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Boston: 15 Creative Retaining Wall Landscaping Ideas from Local Professionals

The city of Boston is filled with charm and character, but the city’s landscape is what truly sets it apart from the rest. Whether you are looking to add a touch of beauty and elegance to your property or need to add a retaining wall for practical purposes, there are plenty of creative ideas out there. Here, we have compiled 15 of the most creative retaining wall landscaping ideas from local professionals in Boston. From classic brick walls to modern wood designs, these professional landscapers have come up with creative ways to make your retaining wall stand out. Read on to find out how these talented Boston professionals can bring your landscape to the next level.

Idea from Nilsen Landscape Design, LLC

Idea from Rue Sherwood Landscape Design, LLC

Idea from The Narrow Lane

Idea from Moodscapes LLC

Idea from Maria Hickey & Associates Landscapes

Idea from a Blade of Grass

Idea from Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC

Idea from Belknap Landscape Company

Idea from Ream Design

Idea from STIMSON

Idea from Anderson Landscape Construction, Inc.

Idea from Kimberly Mercurio Landscape Architecture

Idea from Gilmore Landscape Architecture

Idea from Martha’s Vineyard Construction Co., Inc.

Idea from Village Stonesmith Gardens & Masonry

Idea from Elizabeth Gourley Design

Idea from The Secret Gardeners