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Austin: 10 Balcony Design Ideas from Local Professionals

The amazing city of Austin is rapidly becoming a hotspot for outdoor living and entertaining, and one of the most popular trends is balcony design. From modern renovations to creative uses of space, Austin professionals know how to make the most of an outdoor balcony space. Whether you’re looking to spruce up an existing balcony or create a beautiful oasis, here are ten creative balcony design ideas from local Austin professionals.

Idea from LIQUE Design Studio

Idea from Allison Burke Interior Design

Idea from CKC Custom Homes

Idea from Newcastle Homes

Idea from Showcase Builders

Idea from Texas Construction Company

Idea from Ryan Street Architects

Idea from Meredith Owen Interiors

Idea from Paul Cisneros Photography

Idea from Chagnon Architecture

Idea from Fine Focus Photography

Idea from GREER Interior Design

Idea from Cactus Construction & Remodeling