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Top LA Professionals Share 10 Creative Container Landscaping Ideas to Discover!

Are you looking to add a little bit of life to your outdoor space? Container landscaping is a great way to spruce up a garden, patio, or balcony without requiring a lot of effort. If you’re in need of some creative container landscaping ideas, we spoke to some of the top LA professionals in the biz for their top tips. Keep reading to discover 10 of the most creative container landscaping ideas that can help make your outdoor space look like a million bucks!


Idea from Cindi Carter

Idea from Virginia Paca Architects

Idea from Peters Architecture

Idea from Modern Los Angeles DESIGN

Idea from SB Garden Design

Idea from Foundation Landscape Design

Idea from Timothy Corrigan, Inc.

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Idea from ras-a, inc.

Idea from Warren Lawson Architect

Idea from AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc.

Idea from Studio H Landscape Architecture

Idea from AMS Landscape Design Studios, Inc.