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Los Angeles: 25 Top Coastal Patio Ideas from Local Professionals

Los Angeles is known for its beautiful coastal scenery and warm weather, making it the perfect location for outdoor living and entertaining. Whether you have a small balcony or a spacious backyard, there are endless possibilities for creating a stunning coastal patio that fits your personal style and lifestyle. In this article, we have gathered 25 top coastal patio ideas from local professionals to inspire your own outdoor oasis. From elegant and sophisticated to relaxed and casual, these patio designs showcase the creativity and talent of some of the best designers in Los Angeles. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current patio or starting from scratch, these ideas are sure to spark your imagination and help you create the perfect coastal retreat.

Idea from Jennifer Grey Color Specialist & Interior Design

Idea from Louk Enterprise, Inc.

Idea from Brooke Wagner Design

Idea from Pristine Renovations, Inc.

Idea from D2 Interiors

Idea from Giannetti Home

Idea from Michael Lee Architects

Idea from White Sands Coastal Development

Idea from Janiece Snyder Designs

Idea from Jeffrey Hitchcock Enterprises, Inc.

Idea from Garden Studio

Idea from Alexandra Angle Interior Design

Idea from Jeannette Architects

Idea from Noelle Interiors

Idea from C & C Partners Design/Build Firm

Idea from Wendy Word Design

Idea from Alison White Homes


Idea from The Stonehill Company

Idea from AG Millworks

Idea from Lane Design + Build

Idea from Kennedy Cole Interior Design

Idea from Ana Maria Designs

Idea from The JCRD Group