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Transform Your Dallas Yard into a Low-Maintenance Oasis – 10 Drought Tolerant Backyard Ideas from Local Professionals

As the summer heats up in Dallas, it may seem impossible to maintain a yard that is both beautiful and low-maintenance. But with the right planning and design, you can create an outdoor oasis without spending too much time and money on upkeep. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up 10 ideas from local professionals on how to transform your Dallas yard into a low-maintenance oasis. From water-saving features to drought-tolerant plants, these tips will help you create an outdoor space that you can enjoy all summer long.

Idea from Treeland Nursery

Idea from PM-AD

Idea from Vernon Wentz

Idea from Clarkson Porta Design

Idea from The Perfect Lawn

Idea from Treeland Nursery

Idea from AquaTerra Outdoors

Idea from MerLux Pools & Exteriors

Idea from Red Sun Landscapes