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New York Professionals’ 20 Awe-Inspiring Hillside Landscaping Designs You Don’t Want to Miss!

Nestled in the northeastern region of the United States, New York is known for its bustling cities, picturesque countryside, and natural beauty. It’s no wonder that the state’s professional landscapers have created some of the most awe-inspiring hillside designs in the country. From rolling hills and steep inclines to terraced gardens and cascading water features, New York professionals have mastered the art of transforming challenging terrain into breathtaking landscapes.

In this article, we showcase 20 of the most stunning hillside landscaping designs created by New York professionals. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your own hillside garden or simply appreciate the artistry and creativity of landscape design, these awe-inspiring designs are sure to leave you in awe. From the rugged hills of the Adirondacks to the gentle slopes of the Hudson Valley, these designs highlight the beauty of New York’s natural landscape and showcase the skill and vision of its talented professionals.

Idea from LaurelRock

Idea from Rock Spring Design Group LLC (David Verespy, ASLA)

Idea from Dabah Landscape Designs

Idea from Pierce Hill Design, ltd.

Idea from Spring Lake Garden Design

Idea from Environmental Design & Research (EDR)

Idea from Organic Landscapes NY by DeLuca Lawn Maintenance

Idea from Tranquility Pools Inc.

Idea from CLC Landscape Design

Idea from Les Arbres Tree Service & Fine Gardening

Idea from Zone4 Landscapes Ltd.

Idea from Thunder Hill Design

Idea from Hoffman Grayson Architects LLP

Idea from Barbara Wilson Landscape Architect, LLC

Idea from Crisp Architects

Idea from Westover Landscape Design

Idea from Mierop Design, FAPLD

Idea from Jennifer Gresinger

Idea from Scenic Landscaping

Idea from Aquaterra Earthscapes LLC

Idea from Neave Group Outdoor Solutions

Idea from Maher & Greenwald Fine Gardens

Idea from Bianco’s Landscaping & Masonry

Idea from Stephen E. Meehan, Landscape Architect