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20 Sweetest Boho Scandinavian Looks as Imagined by Marta Wojtysiak

If you find American modernism too sparse for your tastes, then Marta Wojtysiak‘s interiors will be a balm to your clutter-loving soul. No space is wasted in Marta’s warm and welcoming little home.

The secret to Marta’s style, as evidenced by her distinctly Scandinavian kitchen, is careful curating and bits of whimsy. The neutral color scheme is a must as are large swaths of unadorned white and wood surfaces. The white and the wood are repeated in décor like cutting boards and enamelware to make less expected accents like sculptures and iron pans feel more cohesive.

Marta makes the most of a small living room by layering rich textures like fur and cowhide over and under a simple beige couch. A violin on the wall brings big personality and interest. Growing plants in the window are a literal breath of fresh air. Even Marta’s dog looks good curled into this interior.

A neutral kid’s room is as calming as it is stylish. Vintage wooden toys encourage imaginative play. A faded pennant banner gives the serene palette a more festive vibe. Overstuffed accent pillows and a thick shag carpet ensure that the surfaces are as inviting as comfy and inviting as they are elegant.