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10 Must-Try Outdoor Design Ideas from Orange County Pros to Transform Your Mid-Century Home!

Introducing a unique and beautiful outdoor design opportunity for homeowners in Orange County, California! Whether you’re looking to upgrade your mid-century home with an outdoor area that showcases your style and personality, or you’re simply looking for a few design ideas to spruce up your existing outdoor space, we have you covered! Get ready to be inspired by the 10 must-try outdoor design ideas from the pros in Orange County. From modern to vintage-inspired designs, there’s something for everyone. Now let’s take a look at some of the must-try outdoor design ideas from Orange County pros!

Idea from Jen Samson Design

Idea from Reuter Homes

Idea from Asia Richter Designs

Idea from Falling Waters Landscape

Idea from Hill Construction Company

Idea from Teserra Outdoors

Idea from Old Bones Co. | Studios

Idea from DIYattic

Idea from werkshop

Idea from American Coastal Properties

Idea from Tara Bussema

Idea from Laidlaw Schultz architects

Idea from XAG Designs