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10 Incredible Outdoor Design Ideas from San Diego’s Finest Mid-Century Modern Home Designers

San Diego is a hotbed of mid-century modern home design, with some of the finest home designers in the world creating incredible outdoor spaces. From cool and contemporary to lush gardens to bold and beautiful designs, here are 10 of the most stunning outdoor designs you can find in San Diego. The range of styles and features showcased in these designs will astound and inspire you, making it easy to see why San Diego has such a vibrant mid-century modern design scene.

Idea from M Prevost Design

Idea from Lori Gentile Interior Design

Idea from McCulley Design Lab

Idea from Nakhshab Development and Design

Idea from DZN Partners

Idea from DNA Design Group

Idea from Carl Pallini LLC

Idea from dasMOD

Idea from Scott Basile Photography

Idea from Surfside Projects LLC