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Houston Outdoor Oasis: 18 Mediterranean Design Ideas from Local Experts

The weather in Houston is hot, humid and sunny throughout much of the year, making it the perfect spot to create an outdoor oasis. Whether you’re looking for a simple patio or an elaborate garden retreat, it’s possible to achieve the perfect Mediterranean feel in your outdoor space. To help make your vision a reality, we reached out to local experts for their best tips and design ideas. In this article, we’ll share 18 of the most creative and beautiful Mediterranean design ideas to help you create an outdoor oasis in Houston.

Idea from Masa Studio Architects

Idea from Moss Landscaping

Idea from Mauricio Nava Design, LLC

Idea from Monarch & Maker

Idea from Allan Edwards Builder Inc.


Idea from Tribe Design Group

Idea from Morning Star Builders LTD

Idea from Aston Group

Idea from Tommy Cashiola

Idea from Century Custom Builders

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Idea from Marion Interior Design

Idea from Purser Architectural

Idea from Sims Luxury Builders

Idea from Murphy Mears Architects

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