, it’s easy to get comfy in this open living room. Dried arrangements and carved wood help to bring an earthy feel to your home.

Business Idea

This is a cozy design perfect for any sized room. With plenty of natural light and white walls, it’s the perfect base for the Japandi style. Neutral tones with pops of warm color help to give a clean, calm feel to the living room. Small living and dried grass arrangements emphasize life in the calm. Out-of-the-way storage areas both behind and above the couch, as well as a small table with drawers, provides much-needed space to tuck away your favorite comfort items.

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