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San Francisco: 35 Retaining Wall Landscaping Ideas from Local Professionals

Retaining walls serve an important purpose in landscaping, as they help to prevent soil erosion and create usable outdoor space on sloped properties. However, they can also be an opportunity to add visual interest and beauty to a landscape. In San Francisco, local professionals are utilizing retaining walls as a canvas for their creativity and design expertise. From sleek and modern to rustic and natural, there are countless ways to incorporate retaining walls into a beautiful and functional landscape.

This article showcases 35 retaining wall landscaping ideas from San Francisco professionals. Whether you’re looking to update an existing retaining wall or planning a new landscape project, these ideas are sure to inspire. Discover how to create a stunning focal point with a living wall, incorporate water features into your retaining wall design, or blend your retaining wall seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. With these creative ideas and expert tips, you can transform your retaining wall from a functional necessity to a beautiful design element.

Idea from Envision Landscape Studio

Idea from PatriARCH Architecture

Idea from Huettl Landscape Architecture

Idea from Jennifer Messina Interiors

Idea from SSA Landscape Architects

Idea from Dig Your Garden Landscape Design

Idea from Garden Lights Landscape and Pool Development Inc.

Idea from Frank & Grossman Landscape Contractors, Inc.


Idea from Remick Associates Architects + Master Builders

Idea from Terra Ferma Landscapes

Idea from Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture

Idea from Alderland – SF Bay Area Pool & Landscape Co.

Idea from Garden Nest Residential Landscape

Idea from Sarah Herman Landscape Design

Idea from Miller Landscape Architecture

Idea from Wildflower Landscape Design at K&D Landscaping

Idea from DYAR Architecture

Idea from Wright Architecture

Idea from User

Idea from Catherine L Kauer,

Idea from Urban Botanics

Idea from Moliver Landscape

Idea from J. Montgomery Designs, Inc.

Idea from The Foxy Garden

Idea from Roxy Designs

Idea from Mission Landscaping Inc

Idea from Thuilot Associates

Idea from Thomas D. Hurray Construction

Idea from Plant Stars

Idea from HWH Home and Garden

Idea from FDC Design Build

Idea from Land Studio C

Idea from Elevate Design Build

Idea from Verdance Landscape Architecture

Idea from The Land Collaborative