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Experience the Beauty of San Francisco Gardens: 70 Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas from Local Professionals

San Francisco is renowned for its stunning combination of city and nature. From its iconic Golden Gate Bridge to its charming local farmers markets, the city is full of beauty. But not many people know that San Francisco also has a variety of outdoor spaces that are perfect for relaxation, contemplation and recreation. Whether you’re looking to create a stunning landscape display or want to simply explore the beauty of the city’s gardens, these 70 farmhouse landscaping ideas from local professionals are sure to inspire.

Idea from Michael Tebb Design

Idea from Holder Parlette Architecture + Landscapes

Idea from merge studio



Idea from Michael Tebb Design

Idea from Envision Landscape Studio

Idea from Derviss Design

Idea from Pam-Anela Messenger | Landscape Architecture

Idea from The Land Collaborative

Idea from SG Construction of East Bay

Idea from Hey Nice Garden

Idea from a.d.d. concept + design

Idea from Westwind Construction

Idea from JKT Associates, Inc.

Idea from Confidence Landscaping, Inc.

Idea from Reyes Landscape Construction

Idea from ROCHE+ROCHE Landscape Architecture

Idea from Nick Lee Architecture

Idea from Arcanum Architecture

Idea from BK Landscape Design

Idea from J. Montgomery Designs, Inc.

Idea from Taproot Garden Design